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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: peiper
Thread ID: 2371
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There are 22 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5866 times.
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newbie here ...
hello everyone...i've been lurking for a while now, finally have the guts to register seeing how everyone is so friendly here...

i'm from indonesia, for me the neo is all about the many fighting games that i used to play at the arcades when i was a kid.

So again , hello..and sorry for my bad english
Welcome aboard peiper. Smile

Enjoy your stay. And don't worry, your English is fine.
Welcome Peiper! I hope you enjoy your time here. Smile Which games did you enjoy playing the most in the arcades?

Like Shiny said your English is perfectly fine.
thanks shiny and merlin...back in the day my friends were going nuts over street fighter II and its many naturaly i began to look for other similar games..

the games that i remember the most is samurai shodown II, art of fighting 2, world heroes 2, kof 94. these games used to draw crowds...i stop playing games completely for about 15 years and thanks to the internet , i'm back again enjoying neo games Smile
Hi Peiper, welcome to NG4L. Yes there are lots of great fighting games on Neo! so a lot to choose from Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Hello fella, i'm new as well. Welcome to Neogeoforlife lad.
thanks riko and danny
Welcome Peiper to NGFL, Please enjoy your "Stray" here. (Sorry, couldn't resist) Grin
Nice and welcome to NeoGeo for life. Enjoy your stay here and be sure to check up some of the features of the forum and you might hook up later on >.<
Hey Peiper and welcome to NGFL. Hope to see you in the forum and you are welcome to the Highscore challenges to post your scores.

Your english sounds fine to me, no need to apologizeSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
thx for the warm welcome stray,oha, and priest,,,i'll definitely post in the forum later on. right now i'm addicted to kof games, what a great series !
Out of curiosity peiper, which KoF is your favourite? Everyone has one. Me, I'm one of those annoying '96 people.
right now i'm playing 2003 to death..kinda strange considering that it's one of the least popular kof, but i just love the fast paced gameplay, tag system,leader super moves.

i think it's a very addicting game..
I think 2003 is quite popular here at NGFL, they're all top games. Smile
Welcome Peiper to the site , I and many others on heer are also big fans of KOF 2003 its a great game very underrated.
Thanks alot STE C, i was under the impression that nobody plays 2003 anymore..guess i'm wrong Smile

Agreed Shiny, i've yet to find a KOF games that i don't like..
Hi, welcome to this place. I hope you like it here. Smile

KOF 2003 looks pretty good. Back when I was 12 years old, I was thinking about getting a Neo Geo AES for this game & all the Samurai Shodown games before hearing that KOF 2003 was on the PS2 & the Samurai Shodown games that were on the Neo Geo CD which is Samurai Shodown 1-4 can be found for a much cheaper price.
thanks for the warm welcome mark the shark...i don't know why i think nobody likes 2003. Perhaps i read a review somewhere that bash it. Claiming it to be vastly inferior to 2002.
Welcome to the site! I like KOF 2003 myself. If I had to say what my least favorite in the series was it'd probably be 2001.
Thanks alot Raiken, btw i'm expecting rage of the dragon loose mvs cart in the mail. Can't wait to play it! Smile
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