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November 13 2018

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Aero Fighters 2

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King of Fighters XIII
lee gray
damn it to hell and back, got to my 31st match on survival mode before losing.... so disheartening lol
on the bright side i been enjoying Mai's bouncy taunt Smile
I now like this game more than SSF4
It came, I saw, I came as well...

I waited for over 2 years to play this bad boy and I can't wait to play it properly soon and JUST now I'm busy with studying... How convenient I have a day off next Friday! Honfu
Edited by Murikov on 29. November 2011 19:57
lee gray
Have fun Smile
Lee wrote :- damn it to hell and back, got to my 31st match on survival mode before losing.... so disheartening lol
on the bright side i been enjoying Mai's bouncy taunt Smile

Lee - you truly are the King Of Fighters Thumbs Up i dont think anyone plays more fighting games than you!

I was actually one of the few people who wasn't that excited about this game initially but now its out and it actually seems to be quite good i definitely want to get it at some point.

From watching videos the only thing i don't like about it (apart from Ralf's enormous size) is the way they have seperated the backgrounds from the plane where the fighters fight. looks a bit strange to me. I liked it in the old KOF games where you fought on a busy street or a harbour and you were actually there on the street or the harbour.

that sucks about the pads. I know this isnt related but pads can be a bit annoying because like in Street Fighter 4 to do an ultra you have to press all 3 punch buttons or all 3 kicks, but because of pads you can just press one. makes it a bit too easy.

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Running Wild
I have both a Sega Saturn USB pad and a Namco Arcade Stick + a PS to USB converter, and it does not work right, start button doesn't work at all, and getting the system to detect the controller without a Home button is annoying. If your controller does not have a Home button, you may as well not bother using it on the PS3. The controllers were not designed for the PS3, they may work in some other games, but they are not guaranteed to work. SNK probably coded KOFXIII so it would not work without a Home button, which seems to be the case, but it's also possible that its just a problem with the hardware itself.

If you have a PS2 controller that you want to use with the game, then you should get this, the iNPiN PS2 to PS3 converter, it features a Home button on it. It's been tried and tested, and it works with KOFXIII.

Anyways, I should mention SNK did not manufacture the Neo-Geo Stick 2, Exar did. They made two versions of the stick, the original lacks a Home button and doesn't work with KOFXIII, while the Neo-Geo Stick 2+ has a Home button and works fine.

It's Exar's fault for not putting a Home button on the stick during the initial run, which clearly came back to bite them in the ass. I used to have the PS2 version of the Neo-Geo Stick, crappiest stick I ever played on. I dunno why anyone would want to use that stick, the buttons are garbage, and the thing is ridiculously hard to mod with real arcade parts.

So if you're looking for a new PS3 controller, I recommend -

Hori Fighting Commander 3/Pro

Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA

Qanba Q4RAF (This stick is DUAL MODDED out of the box, great deal)

Just stay the hell away from Exar's products, although they are endorsed by SNK, they aren't the ones manufacturing the products.

I just play the game on my modded TE stick, no problems here.
Edited by Running Wild on 01. December 2011 23:20
lee gray
When i have some spare cash i will opt for the updated neo2 pad with ps3 button...This is by far the best KOF
Edited by lee gray on 01. December 2011 20:52
Running Wild wrote:
Qanba Q4RAF (This stick is DUAL MODDED out of the box, great deal)

That's maybe not a bad stick, maybe I should get me one of those one day. Great to have a stick for both systems Thumbs Up

Tomorrow is the day the game will come out here in Scandinavia. I'm so excited I'm going to explode! I really hope it has been worth waiting for.
My youtube channel:
eccentric cat
So has anyone tried the game yet? I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on it.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
lee gray
The eccentric cat wrote:
So has anyone tried the game yet? I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on it.
This game is defo on par with MOTW.... maybe better, it looks great and the play is solid. I have never enjoyed a kof so much.
Yeah he is right its a great game indeed, best KOF I have played since 03.
The eccentric cat wrote:
So has anyone tried the game yet? I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on it.

I'm really loving the game so far. Gameplay feels so right, i like the combo system which is like KOF 2002 but easier to do and speed of the game is excellent . And the graphics look much better than KOF XII without the zoom effect. Possibly one of the best 2d fighters ever. Go buy it you won't regret.
Running Wild
This game is the best KOF in a long time. The fighting is nicely polished, the roster is pretty well balanced, lots of character variety, awesome visuals and soundtrack.

Only thing that is lacking is the online play, netcode is unbearable with anything less than 3 bars, and even 3 bar matches have their problems. I hope SNK will patch the netcode and work towards improving it. I don't care about the lobby and spectating, that stuff just causes more lag.

On the other hand, I'm bringing KOFXIII to all of my fight night sessions for some offline play, and I can't wait for some tournaments coming up.

Hahahaha! I've seen you running that same written 'article' of paragraphs all over the place recently - trying to justify SNKP's 'decision' to none other than yourself (i.e. "are you drowning down there below? Me?! No. I'm alright, up here, on the high ground" ).

Although I KNOW you already know the truth, the truth actually is that, regardless of an inclusion of a home button or not, the majority of individuals controllers/peripherals; whether it be sticks, adaptors or pads - ones that succeeded the last PS3 official USB update - work perfectly FINE with the likes of all SF4 variants, BBlue variants, MVC3 variants AH3, VF5, Tekken 6 etc and even KOFXII itself!

The fact that the lack of a home button makes these controllers 'unusable' for such fighters is, if I may, complete and utter bollocks. 'We' have been making do with a 2nd players home button or indeed, my other PS3 pads home button when needed, just fine thanks (for simply quitting out of the game to the XMB menu... LOL).

YouTube Video

Try as you may, you WON'T convince me. This is either; a shitty, pathetic oversight on SNKP's part or a deliberate omission - either/or, both of which, are pretty disgusting.


Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 02. December 2011 00:49
Yeah, at least my online plays are fine somewhat, and its real good overall, although the unlocking for everything in the game takes forever, you'll feel happy in the long run once that's done.
eccentric cat
Sucks about the online play. Although I can't say I'm surprised, the netcode in XII was atrocious from what I heard. At least the gameplay is good! I think I'm good with offline matches anyway. Definitely looking forward to trying this game out.

I really really love the playstyle and feel of KOF XI, so I hope I can get used to the new gameplay. Its not to say I can't let go anyway, what with the lack of online on XI and whatnot.
Edited by eccentric cat on 02. December 2011 01:08
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Running Wild
@NeoGeoNinja - Pretty much any controller lacking a home button, which is like the most vital button on a Playstation 3 controller next to the start button, is a bad idea. KOFXIII isn't the first time non-PS3 controllers had an issue working either, my Namco Arcade Stick won't even work in Tekken 6. I went to a tournament last year and found my Namco Arcade Stick not responding, but thankfully I had a back-up stick just in case.

Sucks that some players can't use their old controllers with converters or generic USB pads, and that Exar is making SNK's old Neo-Geo controllers look bad, but what ya gonna do? Wouldn't surprise me if something changed with Sony's hardware/firmware specifications from updates requiring controllers to need that Home button now in newer games.

Regardless, KOFXIII is an excellent game. I'm not gonna let some old controllers/converters without a Home button prevent me from enjoying the game becuase I have working PS3 controllers with a Home button. I can't help but laugh at people that were threatening on getting rid of the game because their cheap bootleg Sega Saturn pads weren't working. I mean really? That's lame.

I don't care if the issue of KOFXIII refusing Homeless controllers is a problem on SNK's side or the fault of Sony's own hardware. KOFXIII is still a solid game, and if you are the least bit serious about playing it, you'll invest in some better gear. This isn't the first time something like this has happened either, you're best bet is just to move on to a tried and true tested controller.

If you were on a Xbox360, you'd have no choice but to use a controller that is designed for usage on the system and has that guide button, otherwise, it ain't gonna work period. Converters on that system are a mess and are rarely reliable.

Just out of curiosity though, what do you use to play KOFXIII NeoGeoNinja?
Edited by Running Wild on 02. December 2011 04:38
I think the problem is that they could have told people ahead of time, "your controllers that work perfectly fine with all of our other games that you logically expect to work with KOFXIII will not be compatible. We are sorry but (blah blah blah) is the reason why this is necessary." Instead no one was warned and they can't even give us a reason. They just continually shout, "there's no Home button!" To which we reply, "But it worked with all of your other games!" and then each side repeats itself ad nauseum.

Oh, and while I think the netcode is pretty good, I'm still happy to read that they're planning on patching it to make it even better. Although I agree with Running Wild about not wanting a spectator mode. All spectator mode does is add a bitch ton of lag.

Actually, I've had one experience with spectator mode that was bad for reasons other than lag. I used to play the original BlazBlue online a lot, and I got pretty good with Jin. When I finally made the jump to player matches instead of just playing ranked all the time, I patiently waited my turn while one person mopped the floor with everyone else in the room. When I fought him he must have been pretty pissed that I won, because he kicked me out of the room! This same thing happened again in a different room and I've played nothing but ranked in fighting games since. And when I say I was good at the game, I mean good for my standards... I was no where near pro level. These guys were just whiny bitches.
Running Wild
SNK probably tested the game on some Hori controllers and the Dual Shock, and called it a day, without testing the game on other generic USB pads or any converters without realizing what the Home button lock-out could spell for some players.

The old Neo-Geo Stick 2 lacking a Home button was phased out quite some time ago, so nobody could of known that the old version wasn't working until now. So Exar pretty much fucked anybody over that bought the original Neo-Geo Stick 2. Why SNK even does business with them is beyond me, because I think their products are pretty terrible from my past experiences.

Although I think this might be an issue with the PS3's firmware. Sony is constantly updating it, and I remember occasionally hearing issues regarding it with some controllers not working properly or at all when an issue with it arises. Last year there was a problem with MadCatz controllers not working.

This even appears in the firmware update -

"SCEA does not support continued functionality of counterfeit or unlicensed controllers in system software updates and these devices may cease to function in the future because of system software updates."

So maybe it's possible there is now a lock-out if you're controller doesn't have a Home button.
Edited by Running Wild on 02. December 2011 07:44
I would think that if it's a firmware problem that the controllers in question wouldn't work anymore on any game. Still, you're probably right. I'll bet it does have a lot more to do with Sony than SNK. Hell, they could have finally noticed the proliferation of unlicensed controllers that they weren't getting any money for and started a policy that forces new games to only recognize a controller that has a Home button. That would explain why no one can tell us what the deal is... maybe they're not allowed to.

We'll see what happens in the coming months. If more games aren't compatible with unlicensed controllers for the same reason then we know it's Sony's door that people need to be knocking on. Still, I hope for a patch so everyone can just use the controller they want to use.

And again... I'm a 360 player. I just think it's sad that everyone can't enjoy the game they way they want to because it's an awesome game.
Been playing this over the last week & think it s a solid edition of kof series to the next gen got 360 version with ex hori fighting stick so no issiue with not working but ps3 no compatibilty is a joke in this day & age it should be patched by now !
played 7 games online last night no lag won 4 lost 3 but it was freaking awsome
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