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September 22 2019

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Thread Author: Bullet
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King of Fighters XIII
I'm not sure if anyone has heard this rumor, but the magic box is saying that , SNK Playmore announced The King of Fighters XIII will be coming to arcade in April 2010, the game will run on the Taito Type X2 system.

Here is the link which says the same thing, but has Unconfirmed in front of it, but I've been going to the site for years and they are usually correct. Link below.


Any thoughts(constructive) on what they'd like to see in KOF's 13th installment.
I've read that article on the Magic Box's site a couple of days ago, but constructive criticism aside, and since they're porting it to Arcades in April (O.o), I wonder how this will turn out, since that and the fail that was XII. Hopefully, I may have doubts for this one (and hope this doesn't fail too, but who knows).
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 23. February 2010 18:21
I'll agree that KOF 12 wasn't perfect, but it's a very good base to build from.
I think most players problems were the lack of favorite characters, less than perfect online play and the simplifying or removal of move sets as well as a story and a boss or 2 would all be nice additions. I will say I had some great and smooth online matches and some crap ones, which is the norm in any online fighter I've ever played.

Myself personally,I didn't find KOF12 to be the complete failure everyone else/most people seem to think it is, but then again I played it and enjoyed it.
I'm a KOF fan and own all the games on MVS and every other version released on a system to date. Maybe I'm a little biased, lol.

I can also see KOF 2002 UM having a roll to play in how it was complete fan service, in contrast to 12, by throwing everything into one game, which is a lot easier to make than starting from scratch. I also realized how much effort went into redrawing all the characters in KOF12 and even at the time everyone was complaining realized that it was only the beginning or new beginning for the KOF series, a 94 in 09 if you will.

I guess this news / rumor has just stoked the fire for me as I look forward to new games from SNK Playmore.
I'm hoping for the best... but thats not much to say since this is the company thats remaking Metal Slug 7 with one new stupid feature. I loved the graphics of XII and I hope the just put more features and build an overall more beefier game than XII.
12 Was kind of like Neowave i think, just an experiment.
The problem is the fact they named it "KOF XII"
instead of something else.
I really got the impression KOFXII was a base too - to build on in future releases. It really had the feel of a half-arsed effort or to put it more politely - unfinished. Like they didnt put their heart and soul into it. I think the fans got this impression too unfortunately for SNK. I don't think having hand drawn graphics is any excuse. Yes it's a lot of effort but if you are going to make a game do it properly. Ultimately i think they paid the price in sales, so i hope they learnt their lesson. It was a missed opportunity esp after SFIV had reinvigorated the genre.

Do people think that SNK might take a SFIV approach? and use 2.5D graphics? Personally i think going with 2D sprites is a better idea for SNK and KOF, but maybe seeing that game's sales figures might tempt them....Also i really don't think Capcom was lazy with SFIV, they really put a lot into it, and the animation is excellent, just cos its 3D doesn't mean its easy, as so many other inferior 3D games have proved.
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I was really up for Kof XII last year and like most of us I felt it was a little half baked although it did have its good points. This year again I shall remain positive and hope SNK can give us a great game which I am confident they can but it would not surprise me if it went either way although feeling is it should be a better game.

It would be interesting to know just how much KOF XII grossed or lost, did the game actually eventually come out in the UK or not. As for KOF XIII being 3D or 2.5D that is something which concerns me as I do not want it to go that way.

That link to that website was cool as it has a nice Yakuza 4 trailer on it which looks great.
Edited by STE C on 24. February 2010 15:09
Wild Tengu
The only thing good about KOFXII is the graphics, which even then that game fails at with the damn sprites zoomed up so much. BlazBlue has a smaller cast than XII, uses 720p sprites, and still manages to animate quite well. Even XII has some lazy animations (many win poses, knockdown and cheese K.O animations)

XII on the other hand suffers from a having way too simple characters. Everyone in BlazBlue is unique, but XII is full of SHOTO's (Kyo, Andy, Joe, Ryo, Robert, Athena). Learning several characters in KOFXII is barely akkin to learning just one BlazBlue character, or even a single SFIV character.

Then there is the gameplay itself... gone is all the depth from KOFXI, and instead the game is extremly simplfied with only 1 power stocks, Guard Cancel attacks, and Critical Counter, one of the dumbest ideas ever.

SNK should just give KOF a break, and ya know, finish Garou MOTW2.
I've not sure you even like the KOF games as you complain about them so much, I take pretty much everything you say with salt. They are all broken and whatnot.

I think you missed the point with what SNK Playmore was trying to do with KOF12 and I'm not saying it was perfect. Just saying point missed.

Ah Blazblue, if I wanted to play as a bunch of generic anime rejects, nothing against anime as I do watch it, I'm just not a fan of this game. None of the characters grab me. I own the game and was curious to check it out,its not a bad game, but none of its characters do anything for me and that's a big part of the experience. Picking and playing as a character you enjoy.

Saying SFIV characters are more complex makes you sound ignorant, seriously SF characters of which there are how many shotos in SFIV?EXACTLY!!! As for game play KOF12 was taken down to the SFIV level. That's right downgraded!!! SF characters have 3 moves on average, like ken for example, qcf = fireball, qcb = tatsu, f,d,df = dragon punch. Whew the depth... Street fighter characters have always had smaller move sets. KOF12 was clearly trying to bring it back to basics and thus smaller move sets , like KOF94 or any Street Fighter if you prefer. Which you clearly do. I'm not hating on SF either I play a ton and even particapate in and run the odd tournament.

I also think you are a bit off in your graphics comparison as the King of Fighters 12 characters are Sprite based and Blazblue are Vector based. The Sprite look was intentional, it was a design choice, not because of a hardware limitation. The game wasn't standard def lol and its not like SNK has never done Hi Res Sprites (See KOF 94 Rebout) or even the work being done to the Neo Geo Battle Coloseum. Also King of Fighters MI Regulation A was a great looking 3D game for its time and still looks good. It's not like SNK couldn't go the SFIV route and get Dimps to make their game lol. Also if you'd like to get technical the characters in SSF2THDR are better in single frame quality, but not style or frames of animation, just pure high quality smooth resolution in a single sprite or character frame. As far as 2D goes.

Anyway...I digress.
I was just initially going to post this and be on my way lol

I guess you won't care about the new logo then
Edited by Bullet on 25. February 2010 19:04


YES! OMFG! KOF XIII! Finally Grin ! Been waiting to hear from that one Smile ^^ I'm totally hyped and excited about this Grin! ^_^
Did anyone see that article on Destructoid about so-called fans badmouthing the very games they're supposed to be fans of? I instantly thought of... Moving on...

Awesome news indeed, I can't bloody wait. Smile And the new logo is pretty sweet too.

YES! I WANT Magaki back! - has just beaten KOF XI again Grin -


in the ending he spoke about returning, then he got PWNED, but even after that, his body was stolen while it was being examined, wich means he still CAN Return! and he promised! I want this easly defeated B*TCH to come back so I can conclude this with him! Grin Andy Franco Geese

KOF XII being nothing but a dreamatch, IT IS STILL POSSIBLE Grin! ^______^
Black Shroud
Bullet wrote:
the game will run on the Taito Type X2 system.

More precisely, on the already hacked Taito Type X2 system. Wont affect japanese market in beginning (since there everyone plays on arcades anyway), but then bootlegs will probably get to them in few months.
I quite like the zoomed in sprites in KOFXII actually. I know its different from the old style. I think the game already looks quite good although it could be improved still in that area.

I don't think SFIV is that simple cos it has the focus system and EX moves and also EX cancels and focus cancels (whatever they are called lol) which add a lot of extra depth. Its definitely a move back to SFII which i really think works in its favour. I like that there arent loads of moves, it makes learning the game and your opponents less time consuming.

I dont really think u can compare KOF to SF they feel like different games. I just think SNK was stupidly lazy with XII and has a bit of a backlash from its fans to deal with. I hope they really put some hard work into XIII.
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Wild Tengu
Bullet wrote:Saying SFIV characters are more complex makes you sound ignorant, seriously SF characters of which there are how many shotos in SFIV?EXACTLY!!!

SF4 has 6 shoto's, same as KOFXII, but SF4 has much more character variety than XII.

Bullet wrote:I think you missed the point with what SNK Playmore was trying to do with KOF12.

KOFXII was meant to be a "tool" that SNK can use to create future KOF installments.

While they may have succeeded in that area, the fact is, they still released a half assed unfinished game with trash online play for 60 dollars retail.

Bullet wrote:As for game play KOF12 was taken down to the SFIV level. That's right downgraded!!! SF characters have 3 moves on average, like ken for example, qcf = fireball, qcb = tatsu, f,d,df = dragon punch. Whew the depth... Street fighter characters have always had smaller move sets..

KOFXII was down graded to SFIV level? Surely you jest. SFIV is leagues above KOFXII in the gameplay and fighting depth department.

Yes, most SF charactes have maybe 3 moves average, however, you forget, Street Fighter is a 6 Button fighting game, meaning every character has -

- 6 Standing Normals
- 6 Crouching Normals
- 6 Jumping Forward Normals
- 6 Neutral Jumping Normals

And that's not even including far/close variations and command normals. Not to mention the three strength variations of each move which make quite a difference.

BTW KOFXII wasn't "trying" to bring it back to basics with the smaller movesets, the fact of the matter is, SNK was running out of time and had to release KOFXII. They had to go with what they had, that's why so many characters are missing moves and feel un-finished.

Bullet wrote:I also think you are a bit off in your graphics comparison as the King of Fighters 12 characters are Sprite based and Blazblue are Vector based.

Wrong, BlazBlue sprites are not vectors. They are sprites, no different than any other sprite. KOFXII's sprites on the other hand were rotoscraped.

BTW, BlazBlue sprites use about 50 or so colors in their palette, KOFXII only uses a few colors more.

Bullet wrote:game wasn't standard def lol.

The game runs in HD, but the fact of the matter is, the sprites themselves are drawn in low resolution.

Bullet wrote: its not like SNK has never done Hi Res Sprites (See KOF 94 Rebout)

KOF94 Re-Bout doesn't count, all SNK did was trace over their old sprites and apply a crappy filter to them.

Bullet wrote:Also King of Fighters MI Regulation A was a great looking 3D game for its time and still looks good.

MIRA came out in 2007... and it looks like a Dreamcast game, and can't even compare to Virtua Fighter 4 (Which came out in 2001), Soul Calibur 2 or 3 (2003 and 2005), Tekken 4 or 5 (2002 and 2005 respectively). Don't even get me started on Dead Or Alive, SNK can't even get the boob physics right like those games did.

SNK should of gone for a more cartoon/cell shade style with a 3D KOF, it would of looked way better.
Actually Blazblue "sprites" are in fact vector based, if you work in Adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop you might understand the difference. With this process you can have images sourced with a vector based output which allows images or even "sprites" if you will, to be scaled up or down without the image degradation that you see when a KOF sprite is zoomed in on. It's all math and science, but both very different processes. I work freelance graphic design and have used vector based output to do everything from T-shirts to billboards.

Blazblue characters are not like Lunar Lander or Asteroids type of vector graphics you might be thinking of. There are differences to the way each of the games are representing "sprites" and were both rendered by very different processes to get the final product. So yes it was a Choice to render one way over the other. To rotoscope from a 3d model like KOF 12 or Frame by frame in a more traditional way in a vector based output, like Blazblue, with that said as a side note, shows like He-man etc. were often rotoscoped, but thats another story.
I think that just about covers that, any other questions I'll answer if you got'em. lol

As per depth... at the very core, the idea, the concept, KOF and SF are from the same few men, where they diverge and have diverged over the years... Now that's where it gets interesting.

The example being 6 buttons and the standing normals, jumping normals, close normals etc. It has all these things sure.

Although with that loose estimation, Virtua Fighter, with only 3 buttons, must be as shallow as a puddle after a sun shower. Seriously, I know you know better. You have to.

Now here is where the SNK and Capcom formula diverge, KOF has 4 buttons we all know that and what they do and how they do the same with less buttons and then some.

I'll move past what we all know are the shared similarities between KOF and SF series...

Are you OK? lets talk about jumping in KOF... How many types of jumps? What does hitting down before jumping add, if anything? Running or dashing? What about dodging/rolling? These are also defining characteristics to how KOF plays. I'll throw a simple scenario out there.

Lets say you take your typical SF footsies, they work the same in KOF, they are in 2D fighters and even 3D ones. Not a new concept. Now add me rolling past you to throw or cross up, now which jump am I gonna do? Am I gonna hop in or jump over? What time is it? Cross-ups, check... which type of jump will Joe Higashi use? oh shit it just got real. I lets say 4 hit no heavy sweeps to keep the heat on, then I roll? or do I throw? what about block stun? or is it footsies all over again? Or combo into a super to super cancel to DM... Oh look!!! In a flash it looks like Ryo Sakazaki managed to mash out a Tenchi Haohken and I guard cancel evaded it. Which I would have thrown a Desperation away to escape from. Depth and strategy. Hmmm I see. Then I can repeat any of those situations. The jump type and dodge/roll add to that base.

I know much of the same could be said for focus attacks and focus cancels as they present their own unique game play, but are similar enough to guard cancel evades etc. As you have to waste meter to use or save for supers/ultras.

I'm not saying Street Fighter 4 is a bad game. I enjoy it, but personally I feel SF has hit a wall for me and it going back(wards) to its roots. Capcom wasnt exactly going forward taking the focus attacks from the SF EX series and loosing the parry system from SF3 games. I keep coming back to KOF series for what SF series doesn't have. I also don't find the SF series ages as well when you go back to them, but maybe that's just me. I would also exclude SF3 from that as I still enjoy what that game brings to the table. Also no Alex in SSF4? No lets add another shoto in Dudley, yes that is what I called him a shoto lol Anyway, take everything that SF4 is and let's say at the base both games are pretty similar,(not graphics, but core game play) now add the Different types of jumps, Rolling/Dodging, Guard Cancel Evades etc. I'm even being pretty simplistic with it as I have no plans to write a thesis statement on it, but could be close. Just step back from the hype that is SF4 and SSF4 and look at what is core to both and what separates them. And forget how many buttons it has.

If Capcom added that dodge/roll, guard cancel evades and jump types, well we'd be on to something. I can't tell you how many times I wished they'd add the dodge/roll to any SF!!!

I won't even touch the dreamcast thing as that's a compliment, which would mean for a ps2 game it has good textures and anti aliasing in both the foreground and background.

Edited by Bullet on 01. March 2010 06:59
Dont diss the Dreamcast Tengu, perhaps if you actually had one ( maybe you do) then you would find it one of the best consoles for your serious so precious fighting games.
i dont know if you can really compare SF to KOF, I like both but they are different games. I do think SFIV is a lot deeper than some people make out, the deepness not necessarily being in the number of moves/attacks available. At the same time it was a 'back to basics' approach which i think worked well with the new graphics and new generation of players and consoles. i can understand that players of later SF's might have missed some features they got used to though. It does however have a parry system and EX attacks and Super Specials. SFIV is def better than KOFXII. but i hope SNK will make a much better KOFXIII

lol Ste you are very protective of the Dreamcast Smile
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The Dreamcast will always be a great system and there has never been a time that it wasn't hooked up and is still played on a regular basis in my home. Mine is still alive and kicking and have never had a problem with it and it was a japanese launch system to boot. It also has a ton of great games many of them excellent fighters. I don't blame STE C for the love of that system. Love on.
Edited by Bullet on 01. March 2010 23:52
What's a Dreamcast?
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