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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: Bullet
Thread ID: 2353
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There are 757 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 65535 times.  There's also files attached.
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King of Fighters XIII
Atlus announced that Iori '98 will cost $5 and will be available on December 7th. At least that's cheaper than BlazBlue's DLC characters. They didn't mention NESTs Kyo or Mr. Karate, since they're not officially announced.
Nice to know that SNKP is becoming like Crapcom & Arc System Works! They might as well also charge us for alternate costumes while they are at it. Angry
F'rs, though it was supposed to be free or something like that... (seeing that now a JP P.O. Bonus)

But anyways, I'm reading at the Atlus forums and such that certain retailers (mainly mom and pop stores) have them a week early I see...

Also, check out this combo vid, and also some color edits based on certain characters that you might be familiar with.

YouTube Video

Edited by NeoStrayCat on 16. November 2011 06:14
marktheshark wrote:
Nice to know that SNKP is becoming like Crapcom & Arc System Works! They might as well also charge us for alternate costumes while they are at it. Angry
On the contrary, they're actually bringing back color edit mode, and it's more detailed forever. No BB style DLC colors for KOF!

Actually, it'd be funny if they did have alternate colors as DLC. Then they could make a quick buck off of people who don't understand color edit mode. LOL

But seriously, it's 2011. DLC is standard procedure now. I'm not going to get into a long winded discussion about the pros and cons of DLC in the KOFXIII thread. I'm just gonna say I'm happy that SNK is catering to fans by making characters available that we clearly want (I sure as hell know I want Iori with his powers back!).

And it would have been cool if Iori '98 would have been a pre-order bonus at some store too, but I'm pretty sure a four disc soundtrack is worth a hell of a lot more than $5 so I'm happy with what we got instead.

EDIT: I've also read that with Iori '98 you also get his stage, music, and a whole list of challenges for him. That makes $5 a huge value when compared to DLC characters for MK9, BBCS, or MVC3. Basically, SNK is giving you more content for less money than any of it's competitors.
Edited by reelmojo on 16. November 2011 11:54
This video is awesome! It shows off some high level Japanese players using characters created in the color edit mode. Taking customized characters online is going to be so cool!

YouTube Video

It also features the beautiful Sky Noah stage with Rose at the piano. Too bad it plays different music though.
Edited by reelmojo on 18. November 2011 04:20
lee gray
im really looking forward to this game, kof was never one of my fav neo series but this one does look tops.
Running Wild
Those interested in taking your KOF game further should come to , there's a sub-forum with threads for every character with strategies and combo's.
Some long waiting orderers througout the world already received their copy of KoFXIII and their receiptions were very good so far.

Therefore it's obvious the first gameplay glimpses showed up on Youtube, including footage of the Esaka and Mr. Karate stage:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

I'm so pumped for this bad boy, I can hardly wait!
Nests Kyo and Mr.Karate Confirmed...

YouTube Video

YouTube Video
All of the Neomax moves in this game are some of the most beautiful things I've seen in any fighting game.

Also.. HYPE! I can't wait until Tuesday!
I wish Geese was in this one. I like the addition of the old Iori and Billy Kane.
My copy of KOf XIII shipped from play-asia today. I'll get it in a few days Bob
this game should be absolutely ridiculous!

Can't wait...

lee gray
plenty of modes too to keep occupied, Im looking forward to all the extra stages you can download too, Im a sucker when it comes to stages.

Can't wait, hope to see some of you online!!!

Get your hype on!!!
Roughly 12 hours until my local Gamestop opens and I can go pick up KOFXIII!

Unfortunately my phone isn't working so I can't upload a picture of me with the game as Bullet suggested we all do a few pages back. I hope some of you guys do it though!
Wooo, I received the shipping confirmation from Play-Asia as well. Too bad it takes a while until it arrives, but I'll wait very patiently... Oh, Man!
Early review on

Obviously being on Shoryuken means that this review is focused more on tournament level play than most reviews will be. It's great to see a scene that revolves around Capcom fighters really pushing KOF.

EDIT: I got the game and I'm absolutely loving it so far! I've been using Mai, K', and Kula, but that's not really any indication of who my main team will be. I just wanted to use characters who weren't in XII. The intro to the game is just ridiculously awesome. Definitely my favorite KOF intro, if not my favorite fighting game intro. I played arcade mode and unlocked Billy Kane and beat the incredibly cheap boss. I sampled a few other modes and I only have two negatives so far, one small and one big. The small one is that you have to unlock colors to use in color edit mode, so it's no where near as free as it used to be in games like NGBC, although it's still a lot more detailed so it's still cool. The big negative so far is the netcode. My first online match was unbearably laggy, very similar to the XBLA version of '02UM. The second match was much smoother, but still not up to the same levels as SFIV, BB, or MK. I only played those two matches so I'm hoping I just got unlucky with bad connections, but time will tell.

Oh, and The King of Soundtracks is a beautiful package. Smile
Edited by reelmojo on 22. November 2011 18:40
Well, I too got my copy now from GS, now to play it later, I will also show proof of it in the recent game purchases thread.
Not got it yet, have to wait until at least Saturday... this is le suck!!!:(

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