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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: Bullet
Thread ID: 2353
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There are 757 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 65535 times.  There's also files attached.
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King of Fighters XIII

Indeed... It's Mr K' himself...

Check it out: http://game.snkpl...character/

Lookin' good!

Lookin Awesome too, and his Team's theme as well.
NeoStrayCat attached the following image:

Edited by NeoStrayCat on 30. April 2010 13:43
You people beat me to it...
Anyhoo, this is great news!
now we just have to wait till the third location test to see him in action!
i hope his NeoMAX is crimson star road, i loved that HSDM even if it was sorta useless.
YouTube Video

In before people start complaining about his movelist:
All the movelists only show six moves for their characters.
this game is a work in progress, remember how Yuri didn't have her DP in the first loketest?
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 30. April 2010 14:44
This is starting to get very exciting I really like K regardless of him being a little underpowered ( or maybe im crap with him). Oh Hya Jai the kickboxer from FF never thought I would see him again but great stuff SNK now how about Richard Meyer.
I have one gripe...

I'm still not like'n how BEEFY some characters in this game are. Ralph and Clark are freaking steroid freaks (and look like they've been wolf'n down to many cheeseburgers). Terry is still too buffed , IMO. I mean look at how scrawny Joe looks compared to Terry and Andy... why is everybody so wide/buff?
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 30. April 2010 18:06

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I'm not suprised that K' is in, I expected him to be in, I also believe that Kula and Maxima are the next two characters
Edited by Keita-Kata on 30. April 2010 19:13

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
Good to see K's back. Wonder who his teammates will be. Kula and Maxima seem like likely candidates, although Whip's a possibility too.
K' is back... SOLD!
Raiken wrote:
Good to see K's back. Wonder who his teammates will be. Kula and Maxima seem like likely candidates, although Whip's a possibility too.

I hope not! Damn, I'd even take hefty & clumsy Maxima over Whip. Seriously. Not a whip fan. I hope that she has been retired. Indefinitely.

If the frames from the trailer are anything to go after (they were right so far)
then it's Kula and Maxima.
I would be happy never to see Whip or Maxima again, I really do not like either, Whip especially as a horrid character and Maxima is unispired. I could live with Kula being in it or even Shingo the poor mans Kyo . I say put Rock in with K he is due his KOF 2D debut.
Aww, come on, don't be hatin' on good ol' Max,
he's a nice break from all the angsty brooding teenagers in games nowadays.
this is a part of the fatal fury team story which i translated using google translator but its not very good so i will wait that other translator to translate this story

United States, Paopaokafe first store in the Town of South Isutoairando for a person who intends to erect a fighter himself, was like a sanctuary of sorts.
South Town is the first place, the most well-known mixed martial arts tournament in the world "King of Fighters" is the birthplace. Paopaokafe is to provide an exciting fight every night at the South Town, the playing field, and their skill proud fighter arm, Ieta natural flow.

Such that the melody of the berimbau 動Kashitaku catapult body, laughter Kasanaru bright people. It was still early evening and called long, the interior lights illuminated cocktail, the guests who were already filling fast from the night waiting for the show.
Exhilarating as to be minimal miss anything in this excitement, Joe Higashi was taking lightly stepping rhythms and carelessly, however, view the floor below the second floor terrace, with a disgruntled sigh again .
The grumpy - and not, now Joe was just in a bad mood.
"Geez, that showboat Brothers Me ..."
Parker down with one hand in my pocket, Joe looked up at the ceiling.
"Superstar in the world, and Joe is like to wait, they'll also Packie was Eraku"
"Even superstar who?"
Joe to the table, brought a large jug manager Richard. While many employees, acting as a waiter that Richard himself is probably because the person familiar with Joe.
Side by side dishes of fried alligator and a beer mug in front of Joe, Richard bitterly.
"The promise of the late Terry, well, it is always speaking of always, to the late Andy and I'm damned if I can not uncommon. - I Did What?"
"... Not that why it anyway huh."
Grab a mug, beer fueled Joe once.
Joe Higashi and high calling of the most comprehensive and Champ Muay Thai champion and the incumbent, Terry Bogard referred to the South Town legend, master of three ropes in Andy Bogard and his brother Terry, KOF in this was supposed to participate in a team.
Three each of the leading fighter is often far this team has competed in KOF. Even in the event of competition among a number of teams is always a favorite to win the largest, oldest regular team say.
But in recent months, various reasons can not participate in the event Jo and Andy, and continued the case to the other Members of the entries as Terry, who fought a long time was three.
Nevertheless, Terry was late and time to meet Andy. Joe is already being waited over 30 minutes here.
Joe was angry because, after all there was.

On its head with a fork, pierced lips while carrying Zakuri Zakuri and fried, Joe was spitting fire in a low voice.
"That blonde long hair ... Me Garanakattara Brothers come and if even after 30 minutes -"
"Hey, Joe, I'm coming."
eccentric cat
Geez, what's so bad about Whip...? ;_;
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Some guy uploaded this animated cutscene from the 4rth loketest:
this is getting more and more exciting
bojan4o attached the following image:

Edited by bojan4o on 02. May 2010 21:42
Will Athena Asamiya's default costume continue to be her old-school purple dress or will it be changed to her sailor suit? Well, I guess it's not very necessary to ask this, because her sailor outfit was in KOF XII as one of her alternate costumes, while her purple dress was her default costume back then and is most likely in KOF XIII. I prefer her purple dress, because of it being based on her Psycho Soldier appearance. And I know Sie Kenshou's is also based on his Psycho Soldier look.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 05. May 2010 04:11
Sailor outfit, it was an alternate costume in the first loketest,
but all the Athena players only used that color, so SNK.P changed it.
GeeseTheDuck wrote:
Sailor outfit, it was an alternate costume in the first loketest,
but all the Athena players only used that color, so SNK.P changed it.

Okay, but will her purple outfit be one of her alternate outfits?
1983parrothead wrote:
GeeseTheDuck wrote:
Sailor outfit, it was an alternate costume in the first loketest,
but all the Athena players only used that color, so SNK.P changed it.

Okay, but will her purple outfit be one of her alternate outfits?

Yes, as appeared in a Loketest vid, her 1st outfit color now is based on her KoF XI appearance. Her alternate purple one is also there too.

And about Char. Colors, from a Loketest vid I saw, each Char. has 10 colors for their outfits. And some look like alternate outfits and lookalike cameos. Take Iori's Original outfit color as an example.
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