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April 19 2019

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Thread Author: Basashi King
Thread ID: 2339
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3129 times.
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Samurai Shodown 5
Winner Winner 17%[1 Vote]
Stinker Stinker 33%[2 Votes]
..meh ..meh 33%[2 Votes]
No idea! No idea! 17%[1 Vote]
Total Votes : 6
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Samurai Shodown 5 - does it really stink?
Basashi King
hey folks, ive asked questions about this series before: its one of my all - time favourites. the last time, i asked people to vote on which game in the series was the best, and also say why they thought so.

samurai shodown 4 seemed to come out on top, with 3 proving controversial and 2 having hardcore supporters. there was love for 5 special - but nothing really positive to say about 5.

recently, after a few weeks playing ss4 almost exclusively, i find myself drawn to 2 again. i absolutely love these games; on recent trips to akihabara i have spent a little time with ss5 but not really long enough to get to know it.

ultimately i intend to own all of the samurai games - its just a mindblowing series - and im sure ill end up getting 5 next - but i havent heard anything positive about it on these boards.

so, what i want to know is: do you have anything good to say about this game? is it really as bad as people say it is? or, do you secretly take it to bed with you?

if anyone wants to post any comments about this game specifically id appreciate it, as i will be able to reflect on them when i finally have my own copy in my neo. unfortunately im strapped for ca$h at the moment (lots of things to buy for my apartment still); i hope to have it in a month or so however. ive got a little bonus game on the way next week though thanks to a friend!

NO its does not stink at all. I have this on MVS although I have 5 Special on my multicart which most people seem to prefer.
I had 5 originally for the PS2 and enjoyed it as I could modify the buttons like 3/4 hard slash 1 button config but the graphics are blurry on PS2 so being a big SS nut I bought the MVS copy which regretfully has no option to change the controls as all MVS carts are.

Bottom line is I like it but it has some faults and seems a little diluted compared to 4, considering 4 came out in 96 and 5 came out about 2003 the graphics have not been improved in fact some people say it does not look as good as 4. Although a lot of the backgrounds are rehashes ( a big Playmore boogey), I like some of the colour schemes used giving some levels a pastel appearance.
The game has some new characters which have not proved popular with fans, and I agree they are weak designs apart from the big cannibal guy with the bone arm ( forgot his name) who has his own cool background.

5 and 5 special are games I really need to play more as I feel I am not giving you the best advice possible, but its tricky to motivate myself when I love 4 so much and tend to go straight for it automatically when wanting some SS action.

Depending on how much you can get it for I reckon its worth having if you are a SS fan which obviously you are Basashi just don't expect to love it as much as 4. Pricey game mind my MVS copy was £50 and 5 special appears to be rarer so god know what AES will cost but I suppose you are in the best position to get it cheaper than anywhere else living in Tokyo.
Edited by STE C on 15. February 2010 14:56
Black Shroud
Ultimately Samurai Shodown 5 Special is what was originally intended to be Samurai Shodown 5. As it is now, 5 isnt too finished/balanced of a game compared to 5 Special.

On high level many characters play differently in both games, so there is a point those two should be treated differently, but because most people dont play on high level, and SS5sp has nearly all cast members of SS5 already, most people just dont bother to play 5.

Also 5 has an edge over 5 Special in backgrounds - it has more colorful backgrounds, while most of backgrounds in 5 Special are just bland (yes they are dark, but considering 5 used simplified renditions of backgrounds from 3 and 4, and 5 special simplifies them even more, it becomes just meh). Well just look at Yoshitora's stage in both games.

Regarding Yoshitora: he can chain d+B, qcf+B, d+B, qcf+B, d+B, qcf+B..... in the back indefinitely in SS5 and is a god tier who breaks that game. Next goes Yunfei who has godly runaway game with quadruple flights that can be started off the wall jump, also Mina has more defence in SS5 so she is better than in SS5sp, and in SS5sp she is uber annoying and sometimes unapproachable even though she can be killed in 1 hit by raged Zankuro.
Edited by Black Shroud on 15. February 2010 14:51
Hey Basashi,

I say you can definitely have fun with SS5. It is a very good fighter, it is just not a good SS game in my opinion. The main reason for me to hold this opinion is the game's presentation and the atmosphere. It is just so different from the other titles, that it doesn't fell like belonging to the series. It lacks the charisma, the depth, the style and the seriousness of the other games. It has too many goofy elements, like the horrible mid-boss using his hammer, Mina's retarded sidekick etc. etc.
On the positive side I can only see two of the new characters, Yoshitora and Yunfei which are both great characters. But since you have them both in SS5Special, I don't play 5 anymore.
Get it if you want to complete your collection, that's how I did it. Otherwise I guess you can pass on this one.

BTW I envy you for being able to just play a couple of credits in Akihabara when you feel like it Smile I still plan to visit Tokyo in may...if my financial situation stays stable. If so, I will challenge you for a few matches of Samurai Shodown 4 Grin
Basashi King
thanks for the replies gentlemen.

from what i have seen, i am also keen on some of the pastel backdrops, and would take them over their 5sp incarnations.

im interested in the techy tier stuff from the shroud. its a bit of a shame but i dont think that it will really affect my solo gaming! shroud, you talk about the characters playing differently on the higher levels - which levels do you specifically mean, and do you have a personal preference for either game in this regard?

i was just wondering what angle they were coming from with this game. 3 had the heavy hits; 4 had the speed - 5? maybe a return to the steady precision game.

i must say i dont really mind the hammer bloke; mina on the other hand is about as appealing as a used diaper - she reeks. i like the map used in the game - in fact they pretty much use the same one on the ill fated latest version which has yet to secure a release outside japan i think. im still hoping that happens as i know plenty of you want to see it.

i will doubtless get this game next and see what i make of it at home - i suppose that it will be kind of appropriate to finish with 5sp at some stage, rather than leaving 5 out! i will have to get the unfixed version though, and that will require me to mod my neo etc! argh! that will be a ball ache to sort out but an absolute must - do. im itching to get my hands on the unibios.

i take it youll be coming out in the first week of may, yao? if youre visiting a mate its likely they wont be working then! it will be an ideal time for hitting tokyo but an ass to do any sightseeing outside (kyoto for example) as everyone will be holidaying then! if you have a 2 week holiday id recommend saving any out of tokyo experiences for the later week!

im not sure if i will be around when youre about - theres a chance that i might be going to taiwan or thereabouts with my wife - but if im in town, youre on! actually i may well be around as the travel companies hike their prices like you wouldnt believe, christ, theyre b*stards...
Black Shroud
Heres probably uncomplete list of high-level changes between SS5 and 5sp

Enja (SS5) dash B isnt cancellable
Enja (SS5sp) dash B is cancellable and can be followed
Enja (SS5sp) has "Imperial Fist" speedup move
Charlotte (SS5) dash B is a simple forward poke
Charlotte (SS5) df+C is a sweep kick that knocks down and can be followed with u+BC
Charlotte (SS5) has super low defence when unarmed
Charlotte (SS5sp) dash B is an overhead poke
Charlotte (SS5sp) df+C is a slide kick that knocks down
Charlotte (SS5sp) has 14-hitter combo
Gaira (SS5) hundredweight drop is up+AB
Gaira (SS5sp) hundredweight drop is down+AB
Galford (SS5) has flipkick BC overhead
Galford (SS5) has Shadow Copy and Shadow Dimension
Galford (SS5sp) has jump slash BC overhead
Galford (SS5sp) has Plasma Factor
Hanzo (SS5) can df+C into u+BC
Hanzo (SS5) has Shadow Copy and Shadow Dimension
Hanzo (SS5sp) can d+AB into u+BC
Kazuki (SS5) cannot follow df+C
Kazuki (SS5sp) can df+C into u+BC
Kyoshiro (SS5) has no recovery after Spinning Dance (AB )
Kyoshiro (SS5sp) has recovery after Spinning Dance (AB )
Nakoruru (SS5) can fly on hawk longer
Mina (SS5) has more health
Rasetsumaru (SS5) dash B is a close slash that can combo
Rasetsumaru (SS5) BC overhead is same as Haohmaru's (punch that doesn’t knocks down)
Rasetsumaru (SS5sp) dash B is an jump slash overhead that knocks down
Rasetsumaru (SS5sp) BC overhead is an jump slash that knocks down
Rasetsumaru (SS5sp) has 2-hit AB slashes, close AB can be followed with combo
Rimururu (SS5) has forward poke AB slash
Rimururu (SS5sp) has upward swing AB slash
Shizumaru (SS5) Autumn Rain is d+Slash (air) -gets in way of umbrella tricks
Shizumaru (SS5sp) Autumn Rain is d+Kick (air)
Shizumaru (SS5sp) can trigger True Rainfall Insane Drop Slash by pressing Start without losing charge
Suija (SS5) Full Moon Wave fireballs are fast and spammable
Suija (SS5sp) Full Moon Wave fireballs are slow
Ukyo (SS5sp) Swallow Slice (AB ) deals multiple hits and he coughs after
Ukyo (SS5) Swallow Slice (AB ) deals one hit and has no recovery
Ukyo (SS5sp) Swallow Slice (AB ) deals multiple hits and he coughs after
Yoshitora (SS5) super fast Pink Flower (B ) with infinite setup
Yoshitora (SS5sp) Pink Flower (B ) has delay in beginning, knocks down and can be followed with u+BC
Yoshitora (SS5sp) can d+AB into u+BC
Yunfei (SS5) d+AB doesn’t knocks down
Yunfei (SS5) can Wall Jump and use flights 4 times in a row
Yunfei (SS5sp) d+AB knocks down and can be followed with u+BC
Yunfei (SS5sp) cannot Wall Jump and can use flights 3 times in a row
Edited by Black Shroud on 16. February 2010 10:01
I voted 'stinker' I'm afraid. The Samurai series is my favourite series of fighting games but I'm really not a fan of this game at all or 5 special. One of the main issues I have is that all the new characters are unappealing to me but especially Mina and Kusaregedo who are in my opinion very poor designs. That in itself really puts me off the game. The mid boss in SS5 is also pretty lame.

I really like the slash/bust system so it's disappointing they took it out. Also the control scheme seems perfect to me in SS3/4 so I dislike the fact that they changed it. Graphically SS5 somehow seems a bit of a step back from SS3/4 too. I love the first 4 games in the series but to be honest I wouldn't want to own 5 or 5 special.
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