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April 25 2018

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Thread Author: Master Tasuke
Thread ID: 2324
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 17590 times.
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Hello from a new NEO Fan!!
Master Tasuke
hello, all! i just got into the NEO about a couple months back when
i picked up my very first AES, a JPN version that i intend to have the
latest UNIBIOS installed into as soon as possible;

i have five titles so far, mostly JPN versions;

*NAM 1975 (U.S.)

i believe the JPN carts to be the best to own,
as they always have a much classier presentation to them
than all but the earliest U.S editions.

at the moment, i'm forced into japanese-only text,
but the UNIBIOS will be taking care of that soon...

**BTW; what makes FATAL FURY 2 a MUST OWN**

the final boss fight with Krauser.
it is one of the most hilarious examples of SNK scriptwriting
in existence;

"YOU'RE PERFECT!! I MEANT, I MEAAaantt..." (collapses in defeat)
Edited by Master Tasuke on 10. February 2010 16:07
Welcome to our friendly site, good collection of games you have already got FF2 & SS2 easily make my top 10 Neo games , hope you stick around and enjoy the site.
Welcome Master Tasuke. Smile Glad you decided to join us and hope you enjoy your time here.

That's a nice start to your collection. Good to see one of my favourites in there too, the classic Magician Lord. I agree with you about the Japanese inserts they definitely do look a little bit better.

That final battle against Krauser in FF2/FFS is epic! One of the best boss battles ever in any fighting game.
Master Tasuke: Welcome to NGFL. Thats a nice collection you haveThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Very nice Tasuke, and welcome to NG4L Smile if u don't already have one then u def need an RGB lead too for best pic quality. You already have some very nice games, my favourites would be SS2,FF2 and Nam 1975 (i love that game. Have a good time here! Grin
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Welcome to NG4L Master Tasuke, Nice set of AES titles (plus other console titles), Keep going on your Designs, and enjoy your stay here. Music
Master Tasuke. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I look forward to seeing you around...

Also, FF2 is my fave Neo game that you own there. Personally (for various reasons) I actually prefer FF2 > FFSp!

Welcome, Tasuke-san! You finally joined! I hope you like it here!

@everyone else

Master Tasuke is my best friend from another forum. So much that I refer to him by Tasuke-san.
Nice and welcome to NeoGeo for life. Enjoy your stay here and be sure to check up some of the features of the forum and you might hook up later on >.<
It's alot easier going here than master tasuke thats for sure
Master Tasuke
RiKo wrote:
Very nice Tasuke, and welcome to NG4L Smile if u don't already have one then u def need an RGB lead too for best pic quality. You already have some very nice games, my favourites would be SS2,FF2 and Nam 1975 (i love that game. Have a good time here! Grin

indeed, 'NAM-1975 is a HARD game.

my sixteen year old little sister, however,
is the TRUE NEO MASTER of the house,
and she has managed to get to the final stage
of NAM, nearly mastering the Roll maneuver
that is required to survive the game.

she has yet to defeat the final boss,
but she's working on it!! Cool
welcome master tasuke have a nice stay on this forum
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