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September 22 2019

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Thread Author: marktheshark
Thread ID: 2320
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Wii, similar to the NES/Famicom?
Something that I have been wondering for some time now. Is the Wii similar to the NES? I'm sure that some people might disagree, but I can't help but keep seeing the similarities between the two systems.

For example:

Both seem to have a revolutionary new controller that makes it easy for people to play who have a hard time with the other controllers. Back in the VG crash of 1983,there were some people out there who have a hard time getting used to the keyboards that were used for PC games. Back then, the various PCs were thriving gaming-wise while the home console scene was pretty much dead. Well, the NES came & soon one of the reasons people bought it was because of it's easier controls. If the controls were more complex, quite a bit of people might be put off which could lower the NES sales. The situation is similar to the Wii, some people couldn't get to grips with the complex controllers that the last-gen & current-gen systems have. Wii was released & it's easier controls brought in many people who couldn't get used to the traditional controls.

Both were targeted towards families. Ever saw an NES ad that shows families playing against each other? The Wii ads also show families playing against each other. I'm sure you all saw someone playing Wii with their families & later played against them. Some of the older dudes here might remember playing NES with their families.

Both brought in a bunch of genres & perfected other ones. The NES pefected the platforming genre thanks to SMB as well as bringing in the light gun genre to home systems thanks to Duck Hunt. The NES also brought in & perfected several other genres thanks to it's reolutionary games. The Wii also brought in new genres like surgery & cooking to the home systems thanks to the Trauma Center & Cooking Mama games. The Wii also brought in the point-n'-click adventure & light gun genres back thanks to games like Sam & Max: Season 1, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People on Wiiware, RE: Umbrella Chronicles & HOTD: 2 & 3 Return for example.

Both were priced pretty cheap compared to the other systems at their times. While a PC back then was several hundreds of $ at least, the NES retailed for $199. The Wii retailed for $250 initially while the 360 was $300-400 & PS3 being $600. I know there's a lot of price cuts recently, but I'm not familiar with the current prices except for the Wii's.

Both followed the Blue Ocean Strategy. The Blue Ocean Strategy is a method used to make competition irrevalent by creating a leap in value for both the company & it's customers. There's a book of the same name that goes into it deeper. I recommend you all read it. I have a few videos that talks about it:

Summary of Blue ocean strategy: http://www.youtub..._embedded#

Blue ocean strategy video 2: http://www.youtub..._embedded#
Edited by marktheshark on 09. February 2010 01:17
you're fairly spot on with this Mark. I have also suggested the very same to PPL before now. Nintendo's angle was always towards making an easy to use and fun game console for all the family... thus the Japanese 'NES' is actually called the 'Famicom' (actually short for Family Computer).

I guess you could say that the Wii's spiritual success to the NES is more than coincidental... very intentional indeed! And guess what? It worked!

r.e. light-gun games: I wish they would release a proper LED based light-gun for the Wii! It would make the gun game even better IMO Smile

Very good points Mark. Also another connection is the original Famicom had a built in microphone on one of the controllers and was used in some games.

i think Nintendo was very much forced into this thinking though, after the relative lack of sucess for the GameCube, and it knew it couldn;t compete with Sony and Microsoft on power alone. I also think it was a result of seeing how well the DS had done against the technologically superior PSP. I have read in a few places that the DS was actually a knee jerk response to the PSP after they heard reports that Sony was making a rival handheld. and in fact the original presentation by Nintendo seemed to confirm this rushed development - there was a distinct lack of imagination in the games on show - the extra screen was used as a map or for showing replays in a football game, and the DS actaully got a lot of critisicsm from the gaming press at that time.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Damm right Ninja I would have had a Wii by now if they had sorted a proper light gun with corrct configurations ect , not like its hard lightguns have been around since the 70s but yes I know with all the different tvs now LCD/LED/Plasama ect it must be a bit trickier. I played HOTD Overkill at a friends house a few weeks ago and it was dogturd , not a patch on the DC HOTD2 or even Xbox HOTD3 . Why because the Wii controls were shite
I like the Wii enough, although lately I can't say I'm very satisfied with the titles that I've bought for it. I have no intention of putting the homebrew channel on mine(seems like everybody does that now) nor will I ever buy any virtual console games.
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