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February 17 2019

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Thread Author: shion
Thread ID: 2315
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Better on the home console
tekken was about arcade perfect bit cg1 endings vs timeattack mode were all extra 2 *=& 3 hade more modes too i belive 4 was crap 5 had dark ressurection add on via an update & 6 had force mode !Smile
When most people in North America think of theirs and Japan's version of Konami's Gryzor / Probotector titled Contra, as well as Super Contra / Probotector 2 (titled as Super C for the NA NES version), the NES version pops up in nearly (if not completely) everyone's minds, because of several reasons: Konami Code (it was like their first time seeing it back then), fun multiplayer on a popular home console, and was it the first ever side-viewed run 'n gun? The Famicom version is better than the NA and PAL versions, due to having better graphics and other content.

Irem's Kung-Fu Master (known in Japan as Spartan X) was overshadowed by the 1983 North American Video Game Crash and the success of the Famicom and NES, while many in NA and EUR often mention and play Nintendo's NES port of it simply titled "Kung Fu" (but kept its Japanese name), while many don't know it was originally a 1984 coin-op arcade game. In the NES port, there are very few differences: altered graphics, different sound effects and voice samples (except some existed in the arcade version), and I guess that's about it.

In Japan, the FC version of Konami's Yie Ar Kung-Fu is seen and discussed more often than the arcade version, because it's easier to find fan creations for the FC version than the arcade version, it was shown on one of the early episode of the hit Japanese television show Game Center CX, it was re-released for GB and GBC, and it was ported to the VC, but not the arcade version. Despite the FC version being released exclusively in Japan, it can easily be found in pirated multi-cartridges, and that is where I first saw it at.
I got a few additions...

Gauntlet IV (GEN) don't be fooled by the "four"; this is actually a very faithful port of the original arcade game. Everything is in tact, including the arcade-like action and even supports four players! What puts G4 over the original arcade game are the other modes: there is a death match and even a "Quest Mode" that plays more like a console style dungeon crawler (exploration, item collecting, leveling up).

Calibre .50 (GEN) if you like pure action, you'll be in heaven here. This is an obscure, high-octane shooter that originally was released in the arcade (a.k.a. Cal .50). The home version does an amazing job at capturing the smooth, arcade-like action of the counterpart; however the thing that sets this apart is the controls. The controls in the original consisted of those two sticks (a la Ikari Warriors), and I may be in the minority when I say this, but I am not a fan of those controls. The Genesis remedies the lack of another stick (or D-pad) by including "left rotate" and "right rotate" with A and C, respectively. The aiming, thus, is more intuitive, IMO, and just makes the game more enjoyable.

Daytona USA (DC) a.k.a. '01. I know this may raise eyebrows, especially STE C's, but c'mon man, this game kicks. You aren't even using a wheel, and you put down the controls?! What do you expect when you use a pad to play an arcade racer? The graphics chip is capable of outputting much better graphics than the chip/board '93 ran on, why not put it to use? I totally understand where Sega was coming from in this long awaited updated and it didn't come a minute too soon. Graphics aside, and even more importantly, the game (gameplay) feels exactly like the original no easy feat to reproduce I might say. I love it... Smile
Edited by shion on 01. October 2011 00:28
Ghosts 'n' Ghouls (Gen): maybe I'll upset the small minority of gamers whom enjoy frustratingly difficult games, but I found this version much more enjoyable than the obscure, original one. The main reason is it's easier; stages are streamlined interpretations of the originals. Somehow, nothing is lost in the gameplay though (IMO). The action feels like it was ripped straight from the arcade version. Also, there are more checkpoints, which really appeals to the casual gamer, such as myself, whom just wants to get to the end wihtout months of enemy pattern analytics, etc. For example, if the player dies at the first boss, he will restart the boss fight, instead of being taken back to the windy woods area. Oh, and the unlimited continues is nice. The music is great, and arguably better than the original.
Edited by shion on 19. November 2011 21:41
NeoGeoNinja wrote:I'M GONNA HAVE TO...
call you on this one my friend and ask 'how'?

I can't speak for all the Tekkens, but T3 (PSX) had a story mode, which was a cobbled together beat 'em up that was somewhat entertaining and added more replay value to the game. It pales in comparison to a Tobal quest mode though! Also, this re. T2, from Wiki (basically, although the gameplay was toned down, the home vers. brought more content it's a trade off IMO, but some people consider more content more desirable than accurate mechanics):
I've recently tried Pit Fighter for the MD/Gen, and it's much a better improvement over the arcade ver. Even though the characters are smaller, the hit detection is accurate, and the bosses aren't so cheap.
Edited by shion on 31. May 2012 20:25
Rolling Thunder 2 on the Mega Drive, i reckon i like it more than the arcade version, not cause its better, but cause its got more stages, and its more complete so to speak.

Both games are awesome regardless of how you look at it, both are brilliant, and neither one is better than the other, but the Mega Drive has 11 levels, compared to the arcade having 8, and only one boss, no end of level bosses.

On the Mega Drive, once you go in a door with bullets, you cant stop and come out til they are all allocated, but the arcade you can come and go as you please, just means 2 player on the MD you both have to enter the door together to share bullets.

Then there is numerous NEO-GEO games that have a limit on the amount of credits you can use on the AES, but on MVS you can just keep on pumping in coins til you win. I dont mind unlimited credits on some games, but on some others it means you have to be good to finish it on 3 credits or better, where as anyone can finish it with unlimited!!
King of the Monsters 1 & 2 are better (gameplay-wise) on the Mega Drive than on the Neo-Geo... Shock
They would f***en have to be, they are pretty piss poor on the NEO-GEO, they are way too bloody hard...
Wardner is better on the Genesis/MD than the arcade: most levels are a little longer, but in a good, creative way a surprise enemy in one.
Final Fight CD (Sega CD). The graphics aren't quite as beautiful as the arcade original but otherwise it has everything else, a time attack mode with new backgrounds and a remixed, hugely upgraded CD soundtrack featuring the definitive versions of the game's classic tunes.
Chiba wrote :- Final Fight CD (Sega CD). The graphics aren't quite as beautiful as the arcade original but otherwise it has everything else, a time attack mode with new backgrounds and a remixed, hugely upgraded CD soundtrack featuring the definitive versions of the game's classic tunes.

I would have liked that since i loved the original SNES version and that had quite a bit missing from the arcade version.

Tobalman wrote :- Wardner is better on the Genesis/MD than the arcade: most levels are a little longer, but in a good, creative way a surprise enemy in one.

I got Wardner after Priest recommended it to me, i have never played the arcade version , but is a great game!

Saturn Outrun could be said to be better than the arcade, because of increased frame-rate *and* (optional) remixed music.

Would it not be fair to say that, because the Saturn version of OutRun ported by Rutubo Games in 1996 has a 'smooth mode' allowing it to run at 60FPS, twice the framerate of Sega-AM2's original 1986 coin-op arcade machine which indeed was originally 30FPS and also (in the Japanese Saturn version) has completely remixed arranged music, it is the best version of the classic 1986 OutRun available on any format?

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Gauntlet Dark Legacy is better on the GC than arcade

More adventures/adventure-like style of gaming
Edited by shion on 02. August 2013 07:44
I'd nominate the Genesis version of Two Crude Dudes/Crude Busters. While it did lack the sliding kick move and took an inevitable hit in the presentation department (though the port still sounds and looks pretty good, all things considered), the hit detection was tightened up and the enemy placement and behaviours were adjusted to be less annoying. It's just better-playing, in my opinion.
I always thought the NES version of Ninja Gaiden was way better than the arcade.
Double Dragon II on the NES is superior to it's Arcade counterpart...I am shocked nobody has mentioned this game yet.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Yeah I'll have to agree with you on that for sure. Another one that I loved on console was the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man as opposed to the arcade version... naww... kidding.
Trojan for NES is better than the God-awful, arcade original.
Snow Bros on the Genesis. Has the same stages from the arcade, but after finishing the main game, you have to play with the girls to rescue the Snow Bros in three more worlds, with different enemies and music. One of the best ports for an arcade classic.

Suiko Enbu on the playstation is also better than the arcade in my thoughts.
turtles in time snes is better than arcade. Super r-type is also better than rtype2 graphics,music more stages. Only bad thing is those slow downs:(
While I do think Super R-Type is better than R-Type II, Super R-Type isn't an arcade port of R-Type's a completely different game.

I always thought Conta on the NES was better than the arcade version...if I remember correctly, it was a bit less difficult/ frustrating.
Edited by cthulhu on 25. November 2014 07:16
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
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