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September 23 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 2308
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New Golden Axe game (BOR)
I've never really taken much of an interest in any of the games using the 'Beats of Rage' engine but today I came across a new trailer video for a Golden Axe game. I just thought it looked pretty amazing. Can't wait till this game is finished.

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 03. February 2010 17:49
Merlin: Thanks for the newsThumbs Up

Being a big GOLDEN AXE (the original) game fan, I think this looks very promising. It remind me a bit of the game GUARDIAN HEROES for the saturn. Its also great that they kept the original soundtrack with some minor changes.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
That looks great , what is beats of rage engine by the way i assume its some kind of homebrew development software thing and if so has anybody here tried using it or making anything as I am very interested in it.
Being a big fan of Golden Axe (the entire series) I can't wait to play this! Obviously it doesn't seem to play like GA, but that's okay. They still pretty convincingly captured that trademark Golden Axe atmosphere.

STE C: Beats of Rage was a game by Senile Team that was made as an homage to Streets of Rage. The cool thing is they used sprites from King of Fighters games. They made the game engine open source (called OpenBOR) and a lot of people have made new beat'em ups and added all sorts of features that weren't possible in BOR.

Senile Team's website - Also check out Rush Rush Rally Racing and Age of the Beast.
Official OpenBOR site - Lots of games to download!

but I seem to have an issue. I REALLY want to burn off a lot of these BOR games to play on my DC (this GA one included) but I cannot find any of the game sin the DL section of the site. To illustrate exactly what i mean, I have taken a screenshot (pls click to ENLARGE!) for your perusal... this just doesn't make ANY sense to me at all?? Is it because I'm using (god forbid!) a Mac?

There's just nothing under the headed windows there. I wonder, do you have to sign up and become a member beforehand? Anyone know? Please fill me in on the blanks here as I'm DESPERATE to own/play as many as possible. Scrolling beat 'em ups IS DEFINITELY something I could do with more of! Most of the BOR ones look incredible!!

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 04. February 2010 00:48
Ninja I was also wondering exactly the same thing about that BOR site but I just signed up and once logged in all the downloads are accessible. They do have some DC stuff there for download including another version of Golden Axe. Thanks for the link Reelmojo.
Basashi King
looks fab. that music is epic.
It looks great. I would buy a game like that on DC. I had the very first BOR and didn't like it, it was like a poor mans Final Fight with less moves. I found it boring. Its definitely been improved a lot since then, and this looks great. I like how many people are on the screen and the sidestep move looks very nifty when avoiding the horses. I like the the bright color palette. One game with a Spare Marine grey palette is fine but when every other copies it, well this makes a very welcome change.
Edited by RiKo on 05. February 2010 14:52
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Looks like a late-90s Capcom game (good!).

LOL @ the skeletons bleeding. That's quirky
Edited by shion on 08. February 2010 22:25
Very nice. I look forward to the finished product.
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