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June 19 2018

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 2307
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There are 19 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5569 times.  There's also files attached.
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Videogames and alcohol/drugs /fags/food
I am sure a lot of you like me enjoy playing games, especially NG games whilst drunk. Although reflexes can be slowed down I find that alcohol enhances the experience. Please do not get me wrong I am a responsible drinker and tend to only drink once/twice a week sometimes just getting tipsey sometimes getting hammered but overall I consider myself a reasonably responsible drinker. Its important that you guys know I do not need booze to enjoy a game I just find that it enhances the experience when I choose to do it.
If so what is your tipple beer, wine spirits, and do you find you get carried away drinking whilst playing games as I sometimes do.

So whats your vice and what do you find enhances your gaming experience, do you smoke a lot , eat a lot , snort a lo, lol be honest now I respect everything in moderation I will happily admit to playing games on illegal substances in my younger days and it was great, but I do not agree with drug abuse as the rest of you will agree but I have no issue with sensible recreational use.

I find that I tend to play mainly NG/retro stuff whilst drinking rather than new PS3/360 stuff, not sure why I think its almost like a celebration of me owning and playing the games I always dreamed of having in the my younger days. Its like a big feeling of achievement owning the stuff I never thought I could ever have , an arcade in your home with all the games you want. Modern gaming does not give this feeling as even somebody on the dole can go to Tescos and buy a new PS3/360 game without ever having to really save up, we have it easy now.
Edited by STE C on 03. February 2010 17:26
cool idea for a thread

ive played my fair share of drunken games, i find the most mesmurising drunken gaming experience is fzero on the gamecube with lots and lots of cheap cider e.g. white lightening.

i think its because of the very fast racing that makes it such a fun experience

i have been known to take illegal drugs but never with games, but i have some ideas...

for a fun and weird experience get stonned on weed whilst playing e.t. for the atari

take ecstacy and play beautiful catamari

take acid and play reident evil...if you would like a fucking horrible trip

i guess those ideas could be interesting
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
When i used to drink and play games it was always with friends. I actually am not that keen on it, it was ok, but i didn;t enjoy as much as i did when i was sober and i was a lot worse at the games, i would have probably rather stayed out longer than play games drunk. People always used to say Wipeout (on PSX) was a great after-pub/club game, but when i got back from a pub/club playing Wipout was the last thing i felt like doing! The best nights i had was meeting friends round someone's house and playing games sober before we went anywhere. Our fav games were Super Bomber man 2, Mario Kart, Perfect Dark and Poy Poy, FIFA 99 and Tekken 3.

My fav drunk game was this motorbike arcade game they had in a bar we used to to go too, you had to lean the whole bike over to turn and they 2 bikes and 2 screens for competitive races. Sometimes u could hold the back of someones bike to mess them up. lol Also Virtua Racing was a favourite. Those games always seemed fun when drunk for some reason.
Edited by RiKo on 03. February 2010 22:08
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Although I am an avid gamer, I don't use or take Drugs/Alcohol/Substaces/Etc because of the dangers that they have in them, not that I'm pointing fingers at anyone, its just that its better for me, because I'm not much of an outside person though. Other than that, this is the reason why! (Note: Mostly shown on U.S. MVS cabinets after the NEO-GEO screen.)

Pfft (This is solely my opinion, and hope that I'm not offending you guys.)
NeoStrayCat attached the following image:

Edited by NeoStrayCat on 03. February 2010 23:21
Me and my friend have some pretty good Guilty Gear matches or fun with House of the Dead when being wasted. Also, when I first played the new Wolfenstein game (on my roommates PC) I was totally wasted atfer a party and I killed the final boss without dying.

For some reason when being drunk I don't really care about how I play or if I win or lose which makes it easier for me to play some games without getting pissed off.

Usually when I'm drunk or wasted I only care about sleep though.
Basashi King
generally i dont play neogeo games pissed because im often too hammered to be able to play them after a session. because pubs close so late over here, if i go out, well - im usually a state when i slump back in! as for drinking at home, my missus cant drink very much, so i dont drink a lot here, except the odd kahlua or glass of champagne.

back in the uk though, where laws are less draconian, im often caning it at a friends house, and always play videogames at his house in a bit of a state! its all good, but im glad its holidays only or id be a complete waster!

eta: f-zero x at university in 4 player mode with every participant caned was one of the best gaming treats ever! monged spectators shouting 'booooost' - awesome!
Edited by Basashi King on 04. February 2010 02:24
I suck at video games after having a few, so I don't drink while playing Smile
has intrigued me for sometime Stevie boy, and for multiple reasons...

I'm fully aware (as you have never made it secret) that your enjoy the sophisticated company of Last Blade whilst enjoying tickling the palette with a fine glass of red...amongst other combinations, I'm sure Wink

But personally, I have never done any kind of illegal substances whatsoever, and it has never ever appealed to me either. Furthermore, I stopped drinking (consciously) when I was around 22yrs old. I just got bored of it, and the effects. I wasn't a twat, or a mouth-off, or a fighter etc... or anything like that - I just didn't enjoy it. As such now, I'd say I was pretty much tee-total (haven't had any alcohol since ONE shot of flaming sambuca to ring in New Year... and I'd not really drunk all year before that!). Back to drugs, for recreation, escaping personal issues etc. it's just never ever been an option for me. I used to (USED to!) look down my nose at 'everyone' for doing coke and smoking weed etc. but I'm more relaxed about it now, and as long as 'they' do it away from me (i.e. I don't wanna see PPL do it, or see them 'on' it) then what they do in their own time is their business. Ain't that right!

Which brings me to me 'n' thee! I'm hoping we can do some kind of meet up sometime this year Ste? I'm quietly looking forward to it, as I think we're both quite grounded and down to earth in our own ways... with that BURNING passion for gaming thrown in! Should be good!! However, what do you suppose will happen regarding our opposing views r.e. the subject matter of this very thread?? I hope you don't mind gaming on a 'straight' head...
I want you at your best when we duel! "ENGARDE"!... Grin


(p.s. re: food... a slittle as possible, 'cause slowly over time, I'm turning into reet podge!)
Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 04. February 2010 19:33
I can understand your slight concern Ninja my friend so I shall try and explain to you and the others my reasons for the thread and hopefully put to bed any concerns.

This thread was a a curio to me and I suppose I have my reasons for it and wanting to know peoples opinions. Perhaps I wanted to discuss this as we are all friends but faceless and less prejudice here. Certain episodes in my life at the begining of the last decade 2001-2003 are not up for discussion with my family or close friends where I live as my lifestyle during that time was well pretty dark and fu*ked up.

I was involved with a girl lets call her G who was sexy,daring , spontaneous and up for anything, she also took me away from a comfortable life with a girl I had been with for 5 years and was pretty happy with , but what G wants G gets and she got me so end of boring life and a fresh start with a girl who appeared to rock my world. We began to experiment with Coke , Speed and sometimes E but mainly speed (amphetimine) .I had little previous experience of drugs unlike her but at first the whole episode was amazing the first 3 months was possibly the most exciting of my life all was fine as things seemed so innocent at first. The biggest buzz was playing games whilst high as it brought out feelings , visions, clarity which did not exist when sober . I once played Max Payne for 3 days solid with out sleep completing it numerous times only to start again or pause to top up my intake or go for a piss. G was happy to watch me play and she danced around to music and stuff so we were still kinda on the same wave lengh.

After the first few months I simply did not want to play games unless I was on something I could not play games unless I was on something. To cut a long story short me and G managed just under 2 years together during that time I became very ill due to my excessive lifestyle although I mangaged to hold down a full time job ( its amazing just how far the human body can be pushed) its amazing how you can fool people into not suspecting but you kinda become good at it once you enter that lifestyle, and it is not clever but at the time the selfish you thinks it is.

I cleaned up early 2003 after the split but really lost my passion for videogames and played very little until 2006 when I got my 360 as I had no passion for games left due to what I had done in the past. I still enjoyed recreational use of drugs up until about late 2006 when I met my current GF , this was a godsend as I no longer felt I needed or wanted to use drugs and she would not tolerate it , I hence don't be sick chaps fell in love again with a genuine girl). I also fell in love with gaming again to at that point and starting really get back into my retro stuff which healthily continues to this day. Still its a shame I missed and dident want to be involved in gaming at that time , you will see from my games lists in posts ect very few PS2/XBOX/CUBE games are mentioned much from that 2002-2005 period as I was not really involved in that gen. My nights of excess were based round DC and PC gaming which I was into 2001-2003.

I enjoy my new found love of wine ( its maybe a mid 30s thing) and enjoy the feeling of playing games when drinking, I think a good game goes in hand with a good wine its like a treat to me as I still maybe crave a treat due to my past, I am maybe set up that way like a dog doing a trick for a biscuit, I buy a game I worked for hence I have a treat whilst playing weird I know. Yet this is all just a theory as more often that not I do not feel the need to drink or want to whilst gaming. In fact I definitely do not need to but its a treat when I do. Maybe I think I was unique with my past problem and was fishing for experiences off other people who had a similar problem or had stories of playing games whilst on stuff so maybe I would not feel like such a twit about the somewhat shocking problem I used to have. If my only vice is a bottle of wine once a week whilst playing my MVS then I will take that over my past lifestyle, keep in mind I always play my retro stuff alone as my friends arent into it.

Sorry for all that guys but its something which I cant really discuss close to home, for the record I am happy and healthy back to I was pre 2001. Despite all this as Ninja says I have no problem with people doing stuff as my friends sometimes indulge , why because it is simply fun , but it is in no way cool or clever AND IT COULD KILL YOU I would advise not to bother as I know only to well once you get into it demons and cravings never really go away as any smokers past or present will figure.

I can fully understand why people do not drink alcohol and I respect that, I often toy with the idea of becoming teetotal as sometimes just a few glasses of wine can give headacre next day, and interfere with my cycling which I enjoy doing on my days off so fair comment on being teetotal.

A drink free duel is no problem for me Ninja but I am very interested in these late night takaways you seem to be so fond of.
Edited by STE C on 04. February 2010 21:39
STE C: I think its great of you to share these experiences and that you in no way try to glorify the use of alcohol or other substances.

And that you managed to get out of that rather miserable situation you were must have taken a lot of strenght and energyThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Thanks Priest despite it being a wasted chapter in my life I can kinda laugh about it now, not that the situation was funny because it certainly was not, it just amuses me how I was so stupid to become a text book addict and became everything I despised in fellow humans. Still what doesn't kill ya blah blah blah.
Edited by STE C on 07. February 2010 15:02
always a full life youv had ste c - but dont regret anything, you learn from ure mistakes and just concentrate on making the future better.

yeah i think its apparent that drink can be fun with racer games i think its the scenery coming at you at a fast rate that makes it fun.

yeah like ninja im not big on drink or drugs anymore i used to enjoy weed like alot of people and then i used to have ecstacy aswell but i realy am not into drugs at all anymore, i mean i think theres so many other ways to stimilate the brain. like many people i had a fuc*king terrible trip once and that put me off for life.

also drink isnt realy that stimulating it just numbs and makes everything a bit blurry at times so im knocking that on the head.

in britain i know theres a real problem with alcholism and drugs. billions spent on the NHS directly involved with alchol. and from exprience lots of drink and drugs can make you do some terrible things
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Basashi King
i tell you what, i was never really a big drinker in the uk. i didnt like the 'cool' culture around it: arseholes on the tv and radio going on about how 'cool' it was to get rat - arsed and start a fight etc. whenever i go back to my home town, i never drink in the centre of town but always find a more countryside style 'old mans pub' to catch up with my mates in. that way i dont get stabbed.

since uni, i was never too shy of the odd j, however - a habit which many people in various professions in the uk indulge in responsibly.

its only since ive come to japan that ive become a drinker. in britain we have class a, b and c for drugs; japan just has 'evil' for all of them and punishments are severe, so its just not worth the dabble. the plus points are that drugs are not too common and there are none of the social problems connected with them that plague europe. seriously, last year there was a newsflash because some university students in tokyos waseda university had been caught smoking marijuana cigarettes!!!

anyway, asian people generally cant drink half as much as us western primates so theres none of this 'booze to fit in' pressure that many feel in the uk - people just drink for the crack. and frankly, i love it. again, the style in japan is totally different in that people dont just go out to drink here, you always get something to eat too, so the experience is different - and its a sit down job.

theres actually nothing i like better than sitting around a table with a few good friends and getting hammered for a few hours, chewing the fat and enjoying some grub.

ill drink to that!

I want Basashi,s life it sounds great. Just out of interest Basashi what do you do for a living im intrigued, dont answer if its personal or if you are a star of the Asian adult film industry lol.
Edited by STE C on 08. February 2010 12:52
yes i'm not too into drinking culture here, i hate it when people just say 'yeah i got really pisssed last night' at least do something embarssing or injure yourself. i did used to drink like that admitedly but not all the time, just on nights when i was out all night. Its def good to do sometimes though. The only game i ever played on drugs - mild drugs was Worms with a friend, it was just a bit more relaxed than normal. it was just weed, and i remember that night we smoked it while watchng the screen saver on his PC which seemed very interesting lol and listening to music. Games is normally the last thing u would do on drugs if u were just a casual user.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I've seen my friend beating Mario Bros 3. baked on weed, it was pretty impressive as I have a hard time beating it sober lol
yeah im hearing what u guys are sayin. drinking culture can be very sad, like u say basashi its great in a country pub where drink isnt the center of the entertainment, in a pub i guess ure hanging out with friends, meeting people. and its all relaxed easy and safe

then you have those kinda spanish holdiday resorts where brain dead brits go and there only aim is to drink not to converse with each other, not to enjoy the music they hear but simply to drink until they pass out, wake up with a S.T.D and other things they will regret.

i hear bashashi u about japans drug laws and i think thats a damn good idea. the U.K. could use some of those laws. i think the craze now here in UK is mostly Ketamine. and its ruining alot of young peoples lives. i knew a girl who started taking it for fun like most and then one time i went to a friends house to do some jamming, and at 10 in the morning she was snorting Ketamine and drinking beer so whilst we were jamming and having fun, she was only enjoying it in a K hole. its a real fuc*in shame, the girl now has to go too rehab and she had so much going for her she was a fantastic artist.

soooo winners dont snort K Smile
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Thats a very sad story Powerwave I hope she gets better Ketamine is evil stuff. I can never understand my people choose opiates to get wasted sitting their all sleepy in a stupor you may as well be drunk at least with stimulants like speed/coke you can actually do something but like we all agree its all bad at the end of the day.

Whatever its a pill a powder or spirits bottle if you abuse it you are heading down a very dangerous path which is hard to climb back from. She sounds like a lovely and talented girl Powerwave unfortunately talent seems to go in hand with addiction/abuse maybe that's the price you pay for being born with a gift, whatever the case do what you can to help her if you guys are close.
yeah im hearing you ste c. it dosnt look like much fun from the outskirts. its just looks like drunkeness. the problems i hear with those hardcore stimulants like coke or speed is that coke makes u feel so pumped that you think your a demi-god. never tried it i wouldnt want to get too cocky and do something stupid like punch someone in the street cuz i thought i was better. then theres speed a close family member of mine took speed once and he said the only way he could calm down was to smash every chair he could find in the house. yeah i couldnt deal with that.

yeah as for this girl shes a very addictive person, and that always goes hand in hand with being heavily creative. all that drug abuse also effected her brain and she ended up being diagnosed as bi-polar.

i have another friend with similar issues with addicitve nature, but he turns his addictive side to making music. the guys littleraly made over 200 albums and hes only 30 nd this guy dosnt drink or take drugs. i guess if u are an addicitive person you have to channel it right,
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
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