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August 26 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 2306
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6 Games You Would Play Now Above Anything Else
I got to thinking there have been a lot of games i have *really* liked in my life, but what games would i play *now* above everything else. I am a huge Shenmue fan and that would be in my fav all-time list but it's not one i would be playing at the moment. Same with Super Bomberman, Exile (a personal favourite), Wipeout 2097, Mario Kart, Sonic etc. So what is my list of 6 games i would play today?

Battle Garegga (Saturn)
Burn Out 3 (XBox)
Breakers Revenge (Neo Geo)
Streetfighter IV (360)
Outrun 2 HD (360)
Resident Evil 4 (GC)

This is my list for now, but i might change it if i missed anything out, you are only allowed 6 games, no cheating! it's hard. I really want to see other people's lists so i can maybe try some of the games you guys like. They have to be genuinely games you would play now and spend your freetime time on, not just get out for a one off play.

My games are pretty much all games with intense gameplay, i don't have much time to play games so i like to be fully engaged for the time i am playing. I do really like games like Gears of War 2 but i just want to be in the action fighting, i don't like the story part of it so much.
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Basashi King
yo riko, ive just come home p*ssed, but i cant go to bed without hitting ss4 on the neo. to be honest im thinking bust genjuro is the sh*t!

other than that theres always sf4.

maybe i could think of 4 other games if i wasnt wasted but those two will do for now!

hope that helps, err...
lol! yes thanks Basashi, i know Merlin is liking SS4 a lot, its the only one i don't have! you are making want to get drunk and play SS4! Grin
Edited by RiKo on 03. February 2010 16:56
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[quote]Basashi King wrote:
yo riko, ive just come home p*ssed, but i cant go to bed without hitting ss4 on the neo. to be honest im thinking bust genjuro is the sh*t!

Ha another fellow NG fan who enjoys playing games whilst pissed, like you Basashi I often have a habit of playing SS4 when tanked up , maybe its the cool atmosphere and simple pick up and play generics. Basashi with you being an Englishman can I ask something personal, is it true that Asain girls are hot for us UK dudes ,does that mean you get Japanese girls trying it on with you when you are out on the piss, I really would like to know this lol.

Riko good call with Outrun HD thats also on my below list , like you Shenmue 1/2 are my all time faves but I do enjoy the odd casual blast when drunk as I have numerous save positions on my vmus so I can visit Kowloon , Guiling , Wan Chai whenever I please to run around and marvel at the graphics.

1 Shenmue 2
2 Outrun HD
3 SS4
4 LB
5 Gunhead PCE
6 and very probably Afterburner Climax when its out to download and buy.

sorry guys I must be naughty and start a drink/games thread.
Edited by STE C on 03. February 2010 17:03
One of these days I'm really going to have to try a Shenmue game considering all the good things I've heard from you guys. Always good to see so much enthusiasm for Samurai Shodown 4 too. I'm just curious Basashi if you prefer it over SS3 now.

Never tried playing any games while drunk before! I imagine I would probably really suck at games if I had too much to drink.

Ok here's my list of games I would play now above everything else:

Knights of the Round
The King of Dragons
Samurai Shodown 4
Breakers Revenge
TES4 Oblivion
Mushihime sama Futari

I'm starting to think Knights of the Round may possibly be my favourite game of all time. There's just something really special about it from the beautiful detailed graphics, epic soundtrack and addictive gameplay.

RiKo I really recommend you to give Oblivion a try. The game gives you total freedom to do whatever you want. Oblivion is completely open ended so when you finish the main quest there are still a multitude of things to do. I know you can't always play for long periods at a time but you can just play for short periods and save the game whenever you want.
Street Fighter 4 - Just obsessed with this game. I could spend literally all day playing it

Tatsunoko vs Capcom - Ive never took to a game this fast and loved it without being annoyed with a few things.

Trials HD - Insanely addictive...even when you have died about 50 times I just want to play it over and over.

Halo 3 - Its the most relaxing multiplayer FPS for me. Its very nicely paced and just fun allround plus I have no problem playing campaign over and over.

Gears of War 2 - Much better than the 1st one. Just so many new things which keep you going forever. If you get bored of multiplayer theres horde mode which is crazy.

Mario Kart Wii - Before I got TvC this is the only game that keeps my wii alive. Main reason i love this so much is because my girlfriend does aswell so we have fun playing it.

I really wanted to put bomberman live on there aswell but i only play it with friends where as all the above games I play on my own aswell as with friends
Edited by Klarkus on 03. February 2010 19:11
Merlin, i always thought that Oblivion would be the kind of game i like but it's the not being able to spend enough time on it thats the problem, even with the saving. I do hope to play it sometime though Smile Is there a sequel in the works? I wish i could play those Capcom fighters, thats why i need one of those Supergun multigame boxes Smile

nice choices too Klarkus Thumbs Up, i almost had Trials HD on mine too. I should prob try Horde mode in GOW2 i guess.......
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
street fighter Ex + alpha - underated

rise of the robots Wink

bonanza bros - never played it looks fab

breakers - becasue i still cant get over how much joy this gives me

bad boys 2 the game - looks fu*kin fu*king crap in fact. it looks so bad when i saw it i thought i was dying

super sf 4 - like many of you i am so excited. with every trailer i find it harder to retain my excitement. when a street fighter game is released to me that is like christmas Smile

"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
I do have a few others which I would play above everything else but I got rid of the console

Wipeout PSP
Metal Gear Solid 2&3 PS2
Crazy Taxi's Dreamcast
Resident Evil 4 Gamecube
God of War PS2
Micro Machines MegaDrive
Counter Strike PC
Resident Evil Remake Gamecube
Jet Set Radio Dreacast
Final Fantasy 7 and 8 PS1

I dont think any of these would out do my current 6 though but they are definately up there.
lol Powers hmmm, i might have to check out Bad Boys 2 just for comedy value Smile I like it in those film games they do now when they can't get the actors to do the voices and they get someone to do an impression of the actor. There was a bond game EA did a while abck and they did actually get Sean Connery in to do the voice, but i read a review and it said it sounded like it was Sean Connery doing an impression of a someone doing an impression of Sean Connery. They said it wasn't very good haha

Those are some nice games too Klarkus, Crazy Taxi was almost on mine but i don't get it out that often. I have been playing JSR Future on Xbox occassionly too. I do still love the DC original, they feel like dif games but both very good. I tried playing FFVII recently but got bored again after a few days - that happens with me all the time and that game, i guess we just arent suited. its like i can see through all it's mechanisms and see the grind for what it really is. Its fun for a few days though. I always enjoy it to start with...... Godhand and Gradius V were games that almost made my list, but have bveen dormant for few months now.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Basashi King
merlin - you should definitely try shenmue. it really is as good as everyone says it is, its perfect quite honestly.

ive never played shenmue 2 but every time i see it in the shops it screams to be bought. i dont think i could deal with the japanese text though, but on the other hand i think both games might be a good way to learn more japanese. my japanese isnt too bad but other than 2 years study before coming here and day to day stuff, i dont learn much because i can get by.

ste ste ste, you really make me laugh - every one of your posts says something personal! yes... i can report that the rumours are largely true about japanese girls, but probably not quite how you imagine. its weird - when one of my mates back home came to visit, he didnt get anything, which is unusual as he is a very naughty boy in london, always up to all kinds of tricks and very popular. the laws of physics are different over here. it would take a bigger response to go into it all, but when i arrived, girls often approached me and gave me numbers. there are like 2 worlds over here though, the j world and the foreigner world, and the girls that hover in the foreigner world are of a particular type. its actually quite tough to bag 'a nice girl' if you know what i mean; but the quality of the ladies here is awesome generally in shallow terms of appearance.

i noted wan chai in your post earlier - a very dodgy haunt! actually said london friend ended up bedding some air hostess when in that neighbourhood, but its one of the seediest places around!

hong kong is actually my fave long weekend break ever, macao just a 45 min boat ride away with its casinos and portuguese architecture etc, but im going too far off topic here.

oh yeah, and merlin (back to the games!) - i think i might favour 4. i did play 3 at home over xmas, and enjoyed it too, but its tough to compare. on monday i went to akihabara to try to find another copy as i wanted a definitive answer to that question myself, but i could only find one and the spine was a bit faded. i only get mint stuff. in fact i was rather shocked as the main stores looked like they had been looted: one place that had about 5 last blade 2s in stock before christmas at great prices now had none (blowing a hole in my february plans!); maybe the play asia dudes and their ilk have been over and bought up a lot of stock.



eta: merlin i agree with you about knights of the round - its legendary. i love the levelling up especially, and the characters are great. what a fabulous game! oh - and thanks for posting those ss4 videos - theyve shown me a whole new level of depth i never even knew existed.
Edited by Basashi King on 04. February 2010 13:27
Merlin and Basashi I agree 100% Knights Of The Round is Top stuff lovely graphics , I tend to play this on mame as the version on the PS2 Capcom legends disk does not seem as fluid and the graphics are a bit blurry.

Merlin my friend it pains me that a man with your games heritage and love for the arts has not experienced the beauty of Shenmue , I have max respect for you dude but please promise me one day you will sort out an old DC off ebay and get Shenmue 1-2, its spiritual stuff man.

BASAHSI thanks for the info on the chicks now stop enjoying the attention off ladies and buy bloody Shenmue 2 as it is way way better than the first game , by a large margin in my book. I reckon you should be ok with Jap version if you speak a bit of the lingo if you get stuck you can always get your wife to help and Shenmue2 flows at a faster and less puzzling pace than the 1st game.
Er for the record I kinda like the sound of the less desirable easier type Jap girls I like a girl who gets to the point, they wouldn't even have to hand me a phone number, a hotel key and a detailed map to the destination of sin would be more than sufficient.
Edited by STE C on 04. February 2010 16:52
Hmm, interesting question; I'm going to have to think about it. Mostly old school fighters and action/adventure games. Oddly, no RPGs (except the DW series) or puzzle games (except, perhaps Puzzle Link 1 & 2) come to mind.
I'm sure you'll really enjoy Oblivion when you do get a chance to play it RiKo. Yes I think it's highly likely there will be a new TES game with the series being so popular but Bethesda haven't officially announced anything yet. There are rumours it might end up being a MMORPG but I hope that isn't true.

Basashi I hope you manage to track down a good copy of SS3 soon and then it'll be interesting to see which one you end up preferring. I agree those SS4 matches were pretty epic and some of the best I've seen. Maybe one day in the future if you're in the UK we can have a few online matches. I also hope you try out Crossed Swords 2 on an emulator one day too.

Ok STE I do trust your judgment when it comes to games so I promise I'll think about possibly getting a Dreamcast in the future and trying the Shenmue games. They must be something really special from the sound of things. By the way I share your enthusiasm for Japanese women. They are amazing no doubt about it.
Basashi King
you guys crack me up!
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