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October 23 2019

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Aero Fighters 2

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Thread Author: eccentric cat
Thread ID: 2301
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There are 18 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 26362 times.
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What do you think of World Heroes 2?
A classic! Definitely a must for the NeoGeo! A classic! Definitely a must for the NeoGeo! 41%[7 Votes]
Its very good! But certainly not the best Its very good! But certainly not the best 12%[2 Votes]
Ok, but nothing special Ok, but nothing special 35%[6 Votes]
Horrible... Horrible... 12%[2 Votes]
Misssed this one, but it looks good...! Misssed this one, but it looks good...! 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 17
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World Heroes 2 discussion
eccentric cat
Welcome to this week's Game of the Week!

World Heroes 2 is the sequel to the quirky World Heroes. This added more characters, moves, and a new lifebar selection. Its definitely an improvement over the prequel, but it still might not be everyone's cup of tea... ^^;

World Heroes 2

Genre: Fighting
Players: 2
Size: 78
Released on: AES, MVS, NeoCD, Super Nintendo, Turbografx-CD

Brief Description:

World Heroes 2 is a fighting game created by ADK for the Neo-Geo. The game plays like any other fighting game, but instead of a 6-button layout, World Heroes 2 uses only 3 of the standard 4 Neo-Geo buttons: one for punching, another for kicking, and the last for throwing. The former two buttons can be held down longer in order to deliver stronger attacks, similar to the first Street Fighter control scheme, with only two levels of strength and using standard buttons instead of pneumatic buttons. In the SNES version (and later games, starting with World Heroes 2 Jet), it is possible to assign the 4 basic attacks to different buttons.



World Heroes 2 review by Kazuya_UK


YouTube Video

Highscore Challenge:

Here it is!

Good luck!

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Edited by eccentric cat on 08. February 2010 23:43
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Although WH2 is somwhat better than the first one, its still suffers from the same gameplay mechanics, but improves it later in Jet and Perfect. To me its just an "ehh" kind of title though. (Reason that I voted OK, but nothing special!)
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 02. February 2010 01:11
i voted a classic, yes its one of my fave neo games. gosh definately the best world heroes games. you have the excellent music, deathmatch, 14 great chracaters

only one problem is it is very hard and often i get a little frustrated with neo dio. i say a little i mean....alot:(
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
The new heroes are quite interesting, especially Ryoko, Johnny Maximum and Shura Higashi. The scenaries in the Normal Mode are very colourful. The hazards in the Death Match mode are promising, especially the Sawblade and electrical drone stages. The new moves the older heroes have make them better to play with. And finally Dio is a frustratingly hard opponent but a very matching character with the game.

There are however a few setbacks. I believe Janne and Rasputin's voices were ruined. They sounded better in the prequel. I only wish Neo-Geegus could have mimicked not only the forms of the new heroes, but the old ones too, just to give him the full shape shifting impression.

Well, Stray I don't think there was improvement in World Heroes Jet really, due to the lack of death match mode, the Forging of the Warriors mode lacks new scenaries and only lets you play three matches, which doesn't make the gameplay exciting at all plus the bonus game has only bull fighting. That's not much of a bonus game, which doesn't demonstrate accuracy skill like the previous ones did.
The World Heroes is my least fave NG fighter series although the first game took my attention off SF2 for a while back in the day. I have this on NGCD and have not played it much and probably never will. I find the series dated and dislike the cast , sorry fans please do not think I find the games shit because thats not true, as I reckon its worth owning one just to have it in your collection you may actually enjoy them more than me.
Edited by STE C on 02. February 2010 19:45
To Will:

You're kind of right about "Jet" there (If i wasn't reading the Full Review carefully), it is kind of a watered down port of this game, its not the same W/out DM Mode.:(
I voted 'A classic! Definitely a must for the NeoGeo!' This game is really special to me and was the first AES cart I ever bought. I couldn't afford to buy many Neo games at the time so played WH2 constantly. It was actually playing the first game in the series in the arcades that made me decide to buy a Neo Geo in the first place.

While the first game is still a classic that I will always enjoy the sequel really was a major improvement with far better graphics (the stages of Erick, Janne and J. Carn look stunning), 6 great new characters, a very memorable boss encounter, cool soundtrack and faster gameplay too. I would definitely put this game in my Neo Geo top 10. I'd say overall that this game is the best in the series and the best fighting game that ADK ever produced.

I agree with what Will said about Jet. Don't get me wrong I love every WH game but Jet feels like a step back to me. Why get rid of the very cool death match mode? Also the overall presentation wasn't as good as the previous game. The forging of the warriors mode was a strange substitute for the Death match mode and seems a bit pointless and for some reason has the same music constantly.

Not too keen on the whole tournament idea with 1 vs 3 either. The final boss encounter against Dio in WH2 is a truly epic experience and Zeus just doesn't compare. Overall the music is better in WH2 as well with the themes for Janne, Erick, J. Carn and Dio being particularly memorable. Although I like the charging bull bonus round in Jet I much prefer the two bonus rounds in WH2. WH2 also has a much better intro sequence than Jet.
Edited by merlin on 03. February 2010 13:03
Yeah, I remember this arcade game. It just showed up at the BX one day, and, in a way, I had no other choice but to play it (limited selection of games)! After a while it grew on me, and I excitedly awaited the home release. Boy, did I have a ball with this one! Yeah, it's a mixed bag of things, but I found it quite enjoyable. And funny sometimes. The graphics obviously lacked, but, are not bad. Through some ideas and animations, though, you could see the game poking fun at it self (ex., the playable M. Bison wanna-be LOL). Perhaps it is the zany characters that keep my attention. The story is somewhat original too. A classic SNK fighter, in my opinion.
Edited by shion on 03. February 2010 05:06
to be honest, I haven't really had enough experience with this particular WH iteration to fully comment. I'm quite honestly, rather knew to the WHScene since acquiring WHGorgeous for the PS2. Not to go off tangent but I hadn't really played any of the prequels as I have only ever had WHP on the Saturn... and I have always loved it. The prequels though, I a m very inexperienced with, but I have given them an hour or so each... which obviously isn't enough!

WH2 seemed good, and much better than WH, but I do remember preferring WH2J & WHP (the latter due to many reasons, familiarity being a big one!) over WH2. WILL DEFINITELY give them some proper in-depth play soon to gain a proper opinion. regardless though, as a series, I really like WHeroes... the characters are OTT and overly diverse BUT this is why I like it! I'm still a wimp though and always main Hanzo(u) Grin

Not the biggest fan, but it has the funnest death match mode i played in years.... I have Jet and it's not as fun as this one.
Basashi King
i bought a jet recently and have hardly touched it, largely in disgust at that frankly sh*t forging of the turd or whatever its called mode.

i played wh1 on emulation and think its worth a blast; as wh2 is now so cheap and a decent enough game i might like to buy a second copy of it to rediscover its joys. certainly an improvement.

the death match is a great idea!

whp - ive played this on emulation but it didnt rock my world. i might look it up in the future though.

i voted 'ok' in the poll for this one - good as it is, as a beat em up on the neogeo system the competition is tougher than on any other format, and better games put it in the shade.
Wild Tengu
Horrible, just plain horrible. Every WH game blows and suffers from the same crappy controls.

Plus to win in WH, all you need to do is spam Hanzo/Fuma's aerial spinning human shuriken attack.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 06. February 2010 03:33
Wild Tengu wrote:
Horrible, just plain horrible. Every WH game blows and suffers from the same crappy controls

WHP doesn't. 6 button-set up, dash ability and Hero moves etc. IMO, make this game considerably better than it's prequels. Wouldn't want to play it with a 4-button set-up though! PS2 anthology or Saturn version for me I'm afraid...

Wild Tengu
Uhhh... all the WH games are 4-Button. Even if a 6-Button version existed, that isn't exactly gonna do the game any justice in the control department because the controls are so freaking half assed and stiff as fuck. It's like I'm playing Street Fighter 1 or AOF.
Wild Tengu wrote:
Uhhh... all the WH games are 4-Button. Even if a 6-Button version existed, that isn't exactly gonna do the game any justice in the control department because the controls are so freaking half assed and stiff as fuck. It's like I'm playing Street Fighter 1 or AOF.


Basashi King
update: just put jet on today and enjoyed it, control system and all. i know this is a wh2 thread but i just wanted to add that to the record, as my outburst earlier wasnt really worth much! fact, im off to play it now!
Several days ago before I finished writing this reply, I finally played the Neo Geo MVS version through emulation using the NeoDS.

I think I understand why merlin likes this more than the first one and its sequels. In my opinion, I enjoyed the part where I make Hanzo perform a jump kick, then rapidly press the punch button when landing to perform a combo that feels kind of automatic. Fighting against the opponents were more challenging than in the previous title of the series, especially Dio in "Death Match" mode, which yesterday, he nearly moved the lifebar passed the arrow before the time ran out, and I finally completed the game in that mode, a breathed a sigh of relief before I moved over to World Heroes Perfect (because after beating World Heroes 2 in "Normal Game" mode, I played through World Heroes 2 Jet).

In order for me to beat the opponents, I had to come up with the easiest ways to KO them. Dio was a lot more tricky. Seeing his portrait while hearing the victory theme BGM makes me feel like I'm short and young again and I'm seeing it at a local arcade, while being scared of seeing anyone I am with telling me it's time to leave home, unless it's a friend of mine nearly the same age. However, I don't remember seeing World Heroes 2 in the early years, but I remember when I saw it in a Neo Geo arcade cabinet at a Howard Johnson motel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, back in August 2005 during mine and my mother's best vacation across most of the Southern part of the United States, then turned from the Grand Canyon to Southern Colorado, and back home at the Tri-State area. As soon as I walked up to it, my mother told me to leave with her.

Overall, I might not return to playing World Heroes 2 for 1P purposes, but it I had plenty of time to let anyone play head-to-head against me, I probably wouldn't mind.

Be sure to also check out its Wikipedia article. I've been spending time writing it in good quality, but all it needs now is info about its "Plot" and "Reception", as well as reliable citations. Remember, GameFAQs isn't a source according to Wikipedia's rules, but it can be added to the external links.

And by the way, anyone recognize this?

YouTube Video

Edited by 1983parrothead on 14. April 2011 08:38
Good to hear you're enjoying the World Heroes series Parrothead and interesting to hear your thoughts about the different games. World Heroes 2 can be quite challenging in single player mode especially that final battle against Dio. I do recognise that music you posted. It's Erick's theme and one of my favourites. I also love the themes of Janne and J. Carn too. The music has been consistently good throughout the World Heroes series but especially in this installment.

By the way if you ever have the time and feel like it I'm always keen to play some matches online of the first two games.

You're right WH2J was accidentally missed out from GOTW. We'll have to cover that one in the future.

Good work updating the Wikipedia pages. Thumbs Up
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