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October 19 2018

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Thread Author: shion
Thread ID: 2295
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There are 51 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 18750 times.
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Worst Street Fighter games
NeoGeoNinja wrote: uninspired new characters (*cough* aside Abel... LOVE that guy!!)
I don't see the appeal of Abel. Ever since the game came out people have been complaining about the new characters and always tacking on "except for Abel! He's awesome!" His design is just boring and generic to me. As for the other newcomers, C.Viper looks like she was designed over at SNK which is a good thing, Rufus provides comic relief and is awesome to play as, El Fuerte is just a generic luchador with tagged on cooking jokes that just don't work for me, Seth looks like ass, and Gouken is awesome even if he has no business still being alive. So as you can see the new characters were all over the place for me. I'm really looking forward to Juri though!

And Ninja, your previous posts in other thread about SFEX+a are what pade me decide to add it to my collection. It shouldn't be all that expensive anyway, so even if I end up not liking it I'm not out that much. I like Fighting Layer (also by Arika) so I should probably like SFEX too.
its ok we're used to the ramblimgs Pfft

I know what you mean about there isnt alot in SF4 (Apart from focus attack > focus dash cancel attack) But then again there isnt many things in KoF either. Its just gone back to the main typical SF game rather than a vs series with all the air dash, air block ect.

Thing about alpha's was the infinites damaged the game big time. Same thing for marvel vs capcom 2.

Anyway back on track. I did like EXalpha at the time but looking back on it just looks so bad. I remember a few weird fighting games I had on the snes and amiga but I cant remember the names of them.

Does everyone remember toshinden? Its comming out on wii which i didnt know about...

Looking back on it now it looks pants...same with bushido blade...When i first got bushido blade I was buzzin like crazy but if you look at it now it looks really dodgey compared to fighters that actually made it

I found this video which is pretty good
Edited by Klarkus on 05. February 2010 11:09
hey klarkus now just because toshinden is on wii i am going to by a wii just to play this game like i played the old ones very much and i will like this game too
Street Fighter: The Movie. That's the worst Street Fighter game ever.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
Let's see which is better in SF1 and SFTMA ("Street Fighter: The Movie" Arcade):

Plot: SF1

It's the first and it's canon. SFTMA's was full of the same kind of uncanon silliness that the Rambo cartoon (uncanon to the Rambo films), the Double Dragon cartoon and film (uncanon to the original 1987 Double Dragon arcade) and even the 1987 TMNT cartoon and Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (not so canon to the 1984 TMNT comics) all have.

SF1 - 1 / SFTMA - 0

Music: SF1

SFTMA's music is so quiet, it's not energetic and catchy enough. SF1's is more energetic, especially its PCE Super CD-ROM/TGCD version's.

SF1 - 2 / SFTMA - 0

Graphics: TIE

Although, SF1 is a retro game, and the graphics of most retro games weren't as good as the ones in later games. I really dislike when most gamers say SFTM arcade and console games look like Mortal Kombat, while forgetting that Reikai Doushi: Chinese Exorcist/The Last Apostle Puppet Show by Home Data was the first fighting game to feature digitized sprites, while Atari's Pit-Fighter was the first to feature human digitized sprites. Also, the developers actually had to stick with this kind of graphics to make it more accurate to the film. The animations are also quite smooth.

SFTM arcade and console games aren't the only fighting games based on a criticized film that is based on their highly-acclaimed series. There is also the Neo-Geo Double Dragon, based on the also criticized Double Dragon film that is based on the highly-acclaimed Double Dragon video games. Unlike SFTMA, the Neo-Geo Double Dragon uses hand-drawn cartoon sprites, instead of digitized sprites. When I first noticed that, I thought its graphics were more odd than the graphics of the SFTM video games. Most gamers like the Neo-Geo Double Dragon more than the SFTM arcade and console games, because Technos Japan (now Million Co., Ltd), the original developer and owner developed the Neo-Geo Double Dragon, while the SFTM arcade wasn't developed by original Street Fighter creator Capcom, but developed by Incredible Technologies (best known for the Golden Tee Golf arcade series often seen in sports bars and restaurants).

Overall on graphics, I can't easily decide which is better, because graphics aren't very important. I'm not saying graphics are unnecessary. If they weren't needed, you wouldn't see anything. What I'm saying is, adding more graphics can be redundant, like decorating. If you like retro graphics, choose SF1. If you want better graphics, choose SFTMA. SFTMA's graphics are even better than the SFTM console games' graphics.

SF1 - 3 / SFTMA - 1

Sound effects: TIE

Like graphics, sound effects aren't always necessary. One example of a fighting game without sound effects used during battles is Sun-A's zany Best of Best. If you want beeping, popping retro sounds, choose SF1. If you want the sounds to be more realistic and/or hilarious (e.g. Counter? Reversal! SLAM-MA-STER!!!), choose SFTMA's.

SF1 - 4 / SFTMA - 2

Controls/gameplay: ???

I heard that SF1 was released in two versions separately. The first version used two, large pressure-sensing pads, and was the one that really made gamers so upset, some of them beat the crap out of it in the style of Taito's Sonic Blast Man arcade, while one of them seriously climbed on top of one, and tried to drop kick it (along with its control panel) into total and utter oblivion. The initial concept failed, but it was unnecessary for the game to deserve mindless distractions. The gameplay of the PCE Super CD-ROM/TGCD version, Fighting Street, is based on the first version of SF1. I downloaded the Virtual Console version, and the opponents attack very fast and some can KO you in a couple of seconds, especially Birdie, Mike and I guess Sagat. This version includes a code that gives you 7 credits, a stage select and easier moves, but this makes the game lose some replay value. Jap-Sai was correct, it's like "Yie Ar Kung-Fu on crack".

A short time later, SF1 became a smash-hit when it was rereleased with 6-button layouts. While this made it more successful than its first version, it caused Capcom to create a sequel that later became a spin-off or side story titled Street Fighter '89 (now Final Fight 1), featuring Joe (who was later renamed Cody Travers), while the story of the SF series continues with SFII and later games in the series.

For SFTMA, its gameplay feels heavier than most fighting games that follow SFII's gameplay formula, but I seen some very good gameplay and combo videos on YouTube and especially Nico Nico Douga. I agree with NeoGeoNinja, the SFTMA is good. Gameplay is more important than plots. It's like Raf World/Journey to Silius by Sunsoft, because the plot is weak, but the gameplay is good. Even the HVGN ignored RW/JtS's plot and focused on its gameplay in his review about it. However, I don't play video games as much as researching them, so I can't decide on which. Any of you can help me decide.

SF1 - 4 / SFTMA - 2 (both until further notice)

Replay value: SFTMA

If SFII has more replay value than SF1, then so does SFTMA.

SF1 - 4 / SFTMA - 3
Edited by 1983parrothead on 30. April 2010 05:42
I love Third Strike! To see the cast as uninspired is vaguely relative, if you have only seen the game and not really put any time into it. The characters (okay, ryu, ken, akuma, and chun li are the same old crap) are very different from the street fighter 2 characters. Sure, you have the standard archetypes like a grappler (hugo) and a long ranged poke specialist (Necro), but they play differently from their street fighter II counterparts. And that's why I think a lot of people hated Third Strike. The first two iterations of street fighter III were rather crap, honestly, but the third time around it balanced a lot of issues, and really drove the whole idea home. However, they never really made people connect with the same routine that street fighter II offered, mainly because arcades were rather dead at the time of the first game's release, much less the follow ups. In the US, the best we got was DC ports, even though they had a few bugs that were fixed in later versions. Hugo was sort of like Zangief, but he was not the same. It threw a lot of old players off and they did not know how to deal with the new characters, and thus the game sort of flopped. Sure, a lot of us love the game, but it was commercially mediocre at best. So Capcom decided to go back to the "basics" and use the same characters that people were used to. So they made SFIV. Except it's more Street Fighter Alpha IV. But they dropped the Alpha because that might confuse people (again). It's not terribly different from Super Turbo, really, and the most that the game has to offer was already established in SFIII. It's rather sad that the game is a hit simply because of the fact that it did not progress much at all. "Let's take the same game people loved 15 years ago, make it 3d, and add in stuff that people liked in the follow up!". Just goes to show how much pop culture can affect game sales. Same reason people buy a new football game every year, even though it's the same thing.
cthulu is right by saying the worst conversion of street fighter is fighting street the turbo graphics cd version of arcade street fighter 1 it was the lunch title for the cd player when its came out and cost about the grand 399$ onlyShrug if you play it you will not find more than normal hu card game like the kung fu or jackie chan its far cry from the arcade. second worst version is the movie because its exactly the world warrior but with real live graphic and even not worth wasting times. personally the best conversion is the original streert fighter 2 4 the super famicom it was100% from arcade counter part i still remember how the mega drive owner waiting anixiously for the game when it was exclusive only on the super famicom. year later we see home ver.of the champion edition for all console formation.megadrive.pc engine and the super famicom. the superior version is pc engine due to the colors in picture but the music is a little bit chunky if you compare 2 md &sfHeadbang
Edited by neogeoeno on 01. October 2010 09:10
I haven't played the Street Fighter the Movie game but I refuse to touch it. Street Fighter EX was playable but it wasn't as good as Super Street Fighter IV. The worse one I ever laid was Street Fighter I. That game has the worse sounds and the controls are broken.
Street fighter the movie the game is one of those bad things that make it good for me lol. Kind of like the movie Baby Boy, it's ridiculous. But I can never change the channel. I still own it for PS1 in one of those big boxes.
vampyremike wrote:
Street fighter the movie the game is one of those bad things that make it good for me lol. Kind of like the movie Baby Boy, it's ridiculous. But I can never change the channel. I still own it for PS1 in one of those big boxes.

Edited by CountMetal on 08. October 2010 16:08
CountMetal wrote:
vampyremike wrote:
Street fighter the movie the game is one of those bad things that make it good for me lol. Kind of like the movie Baby Boy, it's ridiculous. But I can never change the channel. I still own it for PS1 in one of those big boxes.


My friends and I love the horrible factor of that movie, I own it on dvd along with chun li's new one which was worse lol.

It's so bad, it's good. Who thought of casting an Austrian as a pro american soldier with a flag tattoo?
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