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October 19 2019

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Thread Author: fusion24
Thread ID: 2286
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 21440 times.
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Best Action RPG and related Genres in my playlist
howdy okes have not been here in a long while, just don't get the chance but still gaming big time. thought i share this one for old times what do you think.


Legend of Zelda: Oricana of Time [n64]- ubisoft's no 2 in their top 100. i could not help but fell the pain when link fell down. the mind testing puzzles to Z targeting, makes this my all time most replayed.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memomories [gba]- never played the other titles, the title track "simple and clean" still touches close to my heart, the sleights were awsome.

Devil May cry 3 [pc/ps2] Dante's Awakening - not much replay value once finished, im not a sucker for dante must die mode. best action and graphics ever. if were to put sentiments aside this should be my no 1

Golden Sun [gba] - my 3rd turn based RPG after sailor moon and magic knight rayearth, this made a die hard fan of rpg

Star Ocean - i have only ever played this one in the series. first real rpg game i finished without a walk through. but then again there were not really much puzzles and it was TOP upgraded

Bahamut Lagoon [snes] - best turn based battle system in SNES, awsome graphics, this competes with golden sun and gets this position by a techinicality

Tales of Phantasia [snes/gba] - [too bloddy long] by the end i had lost it, the present, past and future thing was unnesecarry. two timelines were enough. still flipin good

Secret of Mana [snes] - santa claus was never so execellenty included in a game and the music in that stage was excellent

Summon Knight Swordcraft story [gba] - tales of Phantasia made simple

Seiken Desentsu [snes]- upgraded secret of mana, given that you had to put much effort to change classes does nt go well with me. still deserves top 10 because its and upgraded secret of mana.

Never finished

onimusha: demon siege [pc]

Lufia 2 [snes]

summon Knight 2 [gba]

sword of mana [gba]

illusion of gaia [snes]

torchlight [pc]

final fantasy 4 tactics advance [gba]

final fantasy 3\6 lord knows which is which [gba/snes]

front mission [snes]

fable [pc]

some are lost in memory, anyone who knows anything any good turn based rpg on pc [windows] like final fantasy 7 & 8 please suggest. or something like devil may cry. not e-bay stuff though, something i can still get on the market, between 2003 and 2009. no consoles pls unless it can be emulated. i use a core 2 duo 2.8 ghz (e7400) with 512 graphics nvidia 8400 gs [1gb+shared memory] and 2gb ram
You should definitely get back into Lufia II again, I love that game so much. Off to play some Torchlight myself now.
Good to see an old member return! May I suggest: Soukaigi and ABalaburn, both for the PSX.

These games are oriented more toward the action aspect, but, nevertheless, are technically action-RPGs. ABalaburn is one of Japan's best kept video game secrets; it is literally a Tobal clone, except its "quest mode" is much more developed than either Tobal! Actually, this one sounds right up your alley Ninja. Ninja

And I know these next ones are probably obvious, but just in case you haven't tried them: A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Tobal No. 1's Quest Mode and Tobal 2's Quest Mode.
Edited by shion on 25. January 2010 18:07
1st Super Tobalman wrote:
...ABalaburn is one of Japan's best kept video game secrets; it is literally a Tobal clone, except its "quest mode" is much more developed than either Tobal! Actually, this one sounds right up your alley Ninja. Ninja

I checked out a video of the gameplay present in ABaLaBURN and have since decided, whilst I AM curious about it, it just doesn't quite cut it for me. The Tobal games are so special because they (IMO) pushed the 3D fighting game mechanic further than anyone else in the 32bit era. That and the game engine was sublime and the combat mechanics were ahead of their time too! By comparison this looks pretty poor. This isn't to say that plenty of fun cannot be had from it Smile

I must confess that I was also concerned to learn that it was developed by Tamsoft, who indeed were responsible for the Toshinden series (which, whilst I actually like the BAT series, admit that they're average - at best). Tosh's roots are quite clear to see in ABurn too.

Chances are, based on your mentioning it, I may pick this up one day... at the right price, just to 'see'. Thanks for mentioning it... it has definitely earned my curiosity!

Here's a vid I found on the old 'Tube:
YouTube Video

Poor Tamsoft/Takara, they seemed to run out of ideas fast after Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (releasing the sequel the same year as the original?). It is interesting that they would develop a half-fighter, half-quest; the team appeared to see potential in this style of gaming. Either that or they were grasping at straws. For whatever reason, the style never really took off. All in all, aren't action/RPGs simply glorified adventure games? Still, they happen to be my favorite games. Smile I actually know of an old Namco title (not Tekken!) that is of similar nature, can anyone guess? Wink

While we are in hybrid RPG territory, I'd also like to suggest Techno's Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi Tachi. This Nintendo game definitely has replay value and is quite unique! Basically, it's a dice board game that plays like an RPG. You land on a right spot, you may get something that helps your characters. You land on a wrong spot, you battle. The exchange of damage is based on simple dice rolls. Hmm Sometimes you need to land on certain spots to advance the plot. Finally, you have to beat a boss to move the next board. The trick is leveling up (by fighting battles) before reaching the boss, but due to the game's by-chance nature, this is easier said than done! I definitely recommend it if you are into obscure Japanese games. Grin
sweet stuff dude be sure to browse around and see what i can find, got Commend and conquer tiberuium wars and supreme commander forged alliance, i never knew rts was this addictive
Yeah. Smile And the Namco PSX game is called Dragon Valor. It leans more toward the action side than the RPG side.

YouTube Video

Edited by shion on 08. February 2010 19:45
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