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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 2271
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There are 3 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1612 times.
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Ok this kinda thing has been mentioned in the gaming press before but i am up for hearing the thoughts of my good fellow members here.

apart from FF7 when that bird gets killed off Sephiroth

apart from getting very frustrated with games in my teen years only one game has brought me tears of joy.

Shenmue 2 DC disk 4 or Xbox Guilin late chapter

about middle of final disk which any Shenmue fan will know is very short and just a teaser for the next ( STILL WAITING EPISODE ) Shenhau and Ryo are walking through a forest which you can rush through or take you time and chat + enjoy super crystal clear DC pushed to the max graphics. Shenhau starts talking about the fireflys and beauty of the gifts from the forest ect , this allows you to use the analogue pad and zoom about which in your favour gives you a view of pretty flowers and fireflys as well as beautiful music. This tonight ( the 4th time I have completed Shen2 made me weep in joy. Why, well not sure maybe because like the Sex Pistols or the Libertines it is doomed never to continue and we are left with a hint of genius that will never continue. Perhaps the beauty of Shenmue is that its life was short but touched so many ( bit like the jesus guy if you are religious) BOLLOCKS SHENMUE is a religion to me . Imagine a talented street artist spraying a fantastic image on a pavement he knows that soon the rain will wash it away or the council will clean it up , maybe beauty lies in epathy. The fact that it will not last or continue is what makes it timeless.

To have a short life like Ryo but to shine so bright and never leave a example of shit behind ( EXAMPLE REM OR U2 Halo 3, The Rolling Stones), hey maybe thats what counts , thats what counts to me .
Edited by STE C on 20. January 2010 09:51
Oddly enough, it's not the sad scenes that make me cry, its martial arts action scenes so awesome I cry happy tears. With that, whenever I do certain context actions in GOD HAND and some of the special moves in Garouden, I try to fight my tears back over the awesome special martial arts technique (of the NORTH STAR!) I'm seeing Grin

The same goes for when I watch Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa movies... and a few romantic comedy movies that I dare not mention lest I be seen as being less manly upon bringing them up Pfft
Phantasy Star 4 when the heroine is murdered by one of the game's antagonists, leaving the secondary character - your own avatar - to try and fill in her shoes despite his shortcomings. I felt sore all over when you get finally hold of spell that would have saved her life towards the end of the game. And then again at the ending sequence because it was so definite; the main antagonist was permanently gone, the main characters all went their seperate ways and many would never see each other again. So the entire main series ended for good and all that we would ever see after that were spinoffs.

There are probably a few more but I always think of PS4 whenever anyone asks.
Edited by HexElf on 22. January 2010 05:43
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
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