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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: GeeseTheDuck
Thread ID: 2257
Thread Info
There are 34 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 10120 times.
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What did you originally come to this site for?
Wow, i haven't posted here in years...
The Question is! why did you come here for the first time?
My reason for ending up here was a google search on neogeo game reviews.
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 16. January 2010 00:41
Good thread Geese it will be interesting to read peoples replies. I found this site in 2007 when I started getting back into my NGCD and starting picking up games again for it.
The reviews were very helpful and I casually browsed the site until March 2009 when I decided to get my MVS, it was natural for me at that point to join up as I knew I was gonna get into the scene big time. I think once you get bitten by the NG bug its a lifetime thing which kinda comes and goes in terms of interest levels but is always in the blood.
Edited by STE C on 16. January 2010 10:05
Good thread... not one I can answer though for obvious reasons Smile I know a lot of you but would be interesting to see how many others (especially the newer members) found the site.

NeoGeo reviews. I got into the NeoGeo and I wanted to know which games were worth my time.
I started getting back into Neo Geo after a break of quite a few years and started searching on the net for reviews and ended up here. I still think this is the best English language site for Neo Geo reviews. After a period of lurking I thought it seemed like a pretty cool forum and decided to sign up. Glad I did! Headbang
Edited by merlin on 16. January 2010 15:36
merlin wrote:
I started getting back into Neo Geo after a break of quite a few years and started searching on the net for reviews and ended up here. I still think this is the best English language site for Neo Geo reviews. After a period of lurking I thought it seemed like a pretty cool forum and decided to sign up. Glad I did! Headbang

that pretty much sums up my story Smile
The reviews were an important factor, because years ago I was only into Samurai Shodown and the reviews really helped me to find my way through all the Neo releases from 1997 on(the year I stopped following the Neo). But I came back in 2004 Smile Its like you said STE C, you just have it in your blood.
Well, I originally wasn't planning on joining this site for a while, but some drama took place in the Neo forums which involved one of my friend's photobucket account being posted by another member & that's when it got really messy. I've joined this place to get away from the drama that took place back then. I'm staying here because of this place's more friendly atmosphere.

Anyone here also got a good look at the drama that I was talking about?
Also bin lurking the forum here a while before signing up, visiting the site for reviews and general stuff. Saw the awesome high score thread and then I decided to become a member.
actually i came here for neogeo talking because im huge fan of it since my childhood and theres no other place like before in begin of 90s when we was always in the arcade to play and talk about latest news on video game fan-egm-c&vg etc.
Like everyone else (I assumed at the time), I came here to meet chicks...


Seriously, though, I came here to network, and, hopefully, one day publish my N-G reviews on here...
Edited by shion on 27. September 2010 07:44
I needed a place to socialise and get variety, express myself and find people who could share something in common with me. As luck would have it, this site did have adequate socialisation for me.
well i kinda new about this site 2 years ago (didnt knew how and i still dont know how maybe cuz i was looking for some pics of some games of snk ) but i was just checking the posts reading some of the reviews and then finally when i started to play the games more seriously to get into them i joined up and now i am here
to see if I've replied to this before but, hey... what the heck!

I, like many (I would imagine?) found NGFL whilst looking over the 'net' for stuff SNK related. I had a look through the forum, something which I'd NEVER been subjected to before (a forum that is!), and felt the urge to 'butt in' and say my piece with regards to many of the subjects raised at that time. As such, I signed up, shot my mouth off (positively AND negatively!) and, as they say, the rest is history. I think, at the time, reading the intelligent and mature nature of the discussions, replies etc really suited my mentality as an individual. This was also a big factor in my being attracted to join up!

I came from Neo Geo . com. not all the games had reviews there then and there were links given to this site for some of the games . i came here and liked how friendly it was and stayed Smile i think i was called Bullet on Neo then. since then i forgot my password to that account so i am Riko on there now, though i hardly ever post.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Two things:
A competition that was running here at the time and of course for the reviews this site offers...after that I just stuck around and bothered everyone here from time to time.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
I started to visit this site for reviews then had a look at forums and decided to join this friendly community.
I came here in hopes of finding nice people who liked the Neo for more than just it's price value and possibly even enjoyed older games in general like I do. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed in the least. Grin
I came for the free coffee and dounuts...

Actually I came for the reviews, stayed because all the nice people and great company.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I was reading reviews and then purchased Neo Poke Kun off a fellow on the boards. I needed to make an account to PM him. Look at me now! All making friends and such lol.Terry

Plus I love classic games in general. So this was right up my alley, brought back memories as a kid playing arcade games in local pizza shops =)
Edited by vampyremike on 06. October 2010 20:49
Good question I had been a Neo Geo fan since the first time I played it back in fall of 92. Ever since then I love playing Neo Geo Games from World Heroes to the King of Fighters. Also I would like to meet chicks that are hardcore Neo Geo Fans Grin
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