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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 2203
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There are 28 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7478 times.
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2009 it was the best of times it was the worst
I know this is slightly early and similar threads will appear soon such as best game of 2009 ect but I shall leave that to somebody else.

This is my first year on this site and I have made lots of friends, finally I have found guys who share my interests which is cool. So chaps if you wanna bare your soul would you like to discuss your best and worst experiences of 2009 whatever they may be, however trivial , however irrelevant they may be, then open your heart my friends and discuss. My opinions are below

Ste C


THE LACK OF DECENT NEXT GEN TITLES, this was supposed to be the year again where the PS3/360 impressed us, but I have only bought 4 games this year on next gen KOF XII, Blazblue, Uncharted 2, Modern Warefare 2 ( that I traded for Halo osd) . Thank god for the NG

FUCKIN SCABIES , in March I was unfortunate enough to be invaded by parasites that burrow under your skin lay eggs, hatch come to the surface mate and burrow again. Imagine feeling tiny pin pricks under your skin that make it impossible to sleep and concentrate. My Girlfriend works in a care home which is where they probably came from although she treated herself asap and got away scot free. I suffered 5 months of torment despite seeing 5 different doctors who could not identify or were not interested in my problem despite having skin samples taken ( cos it looked a bit like the big C at one point) and being prescribed everything from eczema cream to antibiotics.This really fucked up my summer and parts of my body looked like the bubonic plague.I eventually paid 150.00 to see a private skin specialist who identified the problem straight away and sorted it with ultra strong ointment that stunk and had to stay on for 24 hours , the other ones I tried early in the year were not good enough as I had done research and actually suspected scabies at numerous times which the doctor's dismissed. I estimate the whole episode of wrong treatments prescriptions and seeing a private specialist cost me just shy of 300, heart breaking and some permanent scares, mental and psychical left on me but it could have been worse. Sorry for nagging.

KOF XII I did enjoy but it flopped and I really cant see what direction SNK are going to take now, I fear the worst.

The recession sucks my jobs in danger, no work anywhere the fear of a Tory government next year, them poor soldiers getting blown up in Afghanistan with no resolution in view.





UNCHARTED 2 what a great game along with Halo OSD the only 2 next gen games I have really enjoyed.

BLAZBLUE & KOF XII neither game as good as I hoped but hopefully a step forward for 2D fighters despite my negative comment above.

MY CMVS & SUPERGUNS & STUFF joined this site just as I got my CMVS which was perfect timing , hand on heart this has been the best investment I have made and is more than paying for itself in terms of enjoyment , in fact I wish I got one years ago. The best bit of this , I have a shit hot collection of games built up over 9 months which I am so proud of, in fact I have more or less got all the MVS carts I want, I am a lucky man especially as the MVS prices are creeping up.

GIRLFRIEND MOVING IN, now this I was dreading as I have lived alone since 2002 by choice and shyed away from serious relationships so I could er tom around and stuff . But she moved in Jan this year and the whole experience has been a joy as she is tidy and houseproud and really easy going ( better say shes fit too as she may see this she of coarse is fit ). We dated for 18 months first so I done my homework, so far so good then and obviously I have more spare cash as I have someone going half with bills and stuff which means we can eat out more at posh places ect, food to me is second only to games.

NG4L what a clever move joining this site thank you all for making my first year here so enjoyable, I almost feel part of a family of gamers , guys who really know what they are talking about and share my passion for NG and games in general . THANKS GUYS
Edited by STE C on 16. December 2009 14:10
Good: Girlfriend moving in

Bad: People asking when im going to 'get down on one knee'

Good: Mitch getting married

Bad People asking me when im going to 'get down on one knee'

Good: Left 4 Dead 2

Bad: Working so much hardly get a chance to go on my xbox

Good: My family and my girlfriends family meeting on her 20th birthday

Bad: People asking me when im going to 'get down on one knee' ..... ( you can see a pattern here)

Good: My landlord getting a new boiler put in my house

Bad: Its taking ages to fit and they are fitting it as I type

Ill add more when I can think of them
Edited by Crag on 16. December 2009 18:09
Crag wrote:
Good: Girlfriend moving in

Bad: People asking when im going to 'get down on one knee'

Good: Mitch getting married

Hey Crag just wondering dude when are you gonna get down on one knee lol
When are you going to get down on one knee!! Grin

Don't mention the war! - Basil Fawlty
the bad: splitting up with fiance, having to quit uni from general mental problems

the good: new drugs, my new found love for the mega drive, my career as an artist going strength to strength including being on the radio and lots of good gigs and growing interest, street fighter 4 played that game to death, got an amazing synthesizer and a beautifull drum machine, my friendship with riko
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Worst year ever:
Grandmother died of cancer.
My mother died of cancer.
Kind of overshadows all good things.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Really sorry dude it doesn't really get much worse than that I hope things pick up for you next year I thought I had problems this year but that kinda puts things into perspective.
Chtulhu: Youve had a tough year no doubt about that. I hope that you have a strong connection to the rest of your family and that you make the most of your time with them.

I hope the comming year will be a happy one for you and all of the other members of NGFL...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Pretty shitty year for me. I got laid off from a decent job 3 months into it and had to work another one that was far worse. Got so bad that I quit in November and now I'm unemployed. I didn't get a job in Japan either. Good fucking riddance to this piece of shit.
Ah well, the last four years have not been great either, with quite a few people dying around me. Next year is probably also going to be quite crappy to a certain extent as the only grandmother I still have also has cancer and she's not doing too well. It really wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't last a whole year. But then again, you never know what's going to happen, maybe next year is finally going to be a great year. One should never only dwell on the bad things, that'll only lead to depressions or even worse. Just live one day at a time and think positive, even if that's hard to do. The most important thing is that all other people I care about are still alive and healthy and otherwise doing great (including me).
Hopefully everyone else here is going to have a good time next year.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Jesus guys!, way to put a downer on this thread! lol

no i'm only joking. yep life sucks sometimes but you're right lots of good things happen too Grin We really are lucky in the West actually but we don't realise. It still hurts us just as much though when bad things happen, I'm sorry guys:( I lost a friend from cancer this year too, and another friend has just got a muscle-wasting disease But ......

Highlight of 2009 for me

I got my Xbox 360 this year which means
-SFIV i can now get regularly beaten by my good friend Powerwave! - thanks buddy! Wink
-DOA4 *yes i like it!
-Tekken 6 (i like too)
-i love in particualr download games Outrun, Pacman CE, Geometry Wars etc

-Breakers Week - a whole week festival of Breakers Revenge playing
-I have a new Indian sister
-Yesterday a friend said she would get my name tattoed on her for a dare, which has made me strangely happy.
- i found an old tape of songs i did that brought back old memories
- as some people know i have been very ill over many years but I am still getting better, and gradually doing more
- I had my first 2 alcholic drinks for 9 years!!! my first was a whiskey + coke and my 2nd was champagne at my bestfriends wedding, whcih i was very pleased to make it to.

-not to forget Priest teaching me some Swedish and his great running of the HSC!
-and Merlin being a good friend too and helping me with my YouTube vids Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
yep riko it has been a great year for you getting beat by me hahaha.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Damn some of you guys have had a really tough year by the sounds of things. Sorry to hear that and I really hope 2010 works out a lot better for you.

It's been a good year here at NGFL with plenty of great new members joining and it's especially nice when they become regular posters here. I've really enjoyed the Sunday chat meets too and hope that continues for quite some time to come. I hope everyone here has a very happy 2010.

Thanks for your comment RiKo. It's been great to get to know you this year. Breakers week will go down in history. I reckon everyone should have a Breakers week at some point in their life. Grin

As for me well I've had it pretty easy this year. I quit my job where I had worked for 5 years on 31st Dec '08 and then took the whole year off. Going for a month to Japan has been one the main highlights for me of 2009. I really loved it out there and it far exceeded all my expectations.

Also one of the highlights of '09 for me has been starting to play regularly online both Kaillera and 2DF. I've been lucky enough to have made some great friends to play with on a regular basis.

Overall though considering how much free time I've had I feel I could have achieved a bit more. Anyway I've decided to take another year off work and do some more travelling.
Edited by merlin on 17. December 2009 19:15
merlin for me i havnt had a breakers week its been a breakers year Smile

sunday meet ups are great as well.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
RiKo: Im glad to hear that you are gradually getting better, I hope youll feel even better the comming year.

Thanks for the apreciating words about the HSC, I think and hope that the HSC will survive the next year.

Merlin: Thats a really strong thing to do to just break up from your job to try something else, I sometimes wish that I could do the same thing. "Kudos" to you for doing that Thumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
yeah priest ure high score challenge has been a great addition to the site. i enjoyed getting my gold medals. until merlin stole them from me Shock
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Haha Powerwave I guess for someone that loves Breakers as much as you do one week wouldn't be long enough. I'm sure you'll be able to able to win some more medals in the high score challenges.

Thanks Priest well I'm very lucky that because my finances are in pretty good shape that I'm able to take a couple of years off. Just to echo what RiKo and Powerwave said thanks again for coming up with the high score idea and running the challenges. Even though it goes through quiet periods I'd say overall it's been very successful.
Well much of the success of the HSC depends much on you guys who play the games and post scores, So thanks to Powerwave, Merlin and all others who have entered the HSC this year.

Powerwave: Im sure youll get more medals so keep on gamingSmile

STEC: Im sorry if I have derailed this thread in any way. The thread is about "2009 it was the best of times it was the worst" and not about the HSC. Ill keep my mouth shut about it from now on...
Edited by priest on 18. December 2009 17:25

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
ive been training long and hard with dao long so when you least expect it merlin ile squash your score hehe. Smile
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
STEC: Im sorry if I have derailed this thread in any way. The thread is about "2009 it was the best of times it was the worst" and not about the HSC. Ill keep my mouth shut about it from now on...

No worries I know you guys love the game but it would be cool to stick to the subject for now as im curious as to what my new friends have been up to this year.
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