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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 2193
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Ok this may have been done before but what was the first NG SNK game you ever bought , regardless of console regardless of price regardless of whatever WHY did you buy it.

Me STE C hey that rhythms why the f*ck do i sell kitchens with them lyrics . I was aware of the NG in early 90 due to the coverage in Gaming mags mainly CVG but obviously was big into my jap Megadrive the price of NG put me off. Then its 1992 I am working in a sawmill wow 250 a week which was a lot of money in 1992 I was bored of my Megadrive and I played Fatal Fury in a pub , loved it was tempted to get a AES but believe it or or not got a Pc Engine for great arcade conversions. Then I played AOF in a local videostore whilst I was working part time and thought as everbody else did at the time ( i got free credits to keep the punters playing doubles ) this game pisses on streetfighter. I bought my AES with AOF but guess what AOF was out of stock so they sent me Fatal Fury as a back up then sent me AOF about 2 month later when it was back in stock, it broke my heart to send FF back. I loved AOF it turned heads and impressed friends but as for a fighting experience FF was better. AOF i know has its fans but its aged *just like me *

POINT IS what was the first SNK game you invested in and why and what does it mean to you now,, technically mine was AOF but in my heart and fact FF came first ( which i still maintain is better than SF2 hey STE change the fu*king record).
Edited by STE C on 09. December 2009 13:37
I got into the NeoGeo really late (as I'm only 18 years old) yet I still appreciate the old 2d titles more than most new games (especially when it comes to platforms, fighters and RPG's) though I do like a lot of the new titles.

I got into fighting games after I saw Guilty Gear but I never really got to play it, and my friend told me to check out the NeoGeo which supposedly had a lot of fighting games and damn was he right. I decided to try out an emulator and I downloaded a lot of games and here I am. I mostly like the newer titles like Garou, Matrimelee and KoF02 instead like some of you who really dig Fatal Fury or Art of Fighting. I never really got into those games, though I do really like the first Samurai Shodown or KoF 94.

I don't own a cabinet or AES, but when I have some more money I hope to collect as much as some of you guys have shown which makes me damn jealous. I do try to get as many ports for PS2, like some KoF games, but I'd love to have a cabinet one day. Smile

Unlike most of you I've never really spent a lot of time in the arcades, however I did play Killer Instinct back in the day in a really small arcade with pool tables and stuff. That, and I played some Time Crisis 4. Pfft
Edited by Midian on 08. December 2009 23:38
i firstly started off as a kid loving playing waku waku 7 at a holiday resort every year that i went there, this was defo my first snk love.

i later got into the kof games that were on the ps2 this was what realy made me want to get a neo geo

i finally got a neo a few years ago and got with it four games fatal fury special, sam sho 2, 3 count bout and world heroes 2. apart from 3 count bout which i dont like at all the other 3 games are gems and i loved them so much and still revisit them alot.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
was for FFury on the MD. My mother used to visit my aunt fairly regularly back in the day (when I was 11, 12) and my cousin had an MD. He had FFury and he too fed me the 'this better than SF2' story. It obviously wasn't (all the moves were rock hard to execute for a start!) BUT I somehow preferred the game, as a whole. FFury always stuck with me from those times onward.

I would wander into 'Planet Games' (independent!) and see a US import copy of FFury 2 for the SNES! DAMN!! I had no idea that this even existed. I had to have it! I had it put aside, short term, so I could go home, grab some of my games and P.Ex away.

I did just that. Turned up on my 'push' bike, went in and 'did the deal' - BANG - FFury2 for SNES - MINE! Words could not describe. Step outside - BANG - bike's been stolen! No shit. gone! Checked around to see if anyone had picked it up (in the way etc) or stood it up elsewhere. No. simple - gone. Expensive trade... some SNES games, a little cash (as always) and a used but decent condition... wait for it...

Raleigh Activator II! Remember those bad boys? I do... but ONLY remember as opposed to 're-live'. Oh yes... Front & 'rear' suspension, as per the dramatic advert on TV, only the 'Rear' suspension was only a dampener (*cough* EDS - Elastomeric Damping System). I loved how the size of my frame incurred a 'triple triangle' in the frame... a fake one though. There was no money in my family for a GT or such, so the fake TTriangle in my AII would suffice!

parental b*ll*cking I played MY game. How guilty I am for saying this but, it was all WORTH it! (Sorry Mum). WOW... Fatal Fury Twooooo! Game.

great stories + sorry about your bike Ninja:(

well i heard about the Neo Geo when it first came and out, and really wanted one but it was far too expensive and most people i knew kept saying it was a bit crap.

When i was away from home at uni in Norwich there was a MVS multi arcade machine in the fast food restaurant there, right next to the pool table and i used to watch it when i was waiting for my turn (they also had Rad Mobile, looked amazing then too). i never played on it i am afraid to say, but i always wanted the fighting game i used to watch Smile anyway when i was older and could afford it i got a NEo geo and the first game i played was Fatal Fury 2 cos i thought it was the same game. to be honest i was a bit disppointed i thought it wasn't as good looking as i expected.

the first game i can remember really getting into was AOF3 i think. which to me was what Neo Geo was all about, big sprites and great fighting action. i used to play Waku Waku a lot then too ( on MVS cart) which is another awesome fighting game. i actually had my neo geo for a while before i even played on it cos i was badly ill when i got it and 2 exhausted to play games, my brother bought me a lot of the games, so i had a nice little collection before i even started playing. i think i prob only been playing a year and 7 months, which is my excuse why i am a bit rubbish at many of the games Smile
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sorry to hear about ure bike ninja but at least the trade was worth it hehe. fatal fury 2 seems to be quite an influence on you guys fair play it is a great game.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Mr Vengeance
The first game I bought on the AES was SamSho II. Fatal Fury Special was probably the first AES game though that I really got into, on XBLA.

However, the AES game that I first truly fell in love with was Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - that game blew me away with its astounding graphics, excellent music, and mind-blowing gameplay - truly one of the best fighters ever made in my opinion. Before that I had really enjoyed certain games, but RBS was the game that really turned my AES from being a system that I really liked, into a system that I adored!
First love will always be when i first saw a MVS cabinet in 1992....4 games, 1 cabinet. Absolute bliss!

The first game i ever played was Nam 75, then Fatal Fury. Some months later, Art of Fighting just blew away all my gaming expectations when it came to graphics. Fatal Fury 2 and Special were good fun, although i was really into SF2 ( played championships when i was younger ), but lost interest after playing Samurai Shodown for the first time.... that game was one of the best things that happened to my videogame life.

I have many other great memories about SNK and Sega that i could probably write a book about my arcade years. Seeing how awesome and revolutionary KOF 94 was, even without the team edit function, how Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 changed the 3d fighting scene.... so many great games.

My first AES game was, obviously, Samurai Shodown 2, followed by all my KOF collection ( only missing 2k3 now ). I have quite a lot of games now, 28 total, and I have a few more to get to have my personal collection done.
Edited by gudrummer on 10. December 2009 00:55
I feel old for not remembering as much of my monumental gaming experiences in detail, but then again I got my first console when I was only four years old (a Magnavox Odyssey 2) but if we are talking SNK I am with Neo Geo Ninja there. I got hooked on fighting games the moment I laid hands on SF2:WW for the Snes but because I was a Sega fanboy back then I couldn't get a port for my Mega Drive/Genesis. So instead I looked to what I percieved as, next best thing; Fatal Fury 1! And I played that game to pieces, and still play my copy of it on the SNK Arcade Classics Collection every now and then. Aside from the black sheep Real Bout 1, I still consider the entire series as one of the absolute best in the genre.
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Fatal Fury on the Mega Drive was a pretty good port. Much better than the Snes version in which they for some reason removed the plane system! Also it was nice to be able to choose any of the characters in 2 player mode including Geese.

The first Neo Geo game I ever bought was World Heroes 2. The first WH game made a huge impression on me when I played it in the arcades in the early '90s and the thought of owning the game and being able to play it whenever I wanted was a dream of mine. It was this game that made me decide to buy a Neo Geo AES in the first place. I was barely aware of any other games for the system.

When I bought my first AES in '94 they only had World Heroes 2 in stock so I ended up getting that instead. I couldn't afford to buy many AES games back then as they were so expensive so I put many many hours into World Heroes 2. It'll always have a special place in my heart.
Edited by merlin on 10. December 2009 20:41
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