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October 21 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 2190
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There are 27 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 8477 times.
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Irem Corporation
Drew Maniscalco, creator of the main concept of Ninja Baseball Bat Man's characters (especially the main protagonists), now has his own website about the colorful beat 'em up:

When I noticed his name in the Wikipedia article, I removed it because there was no citation added to prove it. I didn't know him, while I couldn't find any info about him online. He later saw my comment below BigBangBlitz's gameplay video of Ninja Baseball Bat Man, and asked me why I removed his name from the Wikipedia article about the arcade game, and I made him create a website so that it can be a reliable source. While he did that, he also created an interview with Gameroom magazine telling the history of Ninja Baseball Bat Man, which I did not request, but I thought it helps as an extra reliable source.

I've expanded its Wikipedia article with "Development" and "Marketing" info.

Bullet wrote:
I'm fond of a number of Irem titles, but the ones I'll bring to the table are In the Hunt PS1/Saturn( for some reason this game screams Neo Geo to me) Do I like Submarines? ... Maybe. A very underrated game called Sub Rebellion for PS2, Disaster Report 1 & 2 also on PS2 (DR2 was known in NA as Raw Danger, lol) and hoping for ports of the Disaster Report 3 PSP and DR4 PS3 games!!!
Undercover Cops was a beat'em up that also felt very Neo as well. It was grim and gritty lolz. Sure I could mention R-Type cause its a great series, but I won't.

I also love Ninja Spirit, but lets face it who doesn't?

Irem's Perfect Soldiers probably feels like Neo-Geo the most, because of the graphics and its genre, which is widely seen in the Neo-Geo platform. That's not the only good point about the game, but some sources say that its plot takes place in the R-TYPE universe.

Speaking of R-TYPE, many like the scrolling shooter series because of its "one-hit, start at the beginning" difficulty. Another game that many should mention is the Kung-Fu Master arcade, because I believe it was the first beat 'em up. One thing that makes Technos Japan's Double Dragon arcade more popular is that it has multiplayer, while Kung-Fu Master doesn't. If you are familiar with the NES game simply titled "Kung-Fu", then that is the NES port of Kung-Fu Master.
1983parrothead wrote:
...One thing that makes Technos Japan's Double Dragon arcade more popular is that it has multiplayer, while Kung-Fu Master doesn't. If you are familiar with the NES game simply titled "Kung-Fu", then that is the NES port of Kung-Fu Master.

but the gameplay in DDragon is massively superior, not to mention the gfx, music and ability to move in and out of the background - more of a beat-em up, unlike Kung Fu - which is more of a platforming beat-em up, kind of akin to the Ninja Warrior series and Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja.

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
bojan4o wrote:
rufus what is rufus?

why not meet Rufus:

Bet you wish you'd never asked now!


this guy has nothing to do with the styl like snk and c.viper and the others bullet mentioned
When I say Abel, C. Viper, Juri and Rufus, I'm taking more about their move sets , normals etc, character designs are very SNK as well, but Rufus less so than the rest just to be clear.
With that said, he'd fit right in with Falcoon designs lol.
Now I'm just being cruel.

Here, just for kicks, I'll throw this out there and mess with this Irem thread even more.
If Abel = Goro Daimon, Juri = Kim Kaphwan, C. Viper = Terry Bogard...

Where do you think Rufus fits in? Who do you think he is an "homage" to?
Edited by Bullet on 30. September 2010 19:13

According to Sega's official North American blog, the Master System version of R-Type is being removed from the Virtual Console this Friday, September 30.

Last July, all of Irem's games were removed from the PlayStation Store, so even though Sega only mentions this one game (since it's on a Sega console), it might be the case that all Irem games are about to be removed.

A Sega rep mentions in the comments that it's a "licensing issue", but it might also have something to do with Irem's financial problems stemming from the earthquake and tsunami disaster earlier this year.

Anyway, now might be the time to grab some of their games if you haven't already.

Although this is kind of old, the other Irem games haven't been removed with the SMS port of R-TYPE. After downloading the SMS port with other Irem titles on the Wii Virtual Console, I was expecting it to feature the FM sound, but it lacks it.

I also heard about the AVGN uploading a "special message" about Ninja Baseball Bat Man, when the game's Wikipedia article repeatedly had him being mentioned, which is unnecessary according to Wikipedia's rules.

I also found out that the MAME version isn't 100% accurate, when I saw its PCB shown on YouTube:

YouTube Video

Edited by 1983parrothead on 08. November 2011 11:23

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