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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 218
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There are 39 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 16111 times.
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PSP games
This section is barely used, so I figured I'd post in here. As I mentioned in the SNK thread, I just bought MS Anthology for the PSP, but I also picked up Tekken Dark Resurrection as well! Loving both games so far.

I'm also playing Lumines again from time to time, I'm still kinda sucky in comparison to others I have seen playing it but my skills have improved a bit. Still a classic game, but has anyone tried Lumines 2 yet?

I keep nicking SunnyJ's PSP to play Outrun 2006! Grin Such a great game!
Edited by phry on 18. April 2007 22:31
Outrun was Ok but I just prefered Ridge Racer.

Ive played Metal Gear Portalble ops. Its ok but theyve dodged the camera up. Theyve made it so you have to move it yourself rather than it be automatic like MGS1-3 and with the PSP having no 2nd analogue its really hard to get used to. The GFX and story is awesome though.
Klarkus wrote:
Outrun was Ok but I just prefered Ridge Racer.

Ive played Metal Gear Portalble ops. Its ok but theyve dodged the camera up. Theyve made it so you have to move it yourself rather than it be automatic like MGS1-3 and with the PSP having no 2nd analogue its really hard to get used to. The GFX and story is awesome though.

Love that Ridge Racer! I got the first one when the PSP came out, i think the style of gameplay is perfect for the console. Whenever I've had to catch the bus into work when my car has its funny turns thats the game i played the most. Wish the bus could of gone sideways like in the game, it may not have taken so long to get into work! Either that or it would of crashed and exploded! Not the best way to start the day.

Ridge Racer, Ace Combat and Everybody's golf are proably the games i always come back to. Shame about the camera probs for Portable Ops. Its one of the only games im getting really excited about at the mo.

Has anyone played Syphon Filter on the console? Such a great game! The controls are a bit fiddly at first but work well after a while and it really shows what the little console can do and is great fun to play online.

I still havent got Metal Slug or Tekken yet...for shame :redface:
Tekken is awsome! get it, and get PO if ya can to, dispite the kinda iffy camera, its a solid game, i enjoy it alot, creating good teams, collecting rare weapons, and the story and gameplay is actually quite good, as for metal slug, idk about paying for it, cause i already ahve 1-5+X on my psp, and paying 40 bucks just for 6... i mean is it worth it
The next thing I'm planning to buy is a PSP. I've been wanting a PSP since a couple of years ago but I should probably get one before fall season so that I can get my hands on Castlevania : Rondo of Blood and Tales of World : Radiant Mythology
Sadly, I mainly use my psp as a portable movie player. I dont think the d-pad works well on Tekken.
I think the D-Pad is ok when you get used to it. Better still, buy a cheap pack of thumbpads from Ebay and stick one of those to the front of the PSP - slightly tacky yes, but it works very well and is a lot more comfortable. I have a lot less problems pulling out specials now on Tekken or 2D fighters.

Im thinking of buying one to hack and fool around with but, as a serious game machine I think the thing is a pretty big joke overall [ seems to be a Sony trend these days... no big suprise ].

Pretty decent hardware but the shit analog stick doesnt do it any favours and coming from a PS2 the lack of a second stick seems absurd. Still for me its one saving grace may just be its Emulation/home brew scene and while I still feel its overpriced at $160.00 considering the lack of what I would consider decent software I will buy one eventually.

I have to say that if they would have released trhat Granturismo game they were throwing around prior to its launch I would be a bit more interested in it. Never been an RR fan but Ive played the Out Run game and found it to be pretty fun.
Edited by candycab on 31. May 2007 02:10
I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr

"Last screw is hidden under a warranty-voiding sticker. Darn, cant return this thing to the store - guess Ill just have to make a laptop out of it!"

Ben Heck on PS3 Slim
hey want to buy mine? its hacked already, has a 4 gig mem stick, 3 games and all for $230?

(yeah i loved it, but im fickle Pfft )
Kazuya_UK wrote:
Still a classic game, but has anyone tried Lumines 2 yet?

The first Lumines is pure gold, get that and skip the sequel, it's just not as good.

Other games I've enjoyed on my PSP:
GTA: Liberty City Stories
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Sega Genesis Collection
MGS: Portable Ops

And games to look forward to:
Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion Wars
The remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

And that's about it.
So, you guys all have a PSP? I'm seriously considering buying one like tomorrow or later this week for the Final Fantasy games and other RPG's. The price of $170 isn't all that bad imo so I'm thinking of picking one up. Are PSP's pretty cool in general? I love the hell outta some of the games out for the system, but can't you also do other stuff like surf the internet and play ROMS and movies ect? I'm kind of in one of those compulsive spending moods so uh..I don't wanna be disappointed. :|
Long long ago, there were a man..
Well, my friend hacked his PSP like hell and he downloads all his PSP games and plays it on his PSP. You can also emulate a lot of games on the PSP so it's kinda good.

Other than that I think the PSP is a shitty handheld with crappy games. Only games I would buy if I get a PSP is Castlevania, Tales: RW, Guilty Gear Judgement (pretty good port of Reload!) and Metal Gear Solid, and of course emulate a lot.
I think I'm gonna wait until September to buy a PSP Slim, they look awesome.
Long long ago, there were a man..
The problem with the PSP, aside from the price and the enormous number of shit games, is the size, it's not exactly portable is it. Maybe the slim version will address this but as long as it runs games/movies in the UMD format I don't see how they can reduce the size by that much...

And if you're mainly looking to use it as an emulation tool why not just go for a GP2X instead?
The DS is kind of big too, aswell as the normal GBA, yet they have always fit in my pockets.
Well, the PSP Slim should be pretty cool. I hear they might have:

8GB internal flash

64 MB of RAM

TV Output

and it's like 33% smaller, and 19% lighter than the original. Plus, battery life is going to change from like 6 hours to 12 supposedly. I dunno, kinda seems like the better choice. Some pretty cool games are coming out though, especially Crisis Core: FFVII so I'm holding out, and for $170, it's not a bad deal.
Long long ago, there were a man..
Kaz, I had Lumines 2 but traded it as it wasn't as good as the first one. The music wasn't as good either. The top 5 PSP games in my collection are:

- Every Extend Extra (fantastic hypno puzzle/shooter with great music by the guy who did Rez - imho the most underrated game on the PSP)
- After Burner Black Falcon (superb update even better than the original)
- Outrun 2006 (it's witchcraft that they got the arcade game in a PSP)
- Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins (fantastic graphics and music)
- Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (Rondo old and new plus SoTN)
Go forward for make away as joystick. Push A button for approach of enemy. Break of enemy for A and B. Make high score for break get together - Neo Mr Do!
I don't see why so many people hate this system, it's amazing. I'm about to get Chrono Trigger, FF9, and Marvel Superheroes on this thing with no problem at all. This has to be the best handheld out right now (Yeah, that's right, the BEST. DS can't even compare to the power of the PSP)

Although making a Pandora's Battery and a Magic Memory stick was kind of a pain, it's definitely worth it in the end.
Long long ago, there were a man..
I'm thinking of getting one actually, I really want to play God of War and Castlevania.

And Chrono Cross again, fuck yeah. Smile

190 for a PSP Slim with God of War.
Edited by Midian on 13. June 2008 11:27
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