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September 24 2018

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 2164
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There are 71 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 28326 times.
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King of Fighters movie released.
Yeah, here is what I know about the movie: filmed at a couple spots in Canada by a Chinese company. U.S. Official release date was Nov. 9th, '09, although some sites say it will be (re-)released(?) this year. KOF is a straight-to-video movie (this alone solidifies it as a "B movie," doesn't it?) Actors, staff and more info. can be found on the IMDb site.


And if you guys think the trailer is bad, check out the actor interviews on Youtube! Maggie Q claims her favorite game is KOF '93. Annoyed Still, I can't wait to see it. Smile
Wow, I've never seen a more appropriate use of the annoyed smiley, hahaha!
Edited by HexElf on 19. March 2010 23:09
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!

and this is how mai should look like in the movie doesnt it? and not like that unknown actress

and this kinda look cool doesnt it? but the thing is that he is to short to act rugal thats the only bad thing in this pic but not to mention the bad things about the movies who we all know about them
Edited by bojan4o on 19. March 2010 23:16
Some weird casting in this film. What really bugs me is that Maggie Q looks and acts like Vice in almost every movie she does, yet they cast her as Mai. Never mind that Maggie Q is famous for having a thin, athletic body while Mai is famous for the opposite.

Meanwhile, in the part of Vice, they case Bernice Liu who actually looks like Mai (pale, sweet and cute but with some edge) minus the boobs.

It's like none of the filmmakers have so much as seen an image from the game, let alone played it.
This reminds me I still need to watch that crappy Dragonball movie. It's apparently comedy gold according to my friends.
Raiken wrote:
This reminds me I still need to watch that crappy Dragonball movie. It's apparently comedy gold according to my friends.

Errrrrrrrrrrr (screeching sound)... Thread derailed! Grin
Seriously though, if is the same one I'm thinking about, it's decent, in a Chuck Norris, B-quality kind of way. Was it made in the late 70s or early 80s? I've seen one like that.
Maybe he's talking about Evolution?
I hear the chinese DB ripoff/homage is great for a good laugh,
so maybe it's that one.
ok obviously someone watched the movie and wrote a review so here is it
If there's one video game that I suck at big time, it will be The King of Fighters. Already I was struggling back then with mastering all the Street Fighter character moves, then this game came along, where one has to master 3 characters as a group and face them off either with some artificial intelligence (now programmed to be smarter at your neighbourhood video game store), or with another human challenger who finds it easy to cream me with one character in full energy left to spare.

Things have been relatively low key for the film version of the video game, and perhaps rightly so since it's not automatic that films from Japanese video games, manga and animation make that dignified live-action leap onto the silver screen, most falling short in the process last year's disastrous Dragon Ball Evolution and the lacklustre Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li being very recent examples of the bad aftertaste left at the box office. Audience these days demand a lot more, and the in-built fan base no longer representing a ready market, but a base of high expectations that are difficult to meet even as they are aware some tweaks to characters and story lines are necessary for the change of medium. This Gordon Chan directed effort however, is expected to fall short given the extremely flimsy, cookie cutter storyline that reeks, and for an action film, the cardinal sin of having limited action, almost all of which are left to the last 30 minutes.

Maggie Q marquees this film as Mai Shianui, working undercover for Terry Bogard (David Leitch) of the CIA (I hear yawns already) to hook up with Iori Yagami (Will Yun Lee) who teaches her the background myth of having a necklace and a mirror combined to open a door to another dimension. There's a sword in the picture as well belonging to the Kusanagi clan, but one rumored to be lost, and required by chief villain Rugal Bernstein (Ray Park) in order to reign supreme in the King of Fighters MMORPG since he's stolen the other two items and tweaked the system so that his rules apply in the virtual world and is working to combine all dimensions and realms into one. That's basically it, with the heroes trying to convince the Kusanagi clan heir Kyo (Sean Faris who plays a half-Japanese, that explains his Caucasian looks) to cough out the legendary sword, and stop Rugal from destroying civilization.

What's neat is how Rita Augustine and Matthew Ryan Fischer managed to fuse the fantastical elements of the fights that nods at the Matrix experience, with combatants jacked in through bluetooth-like earpieces in order to fight in the virtual MMORPG dimension complete with superhuman powers from the game, though the fights during the first hour had just a very little glimpse of what the finale would promise. The King of Fighters then is a tournament where combatants rise in the ranks through each victory, though with the compromise now by Rugal, death in the dimension also means death in the real world.

What didn't work, happens to be a lot of things. For starters, we have the usual cardboard characters (OK, so this is based on a video game) with CIA agents, hokey Japanese philosophy talk, and just about every situation, setting and background of the characters being extremely contrived. As mentioned the first hour of the film is talk, talk and more talk on the usual genre themes like responsibility and destiny, Then you have heroes who are reluctant and blur, and how one gets transformed from zero to hero is absolutely baffling based on pep talks from memory. The quest for the Kusunagi sword also happens in the most roundabout fashion just to bloat the film's runtime, and amongst all the characters, Terry Bogard happens to be the most carelessly designed on screen with that out of place jacket and baseball cap (keeping to the game I know), with a really obnoxious, ignorant attitude, and a CIA dimwit a-hole to boot.

The fight sequences happened to be a mixed bag, though Hong Kong influences are very heavy in the way the fisticuffs are designed. Special effects inspired by the game are also limited, which is most unfortunate as the game is famed for the various combo-moves that the characters can execute, which is all but lost in the film version. Even then, whatever effects all seemed to be reserved for the extended battle sequence at the finale for an all-out duke out, and audiences will have to be patient with all the talk for the first hour before things start to get remotely interesting since all the money shots get concentrated toward the end.

Naturally movies of this nature will have an ending primed for sequels to continue where it left off especially when the box office response is positive, but my money's on the "Nay" list. If I have to compare, then this is ahead of Dragonball and The Legend of Chun Li, but only just.
I heard about his movie awhile back, but did not know too much. Now, reviewing this thread just makes me want to puke and laugh at the same time. This movie looks like a complete waste of time and money -- probably the only thing that would save it is if ; a ) there are gratuitous boob shots (I know this has a 0.0 % chance of happening) or b ) the movie is so cheesey that it might be good for a few drunken laughs. Other than, that you know this movie will lick bawls.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 16. April 2010 19:03

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Still, nothing? :(
1st Super Tobalman wrote:
Still, nothing? :(

don't be sad Tobalman! It's not like you 'really' wanted to see this film did you? Honestly, I imagine that there's much better ways to waste 91mins of your lifetime Grin

i wanted to see that movie no new news about it unfortunately
The eccentric cat
The film was cancelled already. (woo!)
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
The eccentric cat wrote:
The film was canceled already. (woo!)

Is there a source, cause I don't seem to find any, I know the movie is really bad, but I hope they don't go Direct-to-DVD (Most Likely they will), but I guess there was no point in making a bad adaptation of a popular SNK game series.
The eccentric cat
Not sure where I read that, is a while ago. :x (I think it was an interview of some sort) I'll try and find the source.

Their site is down as well, so the movie definitely canned. Though it doesn't make sense considering the movie was looking finished...
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention. I saw the full movie the other day. It was good.
Edited by shion on 03. September 2010 06:50
1st Super Tobalman wrote:
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention. I saw the full movie the other day. It was good.


Did you expect this to be good? On the plus side the actresses who play Vice and Mature actually look like the characters from the game, and they're Lesbians, which is awesome. Everyone else was dreadfully miscast, act nothing like the characters from the games, plus horrible kung fu choreagraphy, bad CGI, nonsensical plot... Yeah, possibly worse then the Dragonball Live Action movie.
So it'll never see the light of day, huh?
A shame really, i wanted to see it, if only for the LULZ.
i wanted to see it too but how did you watched it tobalman? or you are kidding
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