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January 17 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 2164
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There are 71 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 30392 times.
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King of Fighters movie released.
YouTube Video

I was willing to give this movie the benefit of the doubt before I watched this. Now... well I'll still see it out of curiosity but I won't expect it to be good.

On the positive side Ray Park is always awesome. And it's not directed by Uwe Boll. And um... yeah I'm trying to think of more positive stuff.
Edited by reelmojo on 15. September 2010 03:23
eccentric cat
Why did Rugal suddenly become Geese with an infected eye...? o.o
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Best movie ever.
I still expect this to be better than Street Fighter The Movie... proving once again that KoF is always better than SF. Pfft
I'm gonna avoid this movie, so KOF's image wont be scarred for life into my head. Pfft
this movie looks absolutely sillyHmm
well i was going to make a thread about the new trailer but you bit me reeelmojo
so about the movie i think from what i have seen on the trailer iori's girlsfriend or wife or even maybe his sister got killed by rugal and then iori with anger goes into the tournament you know "the king of fighters" to kill rugal well that is what i think

so from since rugal can use fire too? well from what i saw in the trailer when iori fights rugal iori has his fire and rugal uses fire have you notice it? just look at 1:04

and why is mai lead character she is important how the rest of the character of kof but in the stories of kof either all join to fight against the final enemy or just chizura iori and kyo nobody else so whats wrong with this
any way i think that the fight scenes are good not great just good you know somewhere in the middle
and for the end about the movie who would like it well i think non kof fans which is total waste cuz they ghought that this movie will be interesting for the fans and their are few non fans who will watched by the way i will watch it and i am waiting for the release
like Real Bout Fatal Fury grades it's fights...


absolute f*ckin' waste of MY TIME.

I totally understand that to make a movie based on a video game, comic book, or novel you have to make it an adaptation. That means, there have to be changes for things that just don't work on the screen. But in making that adaptation you have to at least try to include as much of the source material as possible. Another dimension? Seriously? I can get over the fact that the characters look a bit different (I actually think Iori looks kinda cool, and I always played with a black haired version of him in KoFXI anyway) buth they've strayed way too far from the source material to make any KoF fan happy... so why pay the money for the license in the first place? Even if they condensed it down to one movie the Orochi saga would work great on the big screen.

And why aren't Mai's boobs popping out of her top? Out of bounds indeed.

Funny that the one redeeming quality of the Street Fighter movie was Raul Julia, and it looks like the best thing about this movie is going to be Ray Park. At least they get cool guys to play the villains.
Wild Tengu
Wild Tengu wrote:

this one gets my vote. Very funny.. funny AND true Grin

good stuff Thumbs Up

What became of this? Anyone seen it? The movie site claims KOF has been released, but I can't find it anywhere...
Just saw the trailer and I just barely did not fall out of the chair! At the end there, OH MY GODDESS he did NOT just shoot a flaming sword at someone!!??

Part of the extremely sarcastic rant, by me on my predicitions of the movie, from February last year: the heroic flame sword wielding Kyo Kusanagi

How badly do you have to fail to not only materialize a raging fanboy's worst nightmare, but make it part of the trailer as well!??! I mean are they literally and intentionally trying to murder every franchise that gets turned into a movie these days??

*huff huff*

Anyway, if it weren't for the title and the sword incident I would have had no idea that it was a trailer for the King of Fighters movie. There's literally nothing in there that even hints at a connection between the two.
Edited by HexElf on 18. March 2010 17:35
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
I believe the movie has been so lambasted by average-Joe critics that the producers fear unleashing it on the masses now, and have simply axed it yeah, it's that bad (but I'm willing to watch it if the movie does exist)!
Basashi King

surely it will turn up on some torrent site though, eh.
Weird, how did I miss this thread? This looks up to par with Dead or Alive in terms of shittiness.
That's the understatement of the century right there, even the worst parts of the DOA movie looks light years beyond what we're getting here. At least in DOA you could tell who many of the actors were supposed to be without them having to tell you. At least DOA had Robin Shou in it for comedic value. At least DOA had a stereotypical fighting game plot and an even more stereotypical end boss.

Does KOF have any of this from what we've seen so far? Man I just can't can't get over how traumatic the trailer was for me haha...
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
NeoStrayCat the heroic flame sword wielding Kyo Kusanagi

Off Topic: In a story about Orochi legend, there is a sword called the Kusanagi, which slayed the serpent Orochi.

On Topic: This movie is BS, why are these people making movies based on games, they don't even bother to go to the source material, let alone that they didn't play the games themselves anyway, and the only one that made it better was the 1st Mortal Kombat movie.
basashi king just you to know all movies turn up to torrent sites and when it turns up i will download it like i use to do whit this kind of movies
The Stray wrote: the heroic flame sword wielding Kyo Kusanagi

Off Topic: In a story about Orochi legend, there is a sword called the Kusanagi, which slayed the serpent Orochi.

Yeap that's what gave me the idea. I figured the writer would - as a cruel joke - look up what the Kusanagi sword is and use it in the movie rather than find out who the Kusanagi character was. Just to show that he could have given a damn and make the movie at least try to be legit. Even I had a hard time believing that they would pull off such an amazingly idiotic and insulting stunt however...

Then again, Hollywood did manage take 'demons from hell' out of the Doom movie, despite it being the world's easiest plot device and one half of the entire franchise. The other being 'commando in space'. I mean come on, how could you possibly screw that up by accident?
Edited by HexElf on 19. March 2010 19:54
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
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