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May 27 2019

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Thread Author: Kurisu
Thread ID: 2142
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3939 times.
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Daytona USA
Slipped this (Daytona USA 2001) in the old Dreamcast yesterday and I forgot just what a great games this is on the Dreamcast. Fantastic smooth, colourful hi-res graphics and superb tunes (although the singing is a bit harder to hear this time around). The only thing that grates on me is the opening race screen "Gentlemen start your engines" has been replaced with the rather PC "Ladies and gentlemen start your engines". One thing for sure, there can be no more exhilerating moment in gaming than burning around the 777 circuit in your Hornet, using the in-car view, chasing down the other cars to the finish line. Pure gaming heaven!!
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Daaaytonaaaaaaaa! I always liked Sega's racers. Smile
haha i had mine out a few months back, cos i had the Steering wheel and it makes it awesome!!!! I have original Daytona (2 player) in my local arcade still. i def prefer the newer DC version now i have the wheel.

the music is pretty cool, and very Sega. i was always a Ridge Racer man myself, i never really got the appeal so much of the original Daytona - though i like it more now. i rememebr going to the Toccadero and they had the full size Risge Racer car setup and a huge screen, was amazing at the time. i heard that set up cost many thousands of pounds for the aracde operator.

What does the fruit machine thing do on Daytona. can you win anything? i always wondered.
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I also have this but much prefer the Daytona 2 arcade game , although I do not have the steering wheel which supposed to make a big difference . As a note to Daytona fans its well worth getting the Jap Saturn version if you have the means to play It as its faster and does not have them huge borders like the pal version. It is also dirt cheap to buy.

I have also noticed DC Daytona goes for a lot of money now on ebay so if you have it , keep it as its gonna cost you if want to replace it after selling .
Edited by STE C on 23. November 2009 15:29
I also use the DC steering wheel to play this... and Ferrari 355. However, I never use a steering wheel to play ANY other racing games EVER, but those two are just so well suited. The DC wheel is quite a pleasure to use too. Also D'2001 is the closest you'll ever get to an Arcade Perfect 'Daytona' in your own home. Sorry Ste, but NO Model 3 Daytona 2 for you my boy! Which makes me wonder? Is there a Model3 specific 'SuperGun' available?? That would be pretty cool! ArcPerf SCUD Race, JPark, Daytona 2, VF3, SEGA Rally 2... to name just a few!

playing the Daytona games, but, in truth... I don't actually 'get' the handling. I mean, for short corners and what not (a high speeds) it's fine, but the sliding is ridiculous and dangerous, unlike say, OutRun2 - and will get you 'killed'. Also, if you brake/release accelerator like a good little 'lady' or 'gentleman' the cars always seem to over/under take you. It's hard to win properly without some good old wall-riding action... and I'm not shit at racing games either! (3rd fave genre after fighters & shmups). What does anyone else think? Great fun... Great game but perhaps... flawed? (unlike Sega Rally, OutRun, F355 etc).

heyyyy. i loove daytona but im refering to the daytona on the saturn, i have never played any racers on the dreamcast. but im a huge sega racer fan daytona been my fave a margin above sega rally.
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tony starks
Great game but the controls suck on the DC pad.
Starks is always out
Have you guys heard of Sega Racing Classic? It's a new HD upgrade to Daytona USA, but since EA owns the Daytona license they had to change the name (and take out the classic song!). It's arcade only right now, but rumors indicate an XBLA and PSN release.

that looks good, but won't be the same without the song!!! haha a bit like Rainbow Islands - they took out 'somewhere over the rainbow' song that played during the game, on the retro comps, and Dreamcast Outrun. If i was the licience holder i would let them have it for nominal fee. i think they prob sell an exclusive licience though so maybe they can't do that. i heard thats why Chase HQ hasn't come out on consoles yet, cos all the cars are blantantly famous sportscars.
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Riko, didn't understand the reference to Chase HQ as I have that on both the UK Master System and the Jap Saturn (on the same disk as its sequel "SCI"Wink. As you know the Dreamcast Outrun is on the Yu Suzuki collection. They were not allowed to use the Ferrari logo, therefore the game is not arcade perfect like the Saturn version. Also all the games on that collection have none of the "home" options, so you are forced to play the game on arcade difficulty only (so in a way it is more like the arcade version) and its actually quite tricky to complete within the tight time limit. The Jap version of Outrun is the best ever. It has remixed tunes that are awesome, as well as a "hidden" smooth 60fps mode that weren't in the UK release. Sorry if you know all that.
Go forward for make away as joystick. Push A button for approach of enemy. Break of enemy for A and B. Make high score for break get together - Neo Mr Do!
Hi Kurisu. well you are right! i do actually have both Chase HQ + Outrun for the Jap Saturn. what i meant was they were reluctant to put it on their Taito Classics compilations on PS2/Xbox etc because theres obviously a Laborgini in there and the main car is a Porsche. its because licensing is a much more serious issue now than it was in the early 90s. it was never officially licensed cos the cars are never stated explicity to be the above sportcars but now i'm not sure they could get away with it, and are probably worried to try. its a shame though:(

I know that Xbox Outrun 2 had a version of the original arcade game on it unlockable. i did read it wasn't that great but i wasn;t sure if whether they meant it was a bad conversion or whether they thought it had aged badly. i think it may have the Ferrari car in it since Sega obviously had the license back by then.

I think the Saturn Outrun is better than the DC one cos its 60Hz, i heard that in DC outrun the scenery updates at 30fps while the track is 60fps something like that.

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Mr Vengeance
I find the Daytona series to be rather confusing....

Daytona 2 never came out on any Sega console, but Daytona 2001 is only a remake on Daytona USA with a few extra tracks but reworked handling - why not port 2 to the DC?

Also, I'm a little confused with the Saturn Daytona ports. I know you had the rush job original, then the refined CCE version, but was there a third one or is my memory playing up? I think the Japanese CCE version was different to the PAL CCE version perhaps.... can't remember, but I want the best port - any recommendations? I have CCE pal, is the Jap equivalent different? Ste aluded to it being faster without borders, but is it that much better in terms of handling?
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