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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 2135
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Ah the 90s what a decade , whilst exploring my loft recently I found my boxes of 90s videogame mags so I brought a few down to have a look at for old times sake. It brought a lot of memories back especially reading about the Dreamcast launch and seeing old love scribbles from ex girlfriends defacing certain issues.

Point is whats was your fave late 90s gaming mag and why , also what mag sucked and should not be remembered.

My all time fave mag only lasted about 9 issues but I have them all it was a great read called

TOTAL CONTROL , why it was good

loads of import reviews especially exciting as it was 1998/99 when the mag existed so seeing the Jap Dreamcast stuff and PS1 stuff was cool. It had a whole back section of the mag dedicated to this.
The reviews were mature and informative but also humorous a bit like Edge mixed with Sega Saturn mag. The reviews also used to give a % chance of could this game appear on other systems. Also it gave marks out of 100 which I used to prefer as I believe it gave a more honest score.
Lovely glossy modern pages my all time fave mag it was a real pleasure to read it again.
For the record a similar mag called Arcade appeared round about the same time which just about outlasted it , although not as good as Total Control it filled the gap after TC went under, then Arcade did shortly after. It sometimes used to go to arcades and interview pretty girls and take pics of them which was ok with me.


Fantastic stuff despite obviously loosing the battle against the PS1 from day one it never lost its faith in the Saturn. Richard Leadbetter was an old school former CVG editor who really could hold a mag together brilliantly with his bizarre Vick Reeves humour and love for Sega arcade conversions. Despite it being an official Saturn mag he was not afraid of slagging Sega for not supporting the Saturn enough or releasing Metal Slug or the 4 meg cart in the UK. Its a shame they did not get the Dreamcast license as the official DC mag was shite. The import reviews were great and he actively encouraged people to mod their Saturns which I suspect would not have pleased Sega.

90s Edge was also very good before they had a god complex

CVG circa 1995-98 was also very good before they were forced to push Pokemon and mention it in every sentence, I think Paul Davis left in disgust shortly after .


unfortunately that horrible Gamesmaster mag is still here god knows how it was always bad.

Most of the Dreamcast mags were bad I recall such as DCUK and the official one.

Saturn Power was a shocking read and gave away discs with Saturn music on as they did not have the license to put demos on.

The official Nintendo mag was also awful and used to constantly slag off the PS1 calling it a Greystation, I assume the staff were 15 years old.
Edited by STE C on 21. November 2009 11:00
this thread was born after your response to the '10 out of 10 in this months EDGE Magazine' thread? Grin

My favourite magazine of the 90's (and the only one I ever bought to be honest) was C+VG. I've still got them all in a draw at my mothers. Each front cover brought a new game actually worth getting excited about! I probably still have around 50 or 60 of them.

Favourite current magazine (which I no longer buy sadly) is, like you said Ste, GamesTM. It's quite an intelligent read, without reaching to EDGE's elitist lofty levels. Also, as quite rightly mentioned, GamesTM is better value for money IMO as it contains many many interesting articles covering the entire spectrum of the gaming industry (including Retro of course Wink ) I started reading it when I had an operation in hospital a few years back and really rated it. I've had 2x years subscriptions since but just lost interest.... so I stopped subscribing (as of start of 2009). I thought it was ultra cool that GamesTM released a different front cover for ALL the SF4 characters on the SF4 issue (approx 16). Wonder if anyone bought all of them! (Of course, I bought Sagat myself... long before I knew he would be a TopTier slag!)

I'VE NEVER... bought into official magazines as I've never really seen the point. The idea of Official PStation, Xbox or Nintendo magazines just makes me shudder! I guess they do have a place for fueling the mentality of deep-seated fanboys (or maybe they create them, hmmm, not sure Hmm )

I remember friends used to buy the 'Mean Machines' magazines, but I cannot comment on their content or direction. I was actually given a few 'sealed' Mean Machines PSX magazines recently, so I might give them a read, as long as they're not worth much! Guaranteed, their may always be someone on the lookout for them.

GameMaster has always been a joke hasn't it? It just looks vile! The TV show was cool though. Was PLAY any good? It always looked it? Also I think I bought an issue of P2 once and was pleasantly surprised... it was alright.

WHICH REMINDS ME... I have a crap load of GamesTM mags kicking around, that I no longer want. What to do... what to do eh?

I bought every Arcade magazine off Ebay a couple of years back for about 10 + postage. it was great to read it again, but i recently chucked them all out except for about 4 issues which i kept. its a good read and they do fun features where they take a rival console round someones house and see if they can get them to swap. its meant to be like a lads mag for games, but its actually good at the same time

i did actually really like the Official Dreamcast magazine (ODM) it was my favourite at the time (after the sparse first 5 issues), i thought the reviews were pretty spot on. i still have some copies too.

my fav mags ever are Edge Magazine, i've read it on and off since it first came out, though its true its not so good now, but i think a lot of that is the identikit games that come out nowdays aren't as exciting. they do have some great features still.

Mean Machines was my favourite too at the time, i actually bought this mag before i owned a console, and was very soon the owner of a Super Famicom. it was agreat mag while it lasted, full of great humour.

Nintendo mags are the worst for slagging off rival consoles. i read my friends Nintendo mag a few years back and it was a like a kids mag. the funniest thing ever was when Soul Calibur 2 came out on PS2, Xbox and Gaemcube, and each official mag claimed theirs was the best version.

apparently the Gamecube was the best one cos Link fitted in the Soul C universe the best and also the gamecube controller is the best
-the xbox was the best cos it had the best graphics
- i can't remember why the PS2 was the best now but it was probably to do with Heiachi

one of the reasons i liked ODM was cos they were generally honest about other console. Also i remmeber the the playstation mag (PLAY) i used to read in PSone days used to praise the Dreamcast and games like Code Veronica, which is a pretty cool thing to do!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Basashi King
mean machines was genius; im pretty sure i was reading it from the first issue. it 'kicked monkey ass', as they often used to write.
[quote]RiKo wrote:

i did actually really like the Official Dreamcast magazine (ODM) it was my favourite at the time (after the sparse first 5 issues), i thought the reviews were pretty spot on. i still have some copies too.


I was probably a little unfair on my comments about the ODM you are right it did kinda get better as it went on and the mature discussions the staff team used to have at the end of the mag were a novel idea. The quality of demo discs was ok too ik glad I kept mine.
Read Electronic Gaming monthly pretty frequently. The only mag I ever actually subscribed to was Nintendo Power and looking back I wonder wtf I was thinking lol

The angry video game nerd's video on it pretty much sums up my feelings about it.
Next Generation, or NextGen, was by far my favorite. While other magazines talked about video games, NextGen was a video game education. I seriously learned a lot from that magazine. Especially back when they used to put out 200+ page issues. It was a refreshingly adult take on the video game industry at a time when games weren't yet considered a viable form of adult entertainment.

Oh and I hated GamePro. So kiddie! True, Nintendo Power was probably worse, but I didn't own an SNES or an N64 so I didn't read it. By the time I got a Gamecube I got all my game news from the internet so magazines fell by the wayside.
Maximum mag is pretty awesome - i have 3 copies.quite a few Neo Geo reviews too - and the games they feature get 7 page reviews!!! i scanned a few in here for the site. it was started by ex Mean Machiens Staff (Rich Leadbetter) and the idea was to make the best video game mag ever. unfortunately they missed a lot of deadlines cos of how much was going in the mag and the issues that sold best were the ones with Tekken and Wipeout on the cover so the publisher was keen to replace it with a more commercial mag:(
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I'm subscribed to this Nintendo magazine (never really read old gaming magazines) but probably gonna cancel that soon, the reviews they write are nice to read but usually know which games I wanna play from screenshots and trailers.
IIRC, the video game magazines to read in the late 90s were EGM squared and Electronic Gaming Monthly. Both covered a wide range of game happenings. The worst magazine to read at the time was Nintendo Power. By the late 90s, Nintendo was going nowhere, IMO.
Edited by shion on 17. January 2010 08:02
I really only had Nintendo systems at that point in my life--although I did have a Game Gear--and I had been getting NP since 1988 and was in the Nintendo Fun Club, for what it's worth, before that. By the late-90s I'd pretty much lost interest in what was then contemporary gaming in general, mainly because the N64 didn't have much to interest me and a lot of what had interested me was disappointing.

I got NP until 98 or 99, although I wasn't really that interested for the aforementioned reasons. That said, I don't think it was a particularly bad magazine for what it was. I also don't think the AVGN really assembled much of a claim against NP either, just that the person answering reader mail was sassy. I mean seriously, that comment about tuning into a special episode of Friends was awesome. The scatological ads were disgusting, but you'd have to be pretty tender for that to be an issue.
Wow when the internet wasn't as widespread, we get our gaming news and cheats in gaming mags back then. I used to buy issues of EGM, EGM squared, Tips & Tricks, Gamepro and PSM back then. Although I didn't like Gamepro much out of all the magazines I buy.
I use to read Nintendo Power a lot back then. I still subscribe to it now. It's my favorite gaming magazine forever.
Edited by marktheshark on 16. March 2010 23:45
I bought a lot of mags from EGM To Next Gen, But my favs were Game fan and Gamers Republic. which prolly ages me!!! They had the best designed books and always had tons of art and screen shots and Gamefan was one of the only mags that had Neo Geo reviews and previews. They also had fighting games moves lists sections and even had the 75% damage combo guides for KOF 95 back then, so they had my heart. They also did anime reviews as well , which if you are into that and they were, if memory serves the only place you get a bit of both hobbies. I also loved the Sega Saturn Magazine, I had to import from UK/europe as there was no official Sega Saturn mag in Canada or the U.S. Lucky for me the Magazine store I went to would import books and magazines. I got to play the demos for Panzer Dragoon, Burning Rangers, Dead or alive, Sega Touring car etc, while my friends would drool, lol. Unless they were sony fanboys, then it was hate for having something they didn't.
I threw out all my old EGM , Next Gen etc. in a spring cleaning last spring ,but saved the Game fans, Gamers republics etc. I'll post pics of the Game fans and Gamers Republics to see if they jog some memories.
I wonder if I should throw away some of my old mags too. Although they're buried in my closet right now so I probably won't get around to it anytime soon.
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