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November 22 2019

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Thread Author: Shiny
Thread ID: 2131
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Is anyone watching remake of V? Iím slightly biased, I watched the original series as a kid when it aired on TV and have continued to watch it on VHS/DVD every so often since because I love it so... I really do. It was well written, well thought out, equal parts sci-fi, drama, action and social commentary. Alien invasion stuff is just damn cool to begin with but the overall pacing of the story, the little plot twists and all of the comparisons to WW2 era Nazi rule, all of those things made it brilliant. Even if they did ruin it in the end by milking the story for all it was worth, the original mini series remains some of the best TV Iíve ever seen.

Which brings me to the remake... Iím sure you already know I donít like it. Iíve been discussing it with my brother on Bookface (not a V fanboy) and, well, this was the last thing I said to him...

ďMeh, it's alright, it's just because I'm comparing it to the original mini series. You remember why Firefly opened with The Train Job instead of the actual pilot? Because the network didn't want the story to gradually unfold, they wanted the audience to jump right in somewhere in the middle. Well that's kinda what they've done with V, told practically the whole story in the first episode. Or a better example would be Serenity. The opening scenes where they explain who everyone is and why they're there in like 10 minutes, for the folks that didn't watch Firefly. That 10 minutes is V episode 1. Up to speed? Brilliant, let's go. It's disappointing is all. You should watch the original mini series, you'll get what I mean.Ē

My problem with it is pacing/storytelling more than anything else. In the original the story unfolded as it went along, gradually revealing more and more about the aliens actual intent etc. In the remake we managed to get from aliens arriving to finding out theyíre actually lizards, the beginnings of a resistance movement against them and the existence of the Fifth Column (goodie aliens) among other things all in the space of 45 minutes. Itís like theyíve said hey, thatís a great story but do you think we could dumb it down a shade? We want the kind of people that watch Heroes to watch it, they ainít up for much thinking. The kind of people that never question where the razors come from in Lost. But then, Iím a self confessed V fanboy, Iím supposed to hate it I guess. Well I donít hate it, itís just ok, ok and nothing more.

*gets off V fanboy soapbox*

Is it just me? I do wonder if Iíd think differently had I not seen the original series...

Oh, and Anna, the leader of the aliens (Inara in Firefly) is H-O-T. So Iíll be tuning in (read: downloading it) regardless just for her rising hem line.
Haven't seen it yet, although a friend at work was raving about it, and he was a massive fan of the old series. I vaguely remember the original although I never watched it much. They usually do fuck up remakes though for fans of the original.

Agreed about Inara, although I prefer Summer Glau Smile

Wash is in it too. I'm hoping they'll get the whole Firefly crew in by the end.
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