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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 2119
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There are 6 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2139 times.
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a new cart 138 games have not seen this one before , sorry i forgot how to post a direct link, pretty much every game you could ever want
Edited by STE C on 16. November 2009 17:42
Wild Tengu
lol @ less bootlegs, and right below it is a screenshot of KOF2k2 Magic Plus II, and so many KOF bootlegs+romhacks on on the game list.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 16. November 2009 18:04
Wild Tengu wrote:
lol @ less bootlegs, and right below it is a screenshot of KOF2k2 Magic Plus II, and so many KOF bootlegs+romhacks on on the game list.

to my knowledge/count.. 41 OF THOSE ARE BOOTLEGS!!!!!!!!!

PLUS this... ULTIMATE that... REMIX here and... MAGIC there!

I am (sadly) very curious to see what these bootlegs are like! Are they all just f*ck ups, or are some actually alright. Like WTF will Rage of the Dragons Plus be? Plus what exactly?? PLUS 'absolute joke' factor maybe???

Still, if the other 97 are intact, could be worth grabbing one! 96+ seems a bit steep though for a dodgy 'fake' cartridge. Also, so all the original versions play fine (as on a Neo?) or are they compressed etc?

Sorry for all the questions but, this is a grey area for me!

Wild Tengu
Most of them I can tell you right away do nothing more than allow you to play with boss characters or have secret characters unlocked. They may also have really borked, bugged and glitchy moves/combo's that are impossible to do in the original versions.

That KOF98UM on there, most likely the hacked KOF98 rom that adds in Eiji, Kasumi, Geese, Mr.Big, and Krauser, along with the other bosses to the game, and they are highly prone to causing the game to crash/reset itself and really plays NOTHING like the real 98UM.

I also doubt that is the actual Metal Slug 6 either, since that was an Atmoswave game, it's probably just another romhack.

You can find many of those romhacks/bootlegs on most emulation sites as it is. I'd also assume they had to greatly compress the games to fit them all on one cart.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 16. November 2009 19:17
I'd avoid these things like the plague.
i have played some of these bootlegs but quickly turned them off cuz they were terrible and realy glitchy as hell. i have a 48 in 1 cart and the original games work flawlessly when compared to some of my regular mvs carts. but yeah weird arse magic, super, EX bottleg versions = not good
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
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