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December 11 2019

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 2098
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There are 25 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 15873 times.
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Can Anybody Help Me... Please?!
Hey guys.

I'm terribly sorry to have to ask this but I could really do with some help. this question is really only aimed at my fellow members who live in PAL territories.

Ignition have decided NOT to release the UK PAL versions of Samurai Shodown Anthology & KOF '98UM, err... here in the UK Shrug

I actually rang Ignition themselves and spoke to one of the guys there. He explained that there is literally, near enough, no market here in the UK for SNK games. However there is still a small enough market in general Europe apparently... enough to make it profitable to be released, but not here in the UK. I was gutted but I understand. I did thank him for all their previous release though, as I am very grateful. Without them publishing half these games many people would have never experienced them. I expressed my surprise at their release of NGBColiseum here in the UK, as I simply could not believe it when this game got a PAL release. Admittedly, when I said that he actually laughed and told me that there was little point as it was a financial disaster. Which is why I'm here now...

eternally grateful if there is anybody on here who knows me, who would be kind enough to (basically) buy me them from where they live and ship them here to me, in the UK, so I can finally have them, as not being able to have them is making me rather miserable... as I have ALL of SNK's other PAL releases. It's not fair of them really, but, financially, from their standpoint (Ignitions) I guess I understand.

There are the occasional copies that turn up on eBay, but the sellers are attempting to charge some ridiculous money for them. On principal I cannot pay that much (i.e. 50 each!!) when I know that previous releases (i.e. WHAnthology & FFBArchives1) were only 10 each!

should anybody be able to help me out but, I'm ONLY after the UK-style game that comes with the PEGI rating and NOT say, the German version that has the great big Green USK Diamond on the front... as all the box and manual are German too.

Basically, I'm after EXACTLY these:

preferably, I'd like to be able to pay you for via PayPal for the games and P+P. If you are able to help me, than all I can really say is Thankyou. By the very same token (whoever you may be?) I would just like to add that if there is anything here that you require that you cannot get where you are, let me know. I will also do my best to get it for you Thumbs Up

Thankyou very much indeed for your help Smile

I'd help you buddy, but I live in Germany...
In case you change your mind and don't care about a German manual anymore, let me know.
Black Shroud
NeoGeoNinja, you can also mess with anthology emulation on PS2 emu, it runs on decent speed on modern PCs, and the only new thing it brings to the table is english text in SS6.
sorry ninja i cant help you maybe because i dont even know what is pal lol bu either way cant you find them on play-asia?
Well that comes as no major surprise SNK games are now finished in the UK possibly forever. Sorry about your current state Ninja you know if I lived in Europe I would defo help you I can honestly understand your frustration as I know you are a completest and love owning different versions.
Did the guy on the phone give you the impression that they will never release in the UK again, thats how it sounds and is very sad as I also wanted a Pal SS Anthology .Due to owning all the separate games I do not want to import or pay silly prices, although it would be a great buy if I did not own the games already on various formats. Like you I also wish to understand SS6 better as I feel theres a good game in there but the story and mechanics are to confusing in Jap.

Hope somebody comes up trumps for you.
Edited by STE C on 07. November 2009 16:56
Mr Vengeance
Ninja, I'm sure I told you all that he, from Ignition said, only a few weeks ago on here, having looked into it myself - maybe you just missed my post or something Hmm

Anyway, I'm going to be of no help to you either, as I'm in Ireland. What I will say it just bite the bullet and pay the high prices for them. Now I wouldn't recommend Italian prices, no sir, but you can get both games for about 40 from France. That may sound like a lot, but think of it this way - how much would those same games on MVS, or AES cost you? And you can't get SS6 on AES.... But they are good value at that price, when you think about it....

Yes, they may seem expensive, particularly 98 UM, but they will be worth it, and if you really want them, and don't pick them up soon, they may become even harder to get new, and will likely go for 60+

Yes, in an ideal world we'd all live somewhere where SNK games were cheap as chips, but you just gotta accept the price that comes with having an interest in SNK, when living away from the source. I'd love to be able to buy games from in around Tokyo like the Japanese guys and Basashi here, but what can you do? Shrug

Nothing. Nothing but just accept the prices and thats that :(
Edited by Mr Vengeance on 07. November 2009 17:22
NeoGeoNinja: Swedish site, WEBHALLEN:

Samurai Spirits anthology: http://www.webhal...amp;view=2

King of fighters ultimate match: http://www.webhal...p?id=93994

They are both available for immidiate SWEDEN. I dont have any Paypal account thouThumbs Down
Edited by priest on 07. November 2009 22:00

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
to everyone who has replied. I appreciate it.

I do remember you saying, but I wanted to confront them personally (well as personal as you can get with a phone!). I know what you're saying about having to pay the premium... but not for new PAL releases mate. Sure for old Saturn games in mint condish... a slice of history from 1996 for example, but from a couple of months back??! It's just extortion... 20 each at the max I'd pay (give or take of course!). These French versions you'd seen, just out of interest... 40 each or for BOTH? Also, thanks for taking time to reply.

You hit the nail on the head there mate. Unfortunately (and sadly with good reason) they have no plan to release 'them' here in the UK ever. Like you said, after what I imagine to be very poor sales from KOFXII too, I'd also reckon SNKP are pretty much finished here too. It can't be doing Ignitions profits any favours either.

@Black Shroud & STE
indeed, one of the main reasons I want SSAnth in PAL is for the English SS6! I have the JP Anthology and struggle with SS6 due to it's over-heavy jap text.

Thanks for finding those for me Priest... they're exactly what I've been looking for. I might email them and see if they'd send them to me... there's no harm in asking right? Hmm

Ninja: Yea you can always try, but they clearly state that they wont ship abroad. I can see if I can find another SWEDISH distributor of these games that is willing to ship abroad...If we dont find another way then Ill buy those games and send them to you, Im sure we can work out the payment detail.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Update: Swedish music / movies / games site which ships to countries within the EU (UK being one of those) CDON:

As you notice they only seem to sell cd:s to countries abroad, but as you can see in their Swedish website (below) they sell games too. Maybe you could email them and ask if they will sell those games to you?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
...You could also try DISCSHOP:


They only carry "King of fighters ultimate match" of the two games you want but they do ship abroad. I cant seem to find an english version of the site thou. Please let me know if you need any help translating...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
tony starks
Sorry mate I wish I could Real Sad
Starks is always out
Black Shroud
Ok so some facts:

-Reason to play SSA is for english SS6

-I play it successfully at my PC (decent speed)

-SNK's english translation is shitty (as usual). Endings translated that way dont make much sense, and you wont even understand what events happened in some of them..

Andrew's epilogue:
Andrew's tombstone read "freedom and liberty, have a nice day" and no one ever forgot the man who founded this New World Order!

Amakusa's epilogue:
I wont tell you the end of this story, it is too painful, perhaps another chapter will be written, perhaps it's the end of mankind and the Ninjas.

...then there is stuff like Charlotte asking you did you liked her fisting in her winquote, Kusaregedo saying he's late on NBLA meeting, etc...

-Since anyone can get full story texts from japanese version of game online on japanese sites, I just translate them myself if I need to look something about storyline. Even if you run those texts through infoseek online translator, they will make much more sense than SNK's ingame translations, as long as you know which character name is where (translator will try to translate them as common words too, but once you get hang of it, you will recognize the names easily)

-With that in mind, english translation of SS6 will be useful only for various menu translations. And to that, even conditions for Survival Mode are translated quite badly by SNK, so you better go grab Survival Mode guide on gamefaqs
Edited by Black Shroud on 08. November 2009 09:09
Mr Vengeance
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
to everyone who has replied. I appreciate it.

I do remember you saying, but I wanted to confront them personally (well as personal as you can get with a phone!). I know what you're saying about having to pay the premium... but not for new PAL releases mate. Sure for old Saturn games in mint condish... a slice of history from 1996 for example, but from a couple of months back??! It's just extortion... 20 each at the max I'd pay (give or take of course!). These French versions you'd seen, just out of interest... 40 each or for BOTH? Also, thanks for taking time to reply.


I've seen them by themselves for about 40, not together unfortunately.

Anyway ninja, I may have been a little harsh in tone with you in my lat reply, its just because I kind of came to a bit of a realisation with myself basically the other day. See, I was pondering buying a brand new copy of KOF XII for 45 as you know, but a couple of weeks previously I had no issue in buying KOF 2002 AES for almost three times the price Hmm And I already owned the game on the Xbox.

Its strange that. Like, sometimes, as gamers, put little value on new releases, but are happy to spend silly amounts of money on old games. Surely we should all be buying KOF XII in droves, as it is so cheap in comparisson to older KOFs. Yet many of us are holding off until its cheaper, before we buy.

So when I saw you giving out about spending 50 on a PS2 collection pack that has 6 excellent titles on it, that if you were to buy on the original home formats / PCB / MVS carts, you'd be looking at spending hundreds, and KOF '98 UM is a huge game with loads to it as you know, so its great value.

But perhaps, as you probably only want them for collecting purposes, your value on these games is skewered. I dunno, I think gamers are a funny lot, happy to spend a fortune, like me, on a game I already own on Xbox, but I was a bit tight in fairness with my purchase of the new, HD KOF XII Shrug Sure KOF 2002 AES plays better on the Neo, but why the attitude to the prices of it and XII?

Sorry guys if this post makes no sense, I may be waffling a bit here LOL I guess us gamers put more value on old stuff, compared to new games, cause they aren't as "rare" or whatever.
Ninja: Hows it going?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I got this in my local gamestore today:

Either Ill send it to you Ninja or Ill keep it myself. Ive been thinking of ordering myself a copy of KOF98UM do you want me to order you a copy to and send it together with SSA?
Edited by priest on 30. December 2009 17:31

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
If you want I could also get you Samurai Shodown Anthology, I've seen it in stores here. The manual would probably be in Dutch and French though.
I have both and it wouldn't be the first time I went out to buy a second or third copy so I could send them to someone abroad. Let me know how it goes and I'll help you get your SNK fix if needed. It seems like Priest is on top of things already though, good riddance!
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
NeoGeoNinja: The SAMURAI SHOWDOWN ANTHOLOGY is yours and I have ordered us each a copy of KING OF FIGHTERS 98 UM. And it looks like I bought the last two /or last one:

PM is sent to you NinjaSmile

EDIT: The SSA manual are completely written in English, I hope this is OK with you Ninja.

Edited by priest on 01. January 2010 18:46

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
NeoGeoNinja: Is there any interest in these:

...If it is, then let me know and well work out the details via PM...
Edited by priest on 07. January 2010 19:51

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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