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December 13 2018

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Thread Author: Basashi King
Thread ID: 2090
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There are 10 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3801 times.
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Crossed Swords - how hard are you?
Basashi King
not a thread i expect will appeal to many, as i think crossed swords is a bit of a niche game.

i picked up my copy recently, and i must say im absolutely loving it - its win win win! the atmosphere is great - i really like the enemies and the story.

it is, however - pretty god damn hard!

after being initiallyfairly abysmal, im now considerably better. so far ive managed to get to the joker using both my credits. what id like to know is how far other people can get on the 2 credits without cheats.

any tips from the pros would also be appreciated. im guessing ill need to fork out for a memory card for this game.

Glad you're enjoying the game Basashi. You probably noticed I mentioned it a few times in the underrated Neo thread. I agree the atmosphere, story and enemies are great. It's a pretty original game and I'm surprised it's not more popular.

It really is very hard. I don't see how anyone could beat this without the memory card. I think it's essential when playing this on AES. It's been a while since I played the game but I really can't get very far on just two credits. My method of playing the game is to let the enemy strike first and after watching their animation to see if they are going to hit high or low I use my shield to block and then immediately counter attack. With some enemies using the 2 button special attack is the best option despite it costing a bit of energy. I tend to try and save my money for the Axe which has the shielding magic.

I think this game is actually best played on the Neo Geo CD because you've got infinite credits which I think the game needs. If you really like the game it's well worth picking up the CD exclusive sequel too which has three characters to choose from and improved graphics.
Edited by merlin on 02. November 2009 18:47
Basashi King
thanks for the reply merlin - i was hoping youd show up!

im disappointed that the sequel is cd only as i really like this game. i followed your link on another thread and it suggests that originally it could have been planned for mvs release. ah well, never mind - theres lots to keep me entertained here!

i saw a video of someone playing this game with unibios on youtube - there are shedloads of cheats for it. maybe thats something worth considering. with a bit more energy i think the game is doable. ill be looking to mod my neos soon enough - for ssvsp unfixed! - and it will probably make this game even better too.

as for play style, i cant react quickly enough blocking every time as its still too hard for me to read the animations. i move left and right and try to induce the attacks without the need to block if possible, guarding as i go in.

some enemies ill take on, but there are a couple that are magic / ab attack only. that goat character needs ab; there are heavily armored knights with a tinge of green or red that i always have to use magic for. i guess ill have to look for a way of taking them on. theyre hardcore though.

the ogres arent too tough; the green knight also. the red knight will sometimes automatically strike you if you hit him 4 times so its best to stop at 3.

have you played it in 2 player mode? is it twice as hard? a good laugh?
In another thread, I mentioned I usually die at the red winged knight in the third level, I still don't know how to beat this guy. He attacks instantly and he can just shake off out of any powerful attacks (Magic or desperation attacks). Is there any tactics against this guy?

Outside of unfair overpowered enemies, Crossed Swords is actually pretty fun. Very good graphics too, I'd argue this one of the early game to actually show of the power of the Neo compared to other 16-Bits console at the time.

But still.

(Also, what do the shield the old man gives in the middle of the third level do? It doesn't seem to be much bigger of anything)
Edited by Glowsquid on 03. November 2009 13:04
Basashi King
hey glow - im not sure i know the knight you mean - but if its the one i think, then i nail him with mist sword magic. he jumps in, i use magic and hit him once, then he effs off after one blow. i time it so as he jumps in, i repeat. this drains pretty much all my magic just to kill this one type of guy. it does nail the swine though. if you get through, you can shortly get the scarecrow sword - which will take care of things and hopefully get you to the joker. which is where i get screwed. royally.

let us know if you get any further.

ETA no idea about the shield! its probably just to add to the cheesy drama of it all!
Edited by Basashi King on 03. November 2009 14:43
All different knights have different tactics in their fighting:

- The Green knight takes a two second moment to strike. You can take this opportunity to strike without blocking.
- The Black knight has slightly more health than the green but less than the red. He strikes faster than the green. Four blows from a Shield Axe Dx. will finish him off in a trice.
- The red knight will strike more than once. Your best bet is either to use the magic of weapons to weaken him and generally thrusting whilst you block down.
- Bakslay (and other blue knights) can half warp, so special attacks are useless. If you get caught in his devastating attacks, quickly blown down and thrust or you can sidle in a direction and slash in the process.
- The green winged knight strikes more than once and blocks better than the regular knights. Always block before striking this opponent. His moment to attack can be difficult to predict.
- The red winged knight strikes more rapidly and harshly than the green winged. His moment to attack is extremely unpredictable. You may wish to sidle and block down whilst you attack him.
-The titan knight in the 6th chapter has decent vitality, but his attacks have a predictable pattern of energy waves followed by his close range beats.
- The devil winged knight in the last chapter is toughest of all knights. Never try special attacks on him. He rarely lets his guard down, but you can make him do it often by attacking and then immediately blocking.

Since many of the knights prove to be challenge, the key to progressing is using your reflexes. Hope that information helps.
Basashi you sound like you're already pretty good at the game. Like you say playing the game with the unibios cheats would be a pretty good option and more convenient than constantly having to load a previous saved game. It's actually quite a long game with some really nice levels later on so once you get a memory card/unibios you'll be in for a treat.

I've never actually tried it in 2 player mode but I'm sure it'd be fun. I might just try that online sometime soon if I can find someone else willing to play the game with me. One difference from single player mode is you are restricted in your movements to only one half of the screen. In the sequel they changed it so that either player can move across the whole width of the screen which is better.

For anyone who doesn't have a Neo CD I'd recommend giving the sequel a try using emulation. You can use Nebula to play Neo CD games. Anyone who enjoys the first game will definitely be impressed with the sequel. The graphics are a bit better and you get a choice of three characters.

Some great tips there Will. Thumbs Up
i played the 1st 1 is the second 1 just as good& does it suffer from any load issues,are there any otherClap neocd xclusives 2 look 4?
Edited by horsemanfan on 05. November 2009 02:42
Basashi King
thanks for the tips will - ill give them a go! unfortunately i never seem to have enough dollar for the shield axe.

how far can u get on the standard 2 credits?

merlin, i might get round to trying crossed swords 2 on nebula. id be game for an online match sometime, but id have to know what to download first. ill ask in the emu thread when i get time. i no longer have a joypad for my laptop, but crossed swords is no problem on keyboard.

glowsquid - made any progress yet?
horsemanfan wrote:
i played the 1st 1 is the second 1 just as good& does it suffer from any load issues,are there any otherClap neocd xclusives 2 look 4?

It's probably the better game of the two but I still prefer the original. There's only a little bit of loading time at the start of a level so pretty insignificant really. As for other Neo CD exclusives apart from Neo Geo CD Special (a demo disc) and ADK World ( a collection of mini games) there are:

Ironclad - great vertically scrolling shooter by Saurus

Zintrick - excellent puzzle game by ADK

Samurai Shodown RPG - very hard to play if you don't know Japanese although a translation is in the works.

Mahjong Final Romance 2

King of Fighters '96 Collection

You can play all of these using Nebula if you want to try them out.

Basashi King wrote:
merlin, i might get round to trying crossed swords 2 on nebula. id be game for an online match sometime, but id have to know what to download first. ill ask in the emu thread when i get time. i no longer have a joypad for my laptop, but crossed swords is no problem on keyboard.

If you're ever in the UK and fancy playing a 2 player game of Crossed Swords online then I'd definitely be up for it. I couldn't play you online properly on kaillera while you're in Japan because of the distance but you could always in the future set up a game of Crossed Swords on a Japanese server and see if someone there is interested in playing. If you need any help in the future with playing online let me know.
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