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November 13 2019

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Thread Author: eccentric cat
Thread ID: 2088
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There are 20 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 14192 times.
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Is Super Sidekicks any good?
Of course! One of the best on the NG! Of course! One of the best on the NG! 13%[2 Votes]
Its very good! But its outdone by others Its very good! But its outdone by others 27%[4 Votes]
Its ok, but nothing special Its ok, but nothing special 40%[6 Votes]
Its bad, not worth playing... Its bad, not worth playing... 0%[0 Votes]
Havem't played this, but I'll be sure to! Havem't played this, but I'll be sure to! 20%[3 Votes]
Total Votes : 15
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Super Sidekicks discussion
eccentric cat
NOTE: This was a previous Game of the week discussion thread!

Hello all, time for a new Game of the Week! Super Sidekicks! One of the few soccer (or football for the UK) on the NeoGeo, and... I don't have much to say here, since I've never played it. ^^;

Let's hear what you guys have to say!

Super Sidekicks

Players: 2
Genre: Sports/Football (Soccer)
Size: 54 megs
Released on: AES, MVS, Neo CD

Brief Description:

Published in 1992, the original Super Sidekicks (known as Tokuten Ou, "Goal-Scoring King" in Japan) was SNK's first soccer video game. It features 12 teams divided into two groups which compete for the "SNK Cup" (the main differences between teams is their formations on the field). Your team plays against all the others in your group, then it goes into an elimination tournament's semifinals and then the final to win the cup.



Super Sidekicks review by Kazuya_UK


Super Sidekicks Gameplay (courtesy of Merlin)

YouTube Video

Highscore Challenge:


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Edited by priest on 26. February 2012 00:18
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Mr Vengeance
Its fun but super limited these days. Much prefer Virtua Striker personally, but its fun for a while Smile
Mr Vengeance wrote:
Its fun but super limited these days. Much prefer Virtua Striker personally, but its fun for a while Smile

I totally agree. Funny thing with the SSK series is that if I play for around and hour, my eyes hurt. This doesn't happen with any other game. Don't if its from the animation or mix of colors.

I spent many hours playing Virtua Striker at the arcades with my brother. Great fun.
i havnt played it and probaly never will. not because it looks bad i just dont see myself playing it....actualy i might have it on the multicart i have ile have a look in the near future.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
It's an OK arcade soccer game.... I have the second one, but rarely play it. The strategy to win is kinda always the same, so it gets really boring.
Arcade football games never interested me really. The latest football game I played recently was "Mega Man Soccer" on the Super Nintendo.
Basashi King
isnt it the case that at half time, teams never switch ends of the pitch so theyre always kicking the same way?


i always liked the second game in the arcades though and have considered picking it up for the laugh. its common as muck but significantly less smelly.
Isn't this the game that often gets discarded when people want to make MVS/AES conversions , its certainly about the most common MVS cart about , so common in fact that I got my copy free from a guy I bought my jamma cab off as he knew it was worthless on ebay.

The game itself actually impressed me at the time as I was big into Taitos Football Champ and this impressed me when I first played it but like many early 90s footie games they just seem to age poorly and are almost unplayable to anybody who plays new games like Fifa/Pro Evo .

I am ashamed to say that I have never even tested my MVS copy but promise to do it tonight as its a little disrespectful of me to treat a game like that.
Basashi King
doesnt surprise me ste - they were everywhere back in the day. i remember that being in the cab at the local snooker club, along with puzzle bobble, ghost pilots and a golf game. i used to enjoy ghost pilots and play the puzzler a bit (id like to get ghost pilots for nostalgia, but havent seen it about) but never played the first footy game much.
Glad to see a sports game as game of the week!

I enjoy arcade football games and this is a pretty good game. However I don't feel much compulsion to play it when later games in the series have better graphics and also play better IMO. For some reason I find it really hard to score goals in the first game and easy in the other Sidekicks games. When I play the cpu the score very often ends up being 0-0.
Never figured out how to enjoy soccer games. It always felt as if my characters were being switched too fast and I'd just end up kicking it to nowhere hoping my random guy would be there and the opponent wouldn't. I know there's so much more to it but I guess I just don't "get it."
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Not a soccer fan really but I do enjoy the occasional "kick about" even if that's all it ever is. I've never played the games seriously, y'know, to win the tournament or whatever but as a distraction for 10/20 minutes Super Sidekicks is good fun.

I much prefer the second game, the super-close-up-ankle-shot penalties always remind me of my mispent youth in the local arcade.

The only soccer game I've ever played that had me saying, "this is fucking awesome!" and glued me to it for any real length of time was ISS64. No soccer game before or since has done that.
Arcade Football games are so miss understood and dismissed In terms of gameplay. I own the following football games

World Cup 90 (Jamma)
Football Champ (Jamma)
Soccer Brawl
Super Sidekicks
Olympic Soccer (Jamma)
Premier Soccer (Jamma)
Super Cup Finals (Jamma)
Super Sidekicks 2
Goal Goal Goal
Soccer Superstars (Jamma)
Super Sidekicks 3
Super Sidekicks 4
Tecmo World Cup 96
Tecmo World Cup 98 (ST-V)
Neo Geo Cup 98

I can 1cc some of these games and still do. I watched alot of guys back In the day and In demo vids just whacking the ball up field to no one or shooting everytime they get sight of goal not having a clue. The art of playing arcade style football games is completely different to the dull sims like fifa and pes. You have to pass your way through the cpu's team and never give them the ball as they will punish you especially In the latter stages of a credit. Scoring super goals early on will always raise the difficultly and often the cpu will push forward to try and level the score straight away. the key Is to force the goal keepers to make mistakes but this only works on the first 2 or 3 games as the difficulty cranks up. In the semi final/final you really are up agaist It often only getting 20-30% of the play, meaning chances are few and far between so keeping the ball and scoring are vital.

In terms of neo geo football games this is pretty fun. Ulitimate 11 takes the cake.

Football champ Is amazing its the first arcade/jamma pcb i ever bought and still love the fast paced crazy overhead kicks GGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

Check out my video of Tecmo world cup 98 (top game)

Matt is the Football guru.
presicion25 wrote:
Matt is the Football guru.
i do enjoy kicking the computers arse. And scoring last second winners in the latter games. I would love to play some football games in 2 player mode. My daughters 3 years old next week but she still cant get her head round puzzle bobble yet. She likes aero fighters 2 especially the dolphin and the baby.
Memories. I used to play this game in the arcades. The game had nice graphics for the time. Large sprites and cool cut scenes for the goals. The music was catchy as well. And the game was very hard really.

I could never finish that game until many years later. And that was once only, that's why I can't remember how was the ending Grin
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Fekra Magazine

Fekra Magazine readers Facebook group
cloudvii wrote:
Memories. I used to play this game in the arcades. The game had nice graphics for the time. Large sprites and cool cut scenes for the goals. The music was catchy as well. And the game was very hard really.

I could never finish that game until many years later. And that was once only, that's why I can't remember how was the ending Grin

Haven't finished any neo geo football games yet, I get close need more practice. I find taito football games easy and tend to finish them. Tecmo world cup 90's endings is very good. I will make time to play the series sometime and let you know if i ever see the ending.
Love this series a lot, and I'm not into football in real life.. haven't ever seen a whole footy match on tv or in real life, it doesn't interest me a bit, sorry guys..

But still the SS football games are the best I played on any system.. Love SS2 the most, but that could have something to do with nostalgia, it's the only SS I can remember playing in the arcades back then.. But SS1 is also great ol school football action, it's funny that the ball is so big in SS1 compared to the players, LOL
Edited by TLO on 17. December 2009 13:49
tokuten 1 is the best footy game to hit the arcade (back in the early 90s) it came on late of 1992 but ii still playable until virtua striker and hattrick hero 95 arrive and take the spot light
100 mega shocked
You might want to see the end of this very difficult game...
I found that on youtube :
An awesome exhibition from first game to finale (and ending credits) !
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