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June 25 2018

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 2085
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2266 times.
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You cant blame Last Blade
Check this out I was watching a show tonight on Sky called Japanese Teenage Killers about the rise in teenage Yakuza type biker gangs. One of the subjects was a young man who failed his entrance exam turned into a recluse playing videogames all day , yes its the blame videogames debate again but what shocked me was the clips of games which were shown.

Fist up a quick clip of last Blade and then a KOF game * clip was to fast to make it which one but I saw Kyo in later clothing so it could have been 99* and then it showed the inside of an arcade with a dancing matt game and the game beside it was MOTW.

Its crazy and very odd that it was mainly NG games projected in the clips almost surreal , I shall look out for the end of the show and see if I can find out when it was filmed as it had a kid still playing a PS1 which again was odd if it was a recent documentry which I assume it is not although the picture quality of the doc does not look very old , certainly not from the late 90s which I would suspect it is.

Teenage violence then blame Last Blade the world over , whilst it is a graphic game with a bit of blood I could think of more violent games to show as examples . Still it was nice to see some NG games on tv. The only feelings I get from playing LB are feelings of peace and contentment due to the almost mythical experience of playing such videogame art and beauty although Ive heard the Yakuza pay well so I may change career .
Edited by STE C on 28. October 2009 21:38
I think it's hilarious that Last Blade is being blamed on this time instead of Manhunt or Grand Theft Auto.
well thats odd i dont get it when we all have games like mortal kombat with all those fatalities why blaming last blade as we all know that mortal kombat games have blood spreading all over the screen what is the point blaming last blade i dont get the point or any neo-geo games?
Remember than SSVS was censored for violence (thank goodness for unibios).
Maybe the kid in question played a lot of fighting games so they showed video of them instead of blaming the typical culprits. If anyone ever does anything bad, anything else they have done can and will be blamed as the cause for it. It's true for movies, music, and video games. It's pretty much common knowledge by now that violence in media does not cause violence in real life. Anytime I see some jackass on TV freaking out that some teenage killer also played Halo so Halo must have been the cause, I just have to laugh. Idiots are funny.

Now, blaming violence on a game like Last Blade? I'd love to see that. That's just pure comedic gold.
I could not see date at the end of the documentary but it did say that the Japanese government planned to tighten the law regarding teenage crime in 2000 so the film must have been from 99ish . The kid in question held up a bus at knifepoint and stabbed a few people ,the film did seem to push the point that he spent all day playing fighting games but due to NG being almost non commercial the fact that it showed a clip of Last Blade was bizarre as theres a good chance the kid probably did not own or had even played it.

Basashi King might be able to shed light further as to how common NG games in Jap arcades in the late 90s and if he noticed any Teenage Yakuza wannabies hanging round Last Blade. I do not think the documentary was blaming LB in particular but choosing to show LB as an example of a violent videogame is a very poor choice.
Edited by STE C on 29. October 2009 11:11
Basashi King
i tell you what, when you think about all that 'videogames are corrupting my kid' crap from all those years back - the games these days are shocking! its all fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, blood galore etc. i wouldnt mind if the games were any good.

freaks are freaks anyway. games have nothing to do with people being weird!

sorry, rant over!

anyway ste, unfortunately i cant shed any light on your question, as i didnt arrive here until late 2004. but the last blade 2 was in the arcade i visited today!!! hurrah!!

That's funny. I remember a documentary (the filmmaker was killed during the shoot by Israeli soldiers) on Palestinians and their daily life, and it cuts to the two kids in an arcade playing Metal Slug 2.
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