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September 19 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 2080
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There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 13225 times.
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Umihara Kawase Jun on DS! Import now!
I'm sure many of you have no idea why I'm so excited. Umihara Kawase is a Super Famicom platformer (or "Rubbering Action Game" if you want to get technical) based around a very unique and well executed gameplay gimmick. Your goal is to get to the exit door of each stage in creative ways while avoiding weird walking fish creatures. The twist is you're equipped with a rubber fishing line that acts as a bouncy grappling hook. You'll have to use it to fling yourself around, swing like Spiderman, and of course to capture those fish creatures. Often times there is more than one exit to a level, and some doors are extremely tricky to get to. The physics are fantastic, and half of the fun comes from figuring out unique ways through each level as evidenced by the very first level in the video below.

Umihara Kawase - Super Famicom Version
YouTube Video

Umihara Kawase and it's PS1 sequel are both coming to DS in one awesome package being released this Thursday! I'd be extremely surprised if this game ever left Japan, so I already put in my import pre-order through Play Asia.

Umihara Kawase Jun - PS1 version
YouTube Video

There's a replay recording feature in each game (the original game has a fan translation patch) so you can record and playback your coolest tricks. The DS version has an artwork gallery as well.

Any other long time Umihara fans around here? If you've never heard of it until now I'm sure you won't want to drop almost $60 on an import, so I highly recommend that you try out the rom of the original game. It ranks very high on my favorite games of all time list.

Official Site
Series Fan Site
Pre-order at Play-Asia (They had the cheapest price I could find)
English translation of Umihara Kawase (Note: NOT the rom! Just the translation patch)
Edited by reelmojo on 10. November 2009 19:57
eccentric cat
!! Ah, How did I miss this thread!? o.o

I've always wanted to play Umihara Kawase! Its great to see the series still alive, and on the DS, too! Definitely getting it when I have the chance! :3
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
With the original series creators working on it again I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for a new sequel. Still, this package will definitely hold me over for a while. I got confirmation that it shipped today so I should have it early next week. So excited!

Glad to see you're interested in it, Cat. I'm surprised though that it seems like no one else is an Umihara fan around here though. The series definitely deserves more exposure. I think the original game would be a great candidate for a Wii Virtual Console game. Seems like a cheap way to get an Umihara game released in the west.
eccentric cat
I'd love to see an Umihara Kawase western release, it'd be a nice Virtual Console game! Even Cave Story has gotten a rerelease on Wii Ware, so it might be possible! If it does well, we might even see a proper sequel! Though, I'd think it'd be too quirky for it to do well overseas. ^^;
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I've played it on Super Famicom a long time ago. It's great fun imo. Nice to see it get a DS port.
Cool I have this game, this is one of the few games I still get my Super Famicom out to play (along with F-Zero). The music gets in your head after a while. you can do some pretty skilful moves with your fishing line when you get used to it too. (like in the first video) You get a little card with it with all her moves on Smile
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Oh man I would love to actually own the original! But buying a SFC just for one game, which itself is expensive, is just too much money for me. I don't even own an SNES after all.

Oh well, I'm making up for it by buying the DS version. Which still isn't here by the way! Argh!
Got my copy in the mail today! I can now say that the gameplay is 100% preserved from the originals! In addition to the artwork gallery I mentioned before you can also unlock the soundtrack and a bestiary. The bestiary is only for Umihara Kawase Jun, and it seems that the soundtrack is only for the original. The artwork is unlocked in Jun the same way that it is viewed by playing the original, meaning when you see a picture after beating certain stages (bosses mostly) it unlocks in the gallery. It seems that some of the artwork is new to this version too!

Flaws? Everything but the main menus for each game is in Japanese, which should be obvious. The only time that actually detracts from anything is in the bestiary. I'm sure fans will post some translations online soon though.

Oh, and the only time I only saw the title written in romanji once within the game and it said Umihara Kawase Shun, not Jun. I suppose both are still acceptable though.

I'm extremely happy with my purchase, and especially happy that I didn't import the PSP version which is supposed to be awful due to being ported by a different team.
Great news, really want to pick this one up for DS as well . Haven't had the chance, ahhem.. the money to get it for super famicom.
I've spent plenty of time with it now and it comes highly recommended. They're both perfect ports with cool extras. The extras are pretty much not necessary, although I do kinda still wish I could read that bestiary.

And yeah, an SFC is way too expensive, and I'm not sure if the game would play on a US system with a pass through cart or not. I actually just bought a Game Genie for my Genesis for that exact reason, and I'd think it would work the same way for SNES. Then again, Umihara itself is expensive too, so the DS version is still the best bet.
you could just get your system modded so you could play import games on it... or simply just buy a unboxed old Super Famicom - dirt cheap somewhere Smile

Didn't know that there where to versions on the DS cart, sweet.
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