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July 21 2017

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Aero Fighters 2

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Thread Author: The eccentric cat
Thread ID: 2074
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There are 35 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 15101 times.
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What do you think of Art of Fighting 2?
Its great! Definitely a great addition to the NeoGeo! Its great! Definitely a great addition to the NeoGeo! 39%[11 Votes]
Its very good! But still has some flaws... Its very good! But still has some flaws... 18%[5 Votes]
Its ok, but nothing special Its ok, but nothing special 29%[8 Votes]
Its horrible... Its horrible... 14%[4 Votes]
Haven't played this, but it looks good... Haven't played this, but it looks good... 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 28
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Art of Fighting 2 discussion
The eccentric cat
NOTE: This was a previous Game of the week discussion thread!

Hello all. Time for a new Game of the Week, Art of Fighting 2!

To be honest, its not one of my favorites, its unbelievebly hard, so I can't even pass the first stage... -.-; (thought, that maybe becasue I suck XD )

Generally, its considered in improvement, though. It did add more characters, better graphics, etc. So let's hear what you guys think. ^^;

Art of Fighting 2/Ryuuko no Ken 2

Players: 2
Genre Fighting
Size 178 Megs
Released on AES, MVS, Neo CD, SNES, Art of Fighting Anthology (PS2, Wii, PSP), Wii Virtual Console

Brief Description:

Art of Fighting 2 was released in 1994. The game's story is set a year after the original. Geese Howard, a rising star in Southtown's criminal underworld, calls fighters to the city for a new tournament, "The King of Fighters." Geese was the final boss and series villain of SNK's other fighting game franchise Fatal Fury (though he is a secret boss in this game), whose story took place over a decade after the events of Art of Fighting.Art of Fighting 2 was the only time Yuri Sakazaki was a playable character in the series. It also marked the only time that she donned her trademark outfit, which was made famous in The King of Fighters series. This game also marks the debut of Takuma Sakazaki without his Mr. Karate persona, as well as Eiji Kisaragi, who both appear in the King of Fighters series. This game is also notorious for its difficulty, with it being referred in many fighting circles as having some of the toughest opponent AI in a fighting game.



Art of Fighting 2 review by Kazuya_UK


Art of Fighting 2 Opening

YouTube Video

Other Media:

Yup! Visit the Jukebox for .mp3 goodies. :3


Highscore Challenge:

Yup, we have one! Good luck!


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Edited by The eccentric cat on 01. November 2009 21:41
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Great choice. It's a excellent old school SNK fighter with big characters and little animation that required the patience of a saint to learn the system. Not for the weak hearted, but the strong will be rewarded.
Basashi King
i love it! its absolutely brutal though. the graphics are great, the sound decent enough (love the chinatown stage), and the gameplay is fun if youre patient enough to learn. its a bit like the last samurai movie where tom 'nutjob' cruise gets beaten down, but keeps getting back up. the only difference here is that youll probably never beat this game! the sick satisfaction i get from winning a few matches on this game is tough to match.

i gave it top marks in the poll - sure, the ai being too hard is a flaw, but theres nothing quite like aof2!
Oh this is one game I was kinda dreading being game of the week. Im not the worlds biggest AOF fan but do enjoy the odd blast on the first one, but 2 I just do not like as much. Yes it is stupidly hard I dont think ive ever got past the second round its very bizzarre and makes me doubt my gaming skills when I play it therefore I avoid it. A lot of people seem to like this game though.
i love the characters, music, story and silly quotes

like many of you i dont enjoy the silly difficulty.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
'Its very good! But still has some flaws...'

And, because it is and it does. I really enjoy playing this game. It's brutal with huge sprites and erratic and dramatic. Great fun!

However, my issues come in the form of (in order of importance)
1) Controls
2) Excess difficulty

when a stick has 4 buttons available and the game uses a 4 button attack system, surely it makes sense to, well... not use 2 buttons to execute 4 attacks using a pressure sensitive / time depressed method? Do you really have that split second to wait for that HP or HK to execute? I know I don't.

requires little elaboration. Solid. It is doable though. I've completed this before... didn't face Young Geese though (surprise surprise!).

considering how cheap this game is to buy for the Neo, I think it offers amazing value for money. Great game Thumbs Up
Love it! So many memories of smokey arcades... It really pulled a crowd back then. There used to be queues, no shit, queues to play it. Good times.

Sadly I only finished the game, for the first time ever, this year. It's gotta be the only game that's taken me about a decade and a half to finish. Shiny is rubbish.
Basashi King
oh my god - you finished it?! 4 credits? whats the ending like??!

Say Cheese
Totally not worth it, haha.

YouTube Video
Mr Vengeance
I loath this game as every is already aware!

But some day I will buy it on the AES, and hopefully it will be that bit easier to play on the superior Neo Geo control interface to the PS2.
Basashi King
shiny you tease! im not watching the video - im gonna try and bust it myself if it takes two decades! but that pic looks cheesy as hell!

well done for getting through it! how many credits did you use?
I've seen that ending too. That was when I discovered that King had a little brother before he appeared in the 21st century KOF games.

This fighter game is all worthwhile playing as I see. This is the first time you see the entire geographical layout of Southtown City in between stages. In Art of Fighting 1, you only saw a bit of it. In Fatal Fury Southtown was a rough map. In Fatal Fury 3 Southtown wasn't shown too well.

In this fighter game you get not two but four different colours for your characters. When I play I just love to finish them off with one of those superhuman powers to expose their upper bodies. I particularly like how the characters relate to each other storywise. It seemed unbelievable on the headline "Lee Pai Long discovers cure for hemorrhoids".

The game does carry a few disappointments. The first is that the gain strength bonus game is really not good. I prefer the bottle cut game from the first game. The other disappointment is that John Crawley is ruined. He used to be smart in the prequel but now he's lamely saying "C'mon Baby". That's not much of a quote is it?
I'm a big fan of this one in fact it's my favourite in the series. Although the animation is not great the graphics do look very impressive. The large sprites and detailed backgrounds look gorgeous I think. The roster couldn't have been any better really. There aren't any characters I don't like. Overall it's a big improvement over the first game.

I can completely understand why people get annoyed with the difficulty. This is a definite flaw in the game. They should have made it a bit easier.

Glad to hear you managed to complete the game Shiny. It's a great feeling when you finally manage it. I honestly always thought I would never be able to do it.
come on then guys whos your fave character in this one. mines a tie between mr. karate himself and one of my fave characters in the fighting game world king.

i was a little upset when i saw the lack of todo and my friend was also upset cuz his name was tod. i wasnt to impressed with todo being swapped for temjin
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Powerwave wrote:
come on then guys whos your fave character in this one. mines a tie between mr. karate himself and one of my fave characters in the fighting game world king.

i was a little upset when i saw the lack of todo and my friend was also upset cuz his name was tod. i wasnt to impressed with todo being swapped for temjin

those two can 'leave' anyway for all I care. All I will say though, is that Todo got swapped for his uber-cooler daughter Kasumi in AOF3... so no loss there then really, eh? Wink

I have to say that in this game I like the obvious Robert, Takuma & Ryo selection the most. I think because of the novelty factor I use Takuma the most though. He looks awesome!

Powerwave I'd say that Yuri is definitely my favourite in the game and also in the whole series. For some reason in AOF2 I find her the easiest character to do well with. It's a shame she's only a playable character in one of the AOF games.

One thing I forgot to say about AOF2 is that the three bonus rounds are great. Some of the best in any fighting game I've played. The Final Fight style bonus round is the best. It's good as well that the bonus rounds actually make a difference to the gameplay by extending your lifebar for example.
Man, I have the biggest love/hate relationship with this game.... so many great memories of seen it for the first time in arcades, but i hate how cheap every round is. Reminds me of the last boss in SamSho 2, way too cheap to be fun.
Wild Tengu
The only thing good about AOF2 is Yuri, Eiji, Mr.Big and GEEEEESEEEEEEEEH.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 26. October 2009 01:42
HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP is this game hard!

I thought the original was tough. AOF2 is too hard. This is probably the only Neo Geo game that I can't beat in one go.

The only good thing about this game is it marks the first appearance of Eiji Kisaragi, who is my favorite Art of Fighting character
Edited by joedec on 28. October 2009 07:44
tony starks
Mr Vengeance wrote:
I loath this game as every is already aware!

But some day I will buy it on the AES, and hopefully it will be that bit easier to play on the superior Neo Geo control interface to the PS2.

Controls still suck on the Neo. I have not played this in years and one thing you have to get used to is the timing and stiff controls. I have playing a hell load of Art Of Fighting and was thrown off by the timing of pulling off moves. One thing that still helps is wall kicks, trust me. Good fun but nothing special in my book.
Starks is always out
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