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February 25 2018

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Thread Author: Basashi King
Thread ID: 2047
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There are 45 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 11650 times.
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Best Samurai Shodown game on NeoGeo
I nly played the first 2 games for the HSC. They are both ver similar but I liked the 2nd one better. I got the 3rd one and 5 too, I wish I had the full blood version of 5.

Was good fun to play SS and SS2 for HSC, but the blocking/counteracting style doesn't suit me so well. Last Blade all the way!

Back to this thread. I will say SS2 is the best cos I haven;t played the rest of the series!

Interested to see what people have to say about this new version of the 5th game Yao is talking about here

Yao wrote :- Hey in the forum I just read that there has been anoter version of Samurai Shodoen 5 Special, on Wikipedia I found:

"A further upgraded version of the game, Samurai Shodown V Special Final Edition, was also released, but is very rare."

Does anybody here know anything about it? I really want to see that game...

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Basashi King
YAO - holy crap! another game in the series! thats news indeed. id love to find out more about that one.

joedec, genjuro is an amazing character. the design is fantastic. ive been using him in 4 a bit and prefer him in that game to his ss2 style to be honest.

over at the wifes family pad at the mo but looking forwards to getting home and resuming the fighting!
Basashi King
just an update: since buying ss4 i have only been able to take it out of the slot once - when i picked up a copy of wh2 jet, which i found mint at a price i couldnt refuse.

i played wh2 jet for about 15 mins, but i had to stop and go back to ss4. ss4 gets better the more you play it. im really surprised by how much im enjoying it!

i might have to go judas on ss3 and join the orthodox view (i.e. ss4 is king)! ill get a chance to play 3 in a couple of months at xmas.

Edited to add: shame the presentation is inferior to ss3 and the final round purple background changes are also inferior to their ss3 counterparts. ss4 could have been even better. the last blade is an example of a beautifully presented game - but im actually enjoying this game much more. wow.

Edited by Basashi King on 21. October 2009 15:15
SS2... (Fanboy rambling deleted by admin. We know Shiny, it's best game "evaR", get over it.)
Mr Vengeance
I'm planning on setting up a Last Blade VS Samurai Showdown series thread and poll - Once interest in the FF VS KOF series goes down.
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