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March 25 2019

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Thread Author: Basashi King
Thread ID: 2047
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There are 45 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 13281 times.
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Which is the best Samurai Shodown game?
Samurai Shodown 1 Samurai Shodown 1 0%[0 Votes]
Samurai Shodown 2 Samurai Shodown 2 25%[4 Votes]
Samurai Shodown 3 Samurai Shodown 3 19%[3 Votes]
Samurai Shodown 4 Samurai Shodown 4 31%[5 Votes]
Samurai Shodown 5 Samurai Shodown 5 0%[0 Votes]
Samurai Shodown 5 Special Samurai Shodown 5 Special 13%[2 Votes]
No idea No idea 13%[2 Votes]
Total Votes : 16
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Best Samurai Shodown game on NeoGeo
Basashi King
OK gang, weve had the art of fighting discussion and now merlin has set the world heroes ball rolling. im interested in seeing what peoples top samurai shodown game is, and why.

im a big fan of samurai shodown, as it was the game that made me need to own a neo geo. i love it! i currently own 1, 2 and 3 on aes. unfortunately, my copy of 3 is in the uk and i havent been able to play it so much (im really missing it at the moment) - but i feel that 3 is probably the best. i have played 4 in the arcade and on emulation a little, and have also played 5 and 5 special on emulation.

here are some of my thoughts:

samurai shodown 1: a better 1 player game than its sequel - the difficulty level is pitched about right. the characters are fab and the announcer is the best in the series. a classic.

samurai shodown 2: fabulous new characters and great presentation on the player select screen. backgrounds are generally improved here, with haohmarus stage and hanzous stage being two of my favourites. i love wan fus new weapon too. however, the difficulty level is a complete booby: its much too hard, forcing the player to be incredibly cheap to win. the cast is great for 2 player matchups, although i miss tam tam. undeniably an amazing game.

samurai shodown 3: i remember feeling disappointed when i first played this very briefly in an arcade. after the heights of 2, this felt like a terrible low. however, playing it on emulation and later on aes made me come around to it as possibly the ultimate daddy. the control system is better, and i love its emphasis on precise, heavy attacks (the preceeding two games also had this bias too but it is much more pronounced here). the graphics are ace - and i love it how the backgrounds change in the final round when both players are low on energy. its beautiful, and creates a feeling of tension which is hard to match in other fighting games. im actually really p*ssed off that i cant play it right now to be honest! the only negative is the relatively small roster, although each character is well animated. there is also the two fighting styles, which i would love to hear more about from posters here. one more negative: kuroko has become a mirror match. shame - he was the king in ss2.

samurai shodown 4: plus point here is the greater cast list - but the game feels less atmospheric than the former one. amakusa popping up and turning the screen purple just doesnt cut the cheese. im not sure doubling the energy bars makes a huge amount of difference either - its still possible to deal huge damage with heavy attacks. being without ss3 at the moment, i am really tempted to buy this, but id like to hear owners opinions on it.

samurai shodown 5: i havent played this much at all really, but i enjoyed the change back to the ss3 single energy bar style, with the twist of the slash power bar that depletes and refills every time you attack. im not a fan of the reverting back to ss1 and 2 control scheme though. posters: is it worth considering this game?

samurai shodown special: the full dream match cast (pretty much), but how good are the fighters to use, and how well animated? my feeling is that graphically (and in other areas too) the series peaked at 3. and, the endings are total crud. but ive had fun with this game; one day i may be crazy enough to pick up an unfixed copy for my aes. but that day is a way off yet!

sorry for the long post - but thats my take on the series.

please vote in the poll as im keen to see what current opinions are on these games.
Mr Vengeance
I can't really comment on the series overall, I've not explored it properly yet in fairness. What I will say is that SSII is technically amazing to look at, especialy considering its age, but I find the slow gameplay.... well, its not that I don't like it, its more that I prefer the faster playability in something like Fatal Fury. I've got the first one on the Wii, and its very nice to look at, I prefer the art style to II, though the effects aren't as good.

As I've been saying on here recently, I prefer the look of SS V as its a bit more cheerful than the drabness of 3 and 4. Whilst I can appreciate they are technically amazing videogames in terms of their graphics, they don't suit my tastes, though as we know many others like them.

After I get another Neo title or two, I think I'm going to wind down the buying a bit (I know I've said this before, but I mean it now!) and don't think I will be buying any more SS games soon. Mainly because they just don't float my boat from what I've seen and played of them..... And the one that does appeal, SS V, is still rather expensive. If I get a lucky bid in on eBay then maybe I will get it, but I'm in no rush.
Wild Tengu
Samurai Shodown II and V Special are the best ones IMO. II is very deep, very mindgame oriented, and V Special keeps the tradition, but is a little bit more rush down friendly and offers more defensive tools, and has an excellent roster (Except for Kusaragedo).

The original Samurai Shodown holds a special place in my heart. I absolutely detest III, despite the fact it gave us Basara and Shizumaru, the removal of Charlotte and Jubei is downright dirty, and I dislike Nakoruru's design in that game, and Nakoruru was also really ridiculous in that game compared to other SS games. The collision boxes in III are also atrocious, and there are so many freaking bugs and stupid infinites in the game.

Seriously, look at this BS -

YouTube Video

Has for IV, it was okay, brought back Charlotte and Jubei at least, but I dislike the new combo system, SS shouldn't be that much of a combo oriented game I believe, more about timing with single strikes and pokes.
is my favourite. I've watched Sir Tengus video, but it doesn't particularly bother me as MOST, if not all fighters have those kind of tricks up their sleeves. As for collision detection? Never had an issue PERSONALLY.

So, SS3 is my favourite SS. I originally had SS1 and made the leap from 1 to 3 as 2 was Neo only at that time (which I didnt have). For me, the change was mindblowing. I loved the new chunky, more NeoGeo-esque graphics and I really welcomed the new 4 button system too. Well revised IMO. SS3 also operates the ability to inflict HUGE damage with well placed Slashes. Good defense is key, as is the ability to find a good opening. Another cool thing was the ability to choose between 2 variations of the same character. Of particular note is Galford, whose alternate versions differ between him having and using the dog, and the other utilising lightning based attacks. It goes more in-depth than that, but I'm a little tired... sorry! The final showdown with the AMAZING Zankuro is also noteworthy. One of the coolest showdowns you'll have in a fighting game... crank the volume, trust me!

I voted for SS4! The reason being that, although I like 3 best, I think overall SS4 is the best in the series. The roster is great, it plays better and is more refined (and simplified) than SS3. The best in the SS series IMO.

SS4>SS3>SS5>SS1&SS2... iIdon't have SS5sp, so cannot comment there... sorry!
SS6 is probably pretty good, but waiting to get a UK copy before I get 'stuck in'

eccentric cat
Really hard to pick one...

I love Samurai Shodown because of the nostalgia, but I also like V Special because of the gameplay, and Rera, who's one of the best characters in the Samurai Shodown series! X3 (inb4 she's not a real character)

Um... I'll say SSV Special. ^^;
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I say defenitely Samurai Spirits 4. In my opinion it has the best roaster, the best atmosphere, best stages, best system which puts a lot of strategy into the gameplay. My heart beats for the first title though, because it made me fall in love with the NeoGeo, and is probably my favorite game of all time, for nostalgic reasons of course. It just makes me feel like christmas 1993, where life just was candy and video games Smile
My vote goes to 4 though, becuase objectively it is the best.
I hate 5. It is so horrible, the atmosphere just makes it an atrocity. Doesn't feel like SS to me at all.
Basashi King
think we had pretty much the same experience with ss1, yao!

and tengu, thanks for posting the vid. like ninja wrote though, its not the only game with that kind of flaw. as you said, the game should be about single strikes and timing; i cant ever imagine playing that way. whilst ive never been a huge charlotte fan (used to have trouble beating her!) i agree that jubeis loss in 3 sucked big time. hes one of the best characters and perhaps the biggest draw for me to buy 4.

still no votes for ss1?! maybe michael max will turn up and vote for it - it deserves some support!
SS3 for me. I love the rawness of it.

Bust Ukyo>All
Its tricky as my fave opinion seems to jump from 4/5/2 but hand on heart I would have to say 4 is the best package. I went through a phase of playing 5 a lot but much prefer the 3-4 control method and I agree that 3 has a certain rawness to it and cool atmosphere. 5 Special I know is loved by many and does play better than 5 it just that I dont like the fact you only see half the game unless you kill finish every opponent , which I find very difficult but maybe im just crap.

The whole series is top class in my eyes ( I have never played the 3d versions although I am mildly curious to play one at some point) they for me are arguably my fave series. I am boring in my selection of character as I often pick Haomauru or Genjuro but agree that Ukyo is very cool and deadly when in the right hands.

4 is the best
Edited by STE C on 15. October 2009 10:27
Basashi King
i love haohmaru and genjuro - theyre the kings! ukyo and jubei are awesome too.

what do you men by 'seeing half the game' ste in 5 special? let me know!
I have noticed that the game over screen comes up after you defeat about 4 opponents, I have heard, but other members correct me if I am wrong you have to beat everybody with finishing moves or moves that slice them up in order to progress. Perhaps a more experienced SS5S player could explain exactly how it works as I am not to sure myself.
Zetsumei Ougi to the face... yeah?
ss2 has a special place in my heart it was my first neo game alongside ffspecial, world heroes 2 and 3count bout and i do love it alot. i also own ss4 and ss5 i do realy like ss4 but its not my fav simply because it dosnt make my heart as joyfull.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Basashi King
how do you rate ss5 mr wave, having the others in the series to compare it to?
I voted for Samurai Shodown 4 but I always have a hard time choosing between this and SS3. Both are excellent and two of my favourite games on the Neo. Here's what I think of the series:

Both classic games which are still as much fun to play as ever. An essential part of any Neo Geo collection. Graphically they still look impressive too. I never was that keen on the press two buttons for a hard attack control scheme though.

I like the new darker atmosphere in these games. For me these two games have some of the most impressive graphics on the system with large well animated sprites and beautiful stages. The simpler control scheme was a definite improvement too with three slashes and one kick. It never bothered me all that much that certain characters from the previous games had been left out. The new characters in 3 and 4 were a really nice addition especially Rimururu. The slash/bust system was a very original idea too and it's nice to have the option of playing two different versions of the same character. Also with regards to SS3 I don't see why it's such a big deal really if there are some issues like infinties for some characters for example. A lot of fighting games have issues like these and you can easily just ignore these things.

Overall I'd say that SS4 is the better game of the two but only by a very small margin. The extra characters in SS4 were a nice addition, there's increased scope for combos and they put more work into the storyline. One thing I don't like about SS4 though is that in single player mode you have a very tight time limit to reach Amakusa's castle. It makes you feel like you have to rush when you're playing.

SS5&SS5 Special
I'm really not a fan of these at all. Firstly I think they are a step backwards graphically. SS3 and SS4 both look better. I don't like any of the new characters especially that large creature and the girl with the bow. They seem out of place and are are nowhere near as good as the regular cast members. It was a mistake to include bust versions of existing characters as selectable characters in their own right e.g. Rera. I don't see them as proper characters really. (sorry Cat!) Also why change the perfect control scheme of 3 and 4? That was a really bad idea too.
Edited by merlin on 16. October 2009 04:41
Wild Tengu
merlin wrote:Also with regards to SS3 I don't see why it's such a big deal really if there are some issues like infinties for some characters for example. A lot of fighting games have issues like these and you can easily just ignore these things.

But it's Samurai Shodown, not Marvel vs. Capcom. There's no excuse for a game like Samurai Shodown to have such simple infinites in it, it's not a combo oriented game. It's not easy to ignore something that every single Haohmaru player out there knows about and will try to exploit at every chance they get.

SS3 is just easily the most retardedly broken of the Samurai Shodown games (Next to the original Samurai Shodown V). Nobody plays it competitively for that very reason, unlike SS2 which gets tons of comp, and VSP as well. SS2 is like the Super Street Fighter II Turbo of SS games, while VSP is like the Alpha 3 of SS games. SS3 would be like the Street Fighter 3: New Generation of SS games, nobody plays it, it's borked, but it looks nice. IV is like 2nd Impact:Giant Attack, improved on alot of things, but still not right.

SS needs to get it's SF3:Third Strike. Tenka I think is more like the CvS2 of SS... offers a variety of gameplay modes and a large roster of characters, but the balance isn't all there.

But yeah, I'm rambling on here... but SS3 is generally the most hated of the SS games, not counting Warriors Rage on PSone and the original SSV.
I would have to go with Samurai Shodown II. It took everything that was awesome about the first game and made it even better. It also marked the first appearance of Genjuro Kibagami, who is one of my all-time favorite video game characters.
Basashi King
great to read some more comments. i love ss2 too, joedec, but dont you feel its too hard as a single - player game? how do you get on with it and who do you play as? can you clear it on 1 credit mvs?

tengu, your 'rambling' as you put it is pretty interesting. i dont agree with you about 3 being a stinker though (although i cant play it right now and havent had the chance to play it so much). the video you posted of haohmaru was 'bust' type; is 'slash' haohmaru also abuseable?

merlin, i think ill agree with you about the time limit in 4. in 3, i loved the tension in the matches, especially with kyoshiro. its great waiting for the time to strike - surely this new element will change the game no end in 4?

yao, whilst i dont find the graphical style in 5 and 5sp as offensive as you do, i think it is perhaps a step backwards.

anyway, as its my birthday tomorrow i thought id blow some dough and treat myself, so i picked up 4 today. im just about to power it up and give it a go! Shop
Wild Tengu
The only thing that was a step backwards in SS5/SP's graphical style was the background art really. Most of them are just blah, save for the ship, and the mountain background. Some of the other stages have a really crappy perspective to them with horrible looking floors. There are also some graphical glitches in some backgrounds.
Basashi King
its great having jubei back. 'forgive my superiority'!!
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