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November 19 2019

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Thread Author: Shadi_Potter
Thread ID: 2009
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There are 37 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 26736 times.
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Quartermaster: Capcom/SNK fansites
Heya again.

After several months of hiatus, I'm glad to present the "renovated" ARCADE QUARTERMASTER portal.

I'm still looking forward that I will also have a whole majority of SNK's shooting and fighting games (and sidescrollers) on the website, so enjoy. Smile
Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Smile

Anyway, I just uploaded WH 2 Jet and WH Perfect, completing the entire World Heroes Anthology portfolio.

Have a nice day and year ahead! Grin
Hi everyone. Happy new year!

I've updated the portal, included new games in the Capcom site as well as completed various SNK collections and most of all, added a new site for Sega games.

I hope you enjoy! Smile
Happy New Year Shadi and thanks for all your hard work on the site. It's a great resource for Capcom and SNK fans and I do visit your site every so often. Great to see you're also going to start covering Sega arcade games. Clap
merlin wrote:
Happy New Year Shadi and thanks for all your hard work on the site. It's a great resource for Capcom and SNK fans and I do visit your site every so often. Great to see you're also going to start covering Sega arcade games. Clap

Thanks merlin!

New shrine is about one of my favorite SNK medieval beat-em-ups, Crossed Swords! The in-depth GameFAQ layout of the chapters gives me an idea how to cover other games with a lot of branching paths in the future.

Hopefully, one more shrine for this month! Smile
Well that was earlier than expected. Thumbs Up

Two new shrines for beloved Sega classics are up for action, ALTERED BEAST and GOLDEN AXE.
New site update! Grin AQ's also now on Twitter @ArcadeQtrMaster!

I've been playing around with the main page lately, but for now, I've added the Twitter widget for the main page along with the shoutbox. New stuff will be up in the site in the future.

As for this month's feature, we have good ol' Joe Musashi's 1987 arcade debut as the shuriken-throwing SHINOBI! Ninja

PS: I find it bizarre that MJ's Moonwalker (esp the Megadrive version) has "almost" a lot of similarities to Shinobi's platforming style.
Hello guys!

As someone's currently having a sort of "ninja craze", I bring forth the ADK classic NINJA COMMANDO for the SNK Collection, adding another shooting game for the Neo-Geo. More plans of adding non-fighting SNK games for the site. Ninja

Since it went up early, *hopefully* I could create a couple of new game shrines for March. Grin
Edited by Shadi_Potter on 18. March 2012 05:09
Hello! As previously said, there are 2 new shrines up in the site.

I still have more games to bring up for the Capcom site, so don't feel as if I've abandoned the site since it covered most of CPS3 and CPS2 games already. As of right now, many thanks to PrimeOp and thepixelpump for being major sprite references in the new BLACK TIGER shrine.

And of course, more ADK ninja action with the extremely rare/prized fighting game NINJA MASTER'S HAOH NINPO CHO. Being ADK's final fighting game, it quite has good innovations of its own that makes it different from World Heroes, Samurai Shodown or other weapon fighting games for that matter. And having 4 badass characters from the Sengoku are there. Ninja

Currently working on another shrine for the month of May, so stay tuned!
Hi guys, Happy New Year!

I know I haven't been updating the site for the second half of last year due to personal matters as well as issues with the site, but I managed to still bring the revival of the site since I now merged all sites in one, giving me the freedom to feature almost any arcade game from any company in any future update.

The site is back like Geese does best!

For Jan and Feb 2013, the site now features 80s-early 90s arcades like TMNT, Double Dragon, Gauntlet, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Growl, Capt. America & Avengers, Bad Dudes, X-Men and many more! I'm also trying out new pages and slowly expanding the site. Don't worry, I know there's still a lot of NeoGeo sidescrollers out there I haven't featured, and they're on the way (I'm really looking forward esp for the 3rd Sengoku).

There might be still a bunch of games I had done in the past year that I haven't mentioned, so it's there. Wink

Have a nice day! Smile
Great site i was stuck on it for an hour or two although i have lots of studying to do haha
Hi guys, it's been quite a while since I did SNK shrines these past few months (I only did Eightman), but I'm glad to mention that this October features three new SNK games into the mix!


1) It is not insain, just evilly reprogrammed [sic]. The shmup with the interesting ending, Cyber-Lip!

2) Grind metal against metal as cyborgs and androids smash faces and sever bodies in Robo Army's Neo-Detroit!

3) The twins are back, different "names" though. Evoga's spiritual sequel to to 1995 DD game, Rage of the Dragons!

I hope you'll like the new shrines. Andy

As an extra, the shrine for the 1992 G.I. Joe game has been added for October's update!
Edited by Shadi_Potter on 27. September 2013 19:22
Good work Shadi and thanks for keeping us updated. I do still drop by your site every so often. I hope you will add a shrine for Varth in the future.

Got a good deal with regards to my new hosting/domain provider so I took the chance to have my site transferred, which caused the delay.

Anyway, it's December once again! I noticed a couple games that celebrated its 20~ anniversary and I took chance to have it featured before the year ends. Since Paul Anderson's Mortal Kombat movie was also running this month on cable, why not complete the first two games the movie is based from?

Mortal Kombat II and Virtua Fighter are now in shrine form at the site! During the transfer "downtime" I managed to sneak in considerable updates to the fighting engines Last Blade 2 and Fighting Vipers, while Mortal Kombat and Last Bronx gained the most revamps.

Advanced Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Grin
Happy New Year everyone!

I'd just want to notify you that I have completed the Mortal Kombat series for the arcade as well as a Puyo Puyo shrine. For the site's 6th year I have released a Shock Troopers and RoboCop shrine in lieu of the upcoming film.

I'm also planning to release several Neo-Geo games in future months for this year. A guestbook and FB page have also been setup for any comments and suggestions. Grin

TYVM! Headbang 2

The March shrines are now up in the site. Burning Fight, Legend of Success Joe and Fight Fever are the SNK line-up for this update. Past month's a bit rough for me lately, so maybe I got along with it while doing THOSE shrines.

More SNK shrines to come per update as well as homages for all the awesome movies coming soon this year! Smile

April's SNK update for the site will be Magician Lord, along with Slam Dunk and Avengers in Galactic Storm (under Marvel fighting) to reference characters from the upcoming films The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy!
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