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September 19 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 2005
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There are 228 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 65535 times.
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Super Street Fighter IV
Capcom put up a teaser site here.

The guy on the right looks like DeeJay, but the guy on the left just looks like Ryu. Evil Ryu maybe? Because that's what the game needs is more shotos. Roll Eyes

EDIT:Should have checked Fighter's Generation before I posted. Check these out:

T.Hawk and a newcomer named Juki are confirmed! Hopefully there's 4 new characters just like the Super version of SF2... and hopefully it's DLC so I don't have to pay another $60 for it.

EDIT2: Nope it's a stand alone title. 8 new characters and gameplay tweaks. DeeJay is confirmed too. Speculation for the other five? Karin, Ibuki, Alex, Birdie, and Adon are my picks, assuming none of the other characters will be new like Juri there.
Edited by reelmojo on 30. September 2009 14:30
New character looks redonkulous.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Basashi King
ill be hoping to see some new backgrounds. i heartily disapprove of characters sharing stages - theres just no excuse for it... especially when some of the offerings reek o' pap. that one ken and tubby rufus share is really annoying. lazy, lazy, lazy. i hate it.

im hoping for more speed and the odd gameplay tweak, and of course some new fighters.
to be honest with you guys im a big fan of sf4. im unsure why there seems to be so much negativity about it. or at least that the impression i get, admitadely its not the best fighter around but its the best were gonna get in todays gaming in terms of 2d fighters... and i am pretty damn looking forward to this game not because of newbies (i didnt get on with the newbies in sf4) but im excited about playing as older characters would love if guy could return would love to mix up some oldies with the gameplay of sf4.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
I agree on the game needing more backgrounds. I love that some of the current backgrounds are mildly interactive though, like things falling off of shelves when powerful moves are done nearby or Flash Kicking the wing off of a plane. Doesn't effect the gameplay (as it shouldn't) but it looks cool. Hopefully the new backgrounds will be interactive too.

My friend said he wants Haggar in the game. That'd be a huge curveball and I'd love it. We've already seen Guy, Cody, Maki, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison from Final Fight, but Haggar is who we want! Even if he is similar to Zangief.

Also, I'd like the story to progress. People need to die before Street Fighter III's story starts. I'd like at least for Bison, Seth, and Gouken to die for good. Then again SF has a lighter tone thank SNK's fighters so I'm probably dreaming thinking that popular characters could actually die. Capcom doesn't seem to really care about SF's story that much, which is why it's still such a jumbled mess after all these years.
Basashi King
hey powerwave, im a HUUUGE fan of this game too. i love it! i played it today in the arcades - theres nothing quite like trashing someone and hearing them smashing the buttons on their machine in frustration (you cant see your opponents in japanese arcades, but you can hear them swear!).

as for haggar coming back, i dont know about xbox online, but here in japan one of the most popular dlc for the arcade version is zangiefs haggar outfit. it feels like haggar has been around awhile!

im not a fan of the new characters either, but its great that theyre actually used by opponents. abel is a fun challenge to play against - viper can be a little whore at times but that pip squeak fuerte is just an anal sphincter. rufus looks like a retard but is actually useful.
This is pretty cool news though I'm looking more forward to the updated BlazBlue game that's coming out in several months.
I like the new female character better than the other one. yes SFIV is a good game, I prefer it so far to SFII but some chracters have too much range on their attacks I think, but other than that I like it lots so far, and I haven't even learnt many advanced techniques yet. Capcom really did a great job rejuventaing the series in 3D (even though it is still playus 2D) , and 3rd Stike is still available for 2D heads to enjoy.

I was expecting the usual Capcom-milking of the franchise but I wonder if it will be so well recieved in these days of DLC. Definitely need new backgrounds - I think they will be there for the release.
Edited by RiKo on 29. September 2009 17:32
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Basashi King wrote:
...viper can be a little whore at times but that pip squeak fuerte is just an anal sphincter. rufus looks like a retard but is actually useful.

to add here guys, but I found these comments pretty funny (and there's not much I find funny to be honest). Thanks for excusing Abel. He IS the shit, and was the only SINGLE good thing to come out of SF4 IMO. The rest was total f*ckin' bore. Zangief & Sagat, as always (all these years on!) were tier gods, and tbh, Ryu the little cock muncher wasn't far behind. The stupid combo's I could chain together with our Rambo-Shoto friend were just plain ridiculous... especially after mastering the special > focus cancel > dash cancel > super > ultra... yadda.

about the sequel and hope:
1) they add some interesting (preferably 3rd Strike or 'good' Alpha) characters, and like 'mojo said, seriously now... Kill off Gouken, Gouki & Seth. They are pure lose.
2) Iron out the tier issues, especially Ryu! FFS this is the entry level guy, just ramped up to A(+) tier! WTF??
3) There's more (like better stages and music, make some of the characters look better - better faces, stances, revised kick & punch animations etc).

great for the first week, then I got bored. Oh yeah, they can make FeiLong more like he used to be too (with his original Fwd+HK for example) and replace that shite standing HK too.

for further insights into PPLs opinions on SF4 etc, please check out this link to the original/old SF4 thread... might make some interesting reading? Wink

DeeJay this time pls. Alex, Dudley & Makoto'd be nice too... not to mention Ibuki, Remy, Yang etc. Ahhh... and Jeans & T-Shirt Cody for your troubles, Guy, Haggar & Sodom'd be cool too. Thanks.

basashi king: glad to see another fan yep the new characters i wouldnt say are completely useless its just that they are very different to the oldies and generaly i think i always choose to play as a good old sf2 fighter anyday of the week. just rescntly though ive been having a good go with the newbies and getting to grips with them more. i think abel is the dogDog
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
DeeJay this time pls. Alex, Dudley & Makoto'd be nice too... not to mention Ibuki, Remy, Yang etc. Ahhh... and Jeans & T-Shirt Cody for your troubles, Guy, Haggar & Sodom'd be cool too. Thanks.

I'd put money on Remy not being one of the new characters. Just way too redundant.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I'm not a big fan of SF 4 but i like playing it and i look forward to play new version. I hope they bring Guy, Cody and Birdie. I read on somewhere there will be a character named Hakan who is an Arab wrestler and Hakan is a Turkish name. He should be Turkish Pfft

Here is a gameplay video of Juri and T. Hawk. I can't say i'm impressed by Juri's moves.

YouTube Video
Zakatek wrote:
...I can't say i'm impressed by Juri's moves

I think she looks alright. I'd give her a go!
Basashi King
ninja - ill check back at the other thread when i get time, cheers. im surprised you got bored with it within a week though.

ive been playing sf4 since its arcade release most days of the week, and only started to get a little bored recently, as i wanted a bigger roster than the arcade offered (this eventually led to me considering xbox 360 / ps3 but ultimately deciding to blow out the nextgen and actually go back to neo geo, for the record). im into my snk stuff at the moment, but that didnt stop me going back to the arcade yesterday for a cheeky blast.

regarding all the tier talk, its pap really. whether you think sagat, zangief, ryu, rufus or boxer are too strong (i would personally go with sagat if i was absolutely forced to pick one) - i have been trashed with claw (uk vega), and seen people destroy the opposition with supposedly weak characters here many many times. i know that the game is incredibly well balanced - because i have seen it.

i agree that i wouldnt expect to see remy, boogiepop. i doubt well see dudley either. im sure deejay will be in though.

as for the new character, she looks useful. i like her forward dash. i must say id like to see a bit more speed in the game though... and what the hell is the announcer all about?

Basashi King wrote:
i agree that i wouldnt expect to see remy, boogiepop. i doubt well see dudley either. im sure deejay will be in though.

Dee Jay is in
YouTube Video
Now that I've seen Juri in action I think she looks badass! I love how she whispers something to her opponent during her Ultra Combo right before finishing them off. So cool. Hopefully she's voice acted well in the English version so that move can live up to it's potential.

I also noticed that there seems to be two levels to the Ultra Combo meter now. Super Ultra Combos? SUC? Let's hope they check out what the abbreviation will be before they name it.

Oh, and I changed the thread title since I posted it before I knew it was a separate game and not just DLC characters.
Edited by reelmojo on 30. September 2009 14:31
Basashi King
well spotted mojo - there are indeed numbers by the ultra guage.

maybe the new game could be sf3 style, where the player can have a choice of ultras. if so, that would be quality.

looking forward to more news!
should've been in 4 instead of Gen & Rose.

Gen's gash IMO and Rose is pretty good (I like her in the SFA series) BUT they had/have no business in SF4. They were just a waste of time, literally (using them AND all the time that went into creating them). It's just typical Capcom not making sense... again! They're really good at it (like putting Frank West in TVC! WTF??!).

I'd really like to give DeeJay a go though... as he's one of my (few!) SF2 faves. In truth, I only really like Guile, Sagat, Ryu, Ken, DeeJay, FeiLong & Cammy in SF2. (Ryu>Ken).
(&... M.Bison-dictator-, but I always feel 'dirty' using him, which detracts from his overall enjoyment factor for me, at least in SF2 games, SF4 & CVS's - not the Alpha's or VS games)

Also, I don't mind using Vega(claw), Balrog(boxer) too, but don't use them 'whole-heartedly' as I'm not overly keen on either of them.

Not EVER liking Honda, Zangief, Blanka, Chun-Li & Dhalsim was always going to be stumbling block with SF4, as they're SF popular mainstays... just not mine. I ONLY like ChunLi in SF3, as she's amazing in that, but I don't like her (again) in SF4... shame.

to see how different it ends up being. If it is merely SF4 with the extra's 'bolted-on', you can count me out unfortunately, as I find SF4 to be a real borefest. Sorry (and i LOVE the SFseries' too :()
Basashi King
i think it is clearly going to be sf4 with extras bolted on as you put it. that was always the way before with the supers, turbos et al so if the first game didnt grab you, then its a safe bet that this one wont float your boat either.

i tell you what would do it for me: 4 old faces, 4 new ones, new backgrounds, choice of ultras, more speed, tweaked gameplay. new boss too - i think seth is pants. whoever designed him should be removed from their desk and forced to clean the capcom toilets for a few years.
yeah i think seth looks like a bad mr. manhaturn from watchmen.

i use all the fighters in sf4 but i would say i use zangief, guile, vega(claw) and the most oh and blanka i just have always loved them since sf2
Edited by Powerwave on 30. September 2009 18:31
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
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