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February 13 2016

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Thread Author: The eccentric cat
Thread ID: 1998
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There are 19 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 10980 times.
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Is Savage Reign still good to come back to?
Definitely! A great title for the NeoGeo! Definitely! A great title for the NeoGeo! 36%[5 Votes]
Its very good! But has a few flaws Its very good! But has a few flaws 14%[2 Votes]
Its good, but needs some improvement Its good, but needs some improvement 21%[3 Votes]
It sucks, not worth coming back to... It sucks, not worth coming back to... 7%[1 Vote]
Haven't played it, not interested Haven't played it, not interested 0%[0 Votes]
Must've missed it, I'll play it soon! Must've missed it, I'll play it soon! 21%[3 Votes]
Total Votes : 14
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Savage Reign discussion
The eccentric cat
NOTE: This was a previous Game of the week discussion thread!

Hello! Time for Game of the Week! This time being Savage Reign!

Savage Reign is really a fun game. The 2 Planes system is actually pretty fun! Though the controls could use some work. And to be honest, the characters haven't aged well... ^^;

Ah, but Sho Hayate, King Lion, and Jyazu returned in later SNK installments, and they got better than ever! X3

Savage Reign

Players: 2
Genre: Fighting
Size: 190 Megs
Released on: AES, MVS, Neo Geo CD, PS2 (Japan only Fu'un Super Combo)

Brief Description:

savage Reign was released in 1995 by SNK. Set in the first half of the 21st century, a mysterious man named the King Lion has risen up and issued a challenge on television for the strongest of fighters to battle him. He promises wealth beyond anyone's dreams and fame beyond imaginationThe game, much like Samurai Shodown, is a weapons fighter. However, Savage Reign has a few particular elements that makes it different from its predecessor. The weapons can not only be used for close combat, but can also be thrown at an opponent from a distance for more ranged attacks. There are also two levels of playing field within the battles, the default lower one and the upper field, which both fighters can jump to with the push of a button.



Savage Reign Review by Kazuya_UK

Review Quotes

Kazuya_UK wrote:
Overall, Savage is far from being as terrible as many people suggest. It does actually play OK, but it does get boring very quickly. The computer can be quite cheap to play against too, which means it is frustrating in one-player mode sometimes. It is still worth checking out, however the sequel “Kizuna Encounter” is a billion times better so you may want to check that out instead (recommended).


Savage Reign intro and demonstration

YouTube Video

Other Media:

Nothing yet. :\

Highscore Challenge:


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Edited by The eccentric cat on 04. October 2009 07:30
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
This is a very entertaining fighting game and another of my best favourites. Two planes to jump between are great features but vertical planes instead of ground planes are outstanding. My favourite fighting stages are 'Satan's Tundra', 'La Rue Diamuse' and especially 'Ring of Doom'.

My favourite fighters are Carole, Eagle and Mezu. Joker is my least favourite. Chung has a small resemblence to Master Roshi from Dragon Ball and from what I read in FAQ guide the hat is wears is none other than Terry Bogard's. Hayate himself looks very much like Ryaku Todoh from Art of Fighting 1.
I'm not very positive about this title. I always felt like "oh my god, this has to be some kind of joke" every time i played. I guess another try can't hurt, though.

Edit: Yes it can. Ugh, bad.
Edited by boogiepop on 27. September 2009 14:33
Born to Die
yup great game but it was very hard to me when i have played it so i was playing it and then skipped it but i would like to give it a try now (after all i am a bit better player since then :lolSmile
Such a great and amazing game! I'm really impressed by this game. Smile
never played it although i would realy like too. im a big fan of kizuna an i decided to go straight to kizuna rather than playing savage reign as it looked more up my street, however i would never turn down a go on this game thats for sure. Music
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
I'm very pleased to see this as game of the week. Thanks Cat! It's not a game that gets discussed very often so I'm really interested to read what people think about it and why they like/dislike it. I'm glad to see so far people are very positive about the game.

Savage Reign is one of my personal favourites. I think it's actually the most underrated fighting game on the Neo Geo. People tend to say that it's not worth bothering with just skip it and play some Kizuna. I disagree I think that Kizuna is only better by a small margin. The plane system is a really nice feature and works a bit differently from in the Fatal Fury series. There are some nice touches like being able to hang onto railings high up and knock objects onto your opponent or on the fairground stage where you have to avoid the train on the tracks. The backgrounds look lovely especially The Dock of Darkness and The Palace of Fun. Personally I love all the character designs especially Hayate and Mezu.

The game plays great IMO. The characters have quite a few special moves, you can throw your weapon and also use special moves to attack from a different plane. The final boss encounter is memorable. It's on a par with Krauser in FFS and Dio in WH2.

One thing I find a bit awkward is pulling off Mezu's Mudoh Suiryuuha move. A lot of the time I can't pull it off.
Edited by merlin on 27. September 2009 17:58
but it doesn't really feel like one of SNK's fighters to me (oddly).

the characters in this game, apart from the Joker guy, and in truth the roster isn't much different from the more well received Kizuna Encounter (Yes, I know Kim & Rosa are awesome though).

that bothers me about this game is the good old 2-button attack set-up with 'Tap for Light Punch and Press for Hard Punch' scenario. Just not a fan of that kind of 'behaviour'. Same goes for 2x buttons makes an attack (like H Slash & H Kick in the early SShodown games). I'm glad they changed this in Kizuna.

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
that bothers me about this game is the good old 2-button attack set-up with 'Tap for Light Punch and Press for Hard Punch' scenario. Just not a fan of that kind of 'behaviour'. Same goes for 2x buttons makes an attack (like H Slash & H Kick in the early SShodown games). I'm glad they changed this in Kizuna.


Yeah, that drives me crazy in stuff like AOF. Hell, the KOF quick jump system is the same kind of malarkey. I just don't like anything like makes me be conscious of how fast I tap a button or push a freaking lever. I feel the same way about mashing too. Unnecessary.

Don't mind the 2 button taps though, at least when it's something that comes out slow. I hate doing it with Hotaru's mid-air, reverse direction thing, for example.
Born to Die
Pretty mediocre, but it had a nice idea. Now Kizuna Encounter is the shit. I love that game, even if it's a mash fest, and King Lion destroys the balance. It's a lot of fun, and it remains as a unique tag fighter.
Its ok I have this on cd and have not really played it much although I do like the graphics I find the gamepaly a bit confusing I do intend to try it again. I have only played the sequel briefly on emu but it does appear to be better and one which I am looking out for on MVS.
STE C wrote:
Its ok I have this on cd and have not really played it much although I do like the graphics I find the gamepaly a bit confusing I do intend to try it again. I have only played the sequel briefly on emu but it does appear to be better and one which I am looking out for on MVS.

Kizuna is better. It's just more polished overall. Plus the control system worked 200% better, utilising, more or less, the Real Bout series' control system... which works really well for me, as it makes combo's easy to do, just like in the RB's. I do like Savage Reign though... Hayate is the shit, and he is my fave character in Kizuna too! (He's one of my mains in KOFXI too).
What I really like about this game is the intro! Its really cool. And I like the story, and the idea of Haytes new fighting style that he developed. great idea.
I agree Yao the intro is very cool and also the scene that happens just before the final boss.

Before we move onto the next game of the week I'd like to ask a question...

I know this game isn't very popular and doesn't get discussed very often but what is it that people don't like about the game? I feel as if no one has really given any reasons yet and I'm genuinely interested to know why.
Edited by merlin on 30. September 2009 23:55
Well for one, and this is just personal preference mind you, I find find the characters wholly uninspired and moreover, downright lame. I can't express just how stupid I think those designs are. I hope whoever made them was fired.

Second, one of the things that should be the game's selling point, the second plane thing, just doesn't seem to add very much to me. You have a plane attack, a weapon attack over that, and not much else to do but hop back and forth randomly. I'm just not impressed.

The backgrounds are decent enough and the music is good in spots but the whole thing the leaves a bad taste in my mouth. With something just so mediocre gameplay-wise and ugly (referring to the designs), I'm not surprised the indifference many people feel towards the game. I guess if you forced yourself to play it long enough, you might start to actually enjoy it, but why bother really? It's not as if it's a sub-par rpg on the neo. Then maybe people would actually pretend to care for it.
Born to Die
merlin wrote:
I know this game isn't very popular and doesn't get discussed very often but what is it that people don't like about the game? I feel as if no one has really given any reasons yet and I'm genuinely interested to know why.

another go soon enough and give you a more in-depth idea of what I reckon the positives and negatives are. I don't mind the characters myself and they're not that much different than whats on offer in other semi-obscure NeoGeo games tbh (Breakers anyone? The character designs mainly comprise of uninspired crap (Sorry!) but people REALLY love it so!).

I'll let you know more... when I've played more Thumbs Up
Thanks Boogie for explaining what you don't like about the game. Thumbs Up I'm sure you're not alone in your views. Also Ninja I'll look forward to reading your list of pros and cons about the game. Thanks.

When I first played Savage Reign on an emulator a long time ago I wasn't expecting much after all the bad things I had read. I initially wasn't very impressed with the game and in particular didn't really like the characters especially Joker and Gordon. Then some time later I decided to give it another try and over time found myself falling in love with the game and growing to really like the characters. I once spent a whole month playing this nearly every day and can still remember the great feeling the first time I beat King Leo.

I like the plane system. You actually have quite a few options open to you when attacking the opponent from a different plane including throwing your weapon (short or long toss), various 'dimensional' attacks and also some special moves can be used too. The role the backgrounds play in the game really adds something I think like avoiding hazards or knocking objects onto your opponent from high up.

Like I said before the boss encounter against King Leo / Shin Shishioh is pretty memorable and one of my favourites in a Neo fighting game. It seems like an impossible battle to win until you discover the right tactics. That scene before the final battle is classic! Grin

I wish they had made a third game in the Fu'un series.

YouTube Video
I thought it might be worth reviving this topic and hopefully some more people will post their opinions of the game too. I've been playing Savage Reign a lot recently online over the last few weeks. I've always really enjoyed this fighter but I think my appreciation for the game has increased even more now. It's so much fun in vs mode. I like how you have so many different options open to you like short or long weapon toss, special moves that can be used to attack opponents who are in a different plane and also multiple different dimensional attacks like hyper and high drop. For anyone not that familiar with the game it's well worth checking out the FAQ by Goh Billy which goes into a lot of detail.


It seems that the main issues people have with the game are the control scheme and the character designs. Perhaps it doesn't seem ideal the World Heroes style button tapping for light or heavy attacks but I think you get used to it pretty quickly. I don't think a KOF-style control scheme for punches and kicks would have been ideal considering you really need separate buttons for weapon attacks and dimensional movement/attacks. To be honest I wasn't overly keen on a few of the character designs either to begin with they are a bit strange especially Joker and Gordon. They definitely do grow on you though and characters like Gozu, Mezu, Kage/Shin Shishioh and Hayate are very cool designs.

Visually the game looks pretty impressive with large sprites and interesting detailed backdrops to the fights. The china town, midnight port, palace of fun and fairground stages look especially good.

Like most people I do think Kizuna is better but only by a small margin. The gameplay is quite different though so both are well worth playing.

Would be good to hear some more opinions about this game from other forum members. Which characters do you like to use? I tend to stick mainly with Kage Shishioh, Hayate and my favourite Mezu. Mezu has got to be one of the coolest ninjas in any fighting game! That 'Mudoh Suiryuuha' whirlpool move looks impressive.

Here are a few recent matches that were uploaded:

YouTube Video
I hope they make 3rd installment of Fu'un series that would be epic. I want to see new characters and new artwork.
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