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September 19 2019

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Thread Author: TheBurningPunch
Thread ID: 1965
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There are 4 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 39066 times.
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Tatsunoko vs Capcom will u get it?
i want to get this info out to those who don't know about the upcoming US & european re-release of tatsunoko vs capcom now titled ultimate all stars only for the wii console sometime either december of this year or january of 2010.this will be wii's best fighter and will definitely replace smash bros brawl in my opinion.when it comes to fighters wii is at the bottom of the totem pole.

anyways the new fighters will be announced at the upcoming tokyo game show this month but tekkaman blade was the 1st and is replacing the fat genie

plus the new fighters for tatsunoko side which are rumored to be yatterman and joe asakura from the gatchaman but i seen the page which were leaking who the new ones was gonna be but it might not be true cause i would prefer racer X from speed and speedy from samurai pizza cats the one in the middle of this

and from the capcom side which to be rumored as well is megaman and frank west from the game Dead Rising which strikes me as WHAT????? but i would prefer dante from devil may and regina from Dino Crisis cause zero was already in SVC chaos and frank is nothing but a photographer they should also think about jojo kutaro from jojo's bizzare adventure i mean capcom needs to bring out characters that's hardly been used for real but hey i don't make the games so if it's sells well then they might include them on a sequel. anyways what are feelings about this and are u wii owners here gonna buy this like i am?but i played the Jap version on my wii emulator too and it was fun.
when it finally gets a release here in the UK AND if it's good I will buy an actual Wii to play it (as it will then replace my gamecube).

Nothing has really appeared on the Wii that I can hand-on-heart say, is an absolute must. No More Heroes is damn near close & so was Metroid 3. There are some other games of 'interest' but they were more in the direction of being a nice distraction as opposed to MUST haves (like HOTD Overkill, Umbrella Chronicles & MadWorld... to name but 3 examples).

i don't WANT to buy a Wii! It's just this usual console exclusive bullsh*t and having fans and followers of specific genres and series' by the short n curlys! The ONLY way I can justify the purchase IS that it plays my GC games (which I have around 50 of!) and I will finally have justification to buy Suda's NMHeroes 1... and the AWESOME looking sequel (NMH2!). Also Monster Hunter 3 & Metroid: Other M would be nice Thumbs Up

for some (hopeful!) future Nintendo releases such as my GC & '64 faves like PilotWings, 1080 & F-Zero amongst others. Hmm

ninja the wii isnt a bad console although its not realy for hardcore gamers there are some fun games. i think thats why it dosnt get much attention on this site because we all tend to like our hardnut games which are challenging and have a certain style to them. the wii i guess could be said to be one of the only consoles built for the sole purpose of having fun, with a stress on having fun with your family and also taking the way we play games to the next level but in a sucessful way (not like the virtual boy) and i think us gamers here are not realy into change thats why we play retro more than the new in general. i for one would aways choose the classic pressing buttons to play games rather than physical action and also when ure mum is just as good as u at a game it feels a bit rubbish.Grin

i realy enjoying playing my wii although i dont play it much, i can get realy into the games for it. some great racing games like mario kart wii and excite truck realy work well with the wii controls and arnt just around to exploit how great technology it is. games like warioware, mario strikers and smash bros brawl are always great fun and will never get boring.

plus as you stated ninja theres the big back catalogue of GC games which i still play alot. what GC games u love ninj?

sorry for derailing the thread into the wii.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
Mr Vengeance
There are some enjoyable games on the Wii, but overall I think the GameCube is far better!

Will I buy this game? Probaly, but likely not at launch. Still haven't bought Street Fighter IV yet....
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