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December 13 2019

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Magical Drop 2

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Thread Author: eccentric cat
Thread ID: 1959
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 12136 times.
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Magical Drop 2: Yay or nay?
Best puzzle game on the Neo Geo! Best puzzle game on the Neo Geo! 33%[3 Votes]
Its very good! But not the best Its very good! But not the best 44%[4 Votes]
It ok, but the sequel is better It ok, but the sequel is better 0%[0 Votes]
It sucks... It sucks... 0%[0 Votes]
I'll take the sequel, thanks... I'll take the sequel, thanks... 11%[1 Vote]
Haven't played it, but I will soon! Haven't played it, but I will soon! 11%[1 Vote]
Total Votes : 9
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Magical Drop 2 discussion
eccentric cat
NOTE: This was a previous Game of the week discussion thread!

Hello! Game of the Week time! I thought this week should be a puzzle game, so its Magical Drop 2!

I love Magical Drop! Its definitely the fastest, and most intense puzzle game out there! It requires serious thought and skill against the better players out there. Ah, but don't let that put you off either, its very fun as well, with an Endless mode so you can practice! ^^

Magical Drop 2

Players: 2
Genre: Puzzle
Size: 82 Megs
Released on: AES, MVS, Neo Geo CD

Brief Description:

Magical Drop is played in a Tetris-style box; a "stack" of random colored bubbles descend from the top, and a player is defeated when a bubble hits the bottom. Bubbles can be picked up and dropped by the player's "clown" at the bottom, and are destroyed when three or more of the same color are put together on a single column. "Chains" are formed either when a single drop caused a chain reaction, or when more than one group of bubbles is destroyed in quick succession. The game is normally played with two players (one may be a computer opponent), and chains cause the opponent's stack to descend faster.



Magical Drop 2 Review by Kazuya_UK

Review Quotes:
Kazuya_UK wrote:
If you are a fan of puzzle games, then you should definitely get this game. It can be very hard at times, but if you become good at setting up combos where you destroy lots of bubbles in one go, then you will find yourself winning matches with ease. If you do get stuck on a particular stage, it is yet another one of those puzzle games where you just can't stop playing until you get past it!


Magical Drop 2 Arcade play

YouTube Video

Other Media:

Nothing as of yet, unfortunately. Sorry!

Highscore Challenge:

We have a challenge going on! Good luck!


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Edited by eccentric cat on 20. September 2009 07:51
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
probably my favourite puzzle game of all time. my other fave puzzle games are super puzzle fighter and puzzle link. but i think magical drop 2 wins for its fun and competative gameplay. although im not overly keen on the quite dated look of the game it still suits the game and dosnt spoil the extreme fun gameplay.

i would realy like to get magical drop 3 but have never got round to it. from an outsider view it looks like theve updated the graphics and made it less dated. i might get it some day but i am more than content with the awesomeness that is magical drop 2.
"Handsome punch-bags never loose battles"
- powerwave the punch bag (bonus kun's lame brother)
so I'm just gonna sit this one out. There's very few puzzle games I actually 'whole-heartedly' like... But they're not like this one. This looks very Bust A Move-esque... but as usual, that's an easy judgement to make with out playing it for myself I guess??!

I ACTUALLY THINK... Magical Drop 3 came out on PS1 towards the end of the consoles lifespan... never picked it up though.

Excellent Choice for a puzzle game. My favourite characters are Star, Justice, High Priestess, Empress and World. Empress seems to have two halves of a split personality judging by her dark side and her seldomly shown bright side. World does look a bit funny though cos it looks like she's wearing toilet roll paper around her body rather than silk (heh! That is to laugh)Grin My least favourites are Strength and Black Pierrot. I find the appearances of World and High Priestess' clones rather a bad choice of colour.

Personally I prefer the SNES version, because the silly clowns in the Neo-Geo version are replaced by small resembling figures of the characters. The music is a wee bit lower quality than the Neo-Geo version but the voices are excellent in variety and tone (The voices are rather samey in the Neo-Geo version). As a bonus there is an extra game mode in the SNES version besides the 1 player and 2 player battle mode and the continuous puzzle mode, there is also the tricky puzzle mode where you have to elimate the balloons all at once in every stage. The only problem with the SNES version is that it only comes in the Japanese language, only the numbers are readable.
eccentric cat
Love Magical Drop! One of the few puzzle games that require both serious skill, and thought... Er... n-not that other puzzle games don't require that, mind you... ^^;

Its too bad the character selection isn't as large as the sequel, other than that, its pretty similiar to 3. My only complaint is that everyone has the same english voice, its hilarious! XD
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
One of my favourite puzzle games, although I don't really tend to play this one too much as I go straight to Magical Drop III. Honestly though, I don't think there is a better puzzle game anywhere on any system than this series, it's fantastic!

I can't remember if it works on MD2, but on MD3 setting the game to Japanese language is a lot better... there are extra options and a proper storyline, and all the characters have their own voices. That is the one negative thing I could say about Magical Drop - the English translation is very lazy really.:(

eccentric cat
Yeah, you could switch the game to japanese, and everyone would have their own voice. ^^;

And, if I recall correctly, the seiyuu who does Chariot's voice is Nobuyuki Hiyama, or the seiyuu who does Joe Higashi's voice since Fatal Fury 1!
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Great game, really like playing it.
I own this for the NGCD and have tried to play it in the past, but it never grabbed me. I still like Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move) for it's more structured game play. I will have to give this another shot.
It sounds like an interesting combination of styles... I think I'll definitely try this one out.
Don't mention the war! - Basil Fawlty
This was my favorite puzzle game ever for years... until I finally acquired Magical Drop III, which pretty much improves everything slightly. Absolutely love the game, and is a total blast to play 2 player if you can find somebody that understands the game and can keep up with the super fast paced style.
Always love to play this game. Not many people seem to cope well with the frantic gameplay style, though. Most prefer something slower like Puzzle Bobble.

Can anyone describe some specific strategy relating to this game or even the third game? Typically, I try to get as many chains in a row as I can. However, I am wondering if it's more useful to do less chains, but burst more colored bubbles at once?

I sometimes play this game with my girlfriend. She plays very differently than I do, but sometimes has better results. As I said above, I go for large chains. I will collect the minimum color to break a group (3) and continue on as long as I can keep the combo running. On the otherhand, my girlfriend, she will collect as many of one color as she can get and then destroy them, hoping to get lucky with accidental chains or sometimes have enough time to do more chains on her own. A lot of the time, I will clear away the entire field waiting for more bubbles to appear while my girlfriend will still be collecting colors. A lot of the time, I feel like all my work clearing the entire field goes wasted as my girlfriend's strategy often yields more punishment on me than I do on her side of the screen.

What I describe above seems to be more relevant to Magical Drop 3 than 2. I find Magical Drop 2 a little more straight forward and prefer that game over 3, though. Anyway, it'd be nice if anyone well versed in the series could comment on what I said above.
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