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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1926
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There are 77 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 19956 times.
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KOF XII Discussion Thread (NEW)
Oooh, just found a UK (Leicester too!) based seller that has the official Brady Games Strategy book for KOF XII in stock... apparently it's pretty good so I thought I'd grab it. 14 with shipping if anyone is interested. are still listing it as a pre-order seeing as the game isn't even out yet officially, their price is 11.99.

Mr Vengeance wrote:
I'd be playing as Mature right now if it weren't for Ignition delaying the game yet again :(

its ALL about Leona Heidern

Always was... Always will be! She has, does and always will kick the most ass EVER! Just ask her Dad for a start (That's if he doesn't spot you from a distance and do the 'Hairwash of Death' on ya first... heh!)

Kazuya_UK wrote:
lol @ at the pic Atom! LOL

Hehe, Thanks Kaz! I was hoping that would sum up my opinion on KOF online play!
New patch is out now. Downloading right now!
Gah why now???? I have work tomorrow!!! I will download tomorrow after work and post impressions here when I get to try it! Smile

I have no time to try it out right now either. Does anyone know if the patch is out for the 360 version too?
No more Raiden vs Elisabeth glitch. Haven't tried online yet. We should play online later Kaz. Andy
I am up for that once I have done with work tomorrow Zak Smile

For anyone else wondering, no the 360 patch isn't out yet. Hopefully we don't have to wait too much longer.
YouTube Video

LOL this is from a match that I had with a friend. WIN!
Edited by Atomduck on 07. September 2009 00:58
Basashi King
really enjoyed reading the review kaz. actually i got stuck into the old KOF thread from a while back talking about this game. there was a fair bit of meat to get through.

i was interested in the comments about the game bombing in japanese arcades. i can tell you its absolutely true.

im living in central tokyo and i hit the game centres 5 days a week sometimes. when i first saw the game i was very impressed by the graphics - great seeing the old team with a new look - but curiously there wasnt a crowd around the machine.

i played it through and cleared it on my first try. no boss, nothing. i found it to be a pretty unsatisfying experience. i must have only played it about 3 times since its release. its not that its bad - its just that its not nearly good enough.

basically, the game isnt around very much now - its only in one of the places i go to (and im not sure if its been taken out of there) - which is an absolute shocker really.

exacly the same thing happened with the new samurai shodown game. i was sooo looking forwards to that. but - i can confirm its an absolute stinker. really. i was hoping to catch it at the tokyo games show before it was due to be released - but mysteriously, it wasnt there. clearly, the dirty secret was that it was a complete heap of dung.

when it finally arrived in the arcades, my excitement was sky high. samurai shodown was THE neo geo game for me back in the day. the graphics looked fine too. its just - well - it plays like a dog. its an atrocity, a stunted half foetus that should have been aborted before it saw the light of day.

the new KOF is ten times better than the new SS. anyone who was disappointed with the new KOF but is hoping for better from this title should ask friends and family members to remove all sharp implements from the house before playing this one, as the experience might push you over the edge.
Mr Vengeance
Sounds like you're living many a gamers' dream out there in Tokyo Basashi King - what took you out there if you don't mind me asking?
Edited by Mr Vengeance on 13. September 2009 18:14
Basashi King
its late here but as i cant sleep ill introduce myself in the proper place mr vengeance, as i dont want to hijack a thread within an hour of joining the site! ill get typing after a sly cig.
Mr Vengeance
Cool man, no worries Wink
The 360 patch has finally come out. People are reporting generally good things. I may just pick up a 360 for this (and HD Remix). If SNKP announces a KOF XIII for 360, then it's a definite pick up.
Edited by Jak on 02. November 2009 06:33
Wild Tengu
It's too late for KOFXII on the Xbox360, two months too late as a matter of fact.
Damn, it's about time! I'll be online tonight, if not earlier!

EDIT: I just spent about an hour online and I can confirm that the new netcode is great! I only had two matches with any noticeable lag. I was using my standard team of Ryo, Robert, and Athena and doing pretty decent until I realized that my Athena was was performing horribly. I switched her out for Kyo and dominated an Arcade Match room 8 matches straight before I had connection problems and had to sign off (my internet, not the game's fault). The best part was that it was really easy to find a match, proving that people are still interested in this game even though we haven't really been able to play it online for these past few months.

Personally, I hadn't played KoF XII for months due to the lack of anything to do in single player and crappy online play. This patch renewed my interest in the game and now I can say that KoF XII is definitely my favorite fighter released this year. I like SFIV and BlazBlue, don't get me wrong. I just prefer KoF XII's gameplay.

EDIT2: I just did five matches against TERRY BOGARD 18 whose name I recognized as being number one on the leaderboards by an insane amount. Guess who won all five matches? I won one round though! I was very proud of myself. I could actually feel myself getting better as the matches went on too. I was using Guard Attack more effectively towards the end, to no avail of course. The insane thing was that he only picks one character and then puts the other two on random, as if he was daring me to even be able to win a round. Of course when I did he was just as good with his random backup. My Kyo was decent against him, but he slaughtered Ryo and Robert pretty much constantly. He mostly picked Terry (of course) and Kim.
Edited by reelmojo on 03. November 2009 22:43
Mr Vengeance
Well, having found me a wild Hori EX2 stick a week ago, I decided to pick up a copy of KOF XII the other day from HMV. I paid full price for it, even though I suspect it will be cheap enough before long. But, I don't mind paying full price, as it means SNK will at least make a few bob from the sale, which they need... And it was 45, which is good enough, considering the prices we all pay for old retro KOFs (I paid, what 120 for 2002 on AES a few weeks back).

Anyway, I've only played it once so far, mainly because I have litterly not left college for two days.... well, I did come home to sleep for a bit, but you get the idea - up to my effin' tits in assignments! Annoyed

So yeah I bought it the other night, threw it on and played it before hitting the bed. And what do I think? I was really impressed with the graphics - that first dome stage is stunning when you first see it on a TV - man, I really felt like I was on a stage in a huge stadium fighting it out - SNK really have made a delicious looking video game here. The other stages are beautiful too, I especially love the gang of pigs running past the fighters, and the little pig following, once the fight is over in the market stage - that will never get old no matter how many time I see it!

The specials and the character animation is great too, seriously impressed with this game, it looks fantastic on my 32" HD telly. Couldn't ask for nicer graphics really.

On the gameplay front... I found it a little stiff at the beginning - it feels a little like a Fatal Fury game, well, one of the early FFs, but I'm okay with it now. The move lists are, as we all know, quite limited. Some move omissions are really bizarre, but maybe it will mean that I can master the whole roster? In the past there were always characters in a given KOF that I just couldn't get to grips with, so maybe every cloud and all that... and Ryo is still great, so happy days! Grin

Anyway, I'm looking forward now to some spare time tomorrow after my hectic week in college. Going to read the KOF XII manual, have a look at some reviews, having played it, and then get stuck in for a monster sesh... might even have a quick game tonight, though I'm not as sharp as I'd like to be for a gaming session, hence the appearance on the more sedate entertainment medium of the internet.
Mr Vengeance
Right then... a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who said KOF XII was shit. It mean, I went into the game, not expecting it to be great, and do you know what? I absolutely love it!! Grin

When KOF XII was announced, I went a bit mental. And then as it came out in thr US in July, the reviews were pretty laclustre, and the feedback from fans was quite lukewarm..... so, when it eventually appeared here in Ireland, for full price, and me needing a proper stick to play it... well I decided to leave it on the shelf, and get it "some other time" - in other words, I just wasn't that bothered about picking it up, due to the cost and issues, it just didn't seem worth the money.

But then as I said, I got it the other day, having had a few quid on me. And today, I got properly stuck in!

Graphicly this is superb guys, I mean, these are some of the best backgrounds to have ever come out of SNK / SNKP. Sure, there's only a handful, but they are all quality. And the characters are brilliant - just look at the animation on Robert like Shock Look at the special effects coming from Athena's attacks Shock Look at the curves on Elizabeth :$ Outstanding!

Okay there is the odd exception, I think Ryo's head is a tad small, and Ralf and Clark are far too big, what were they eating since XI?? And some of the characters, like the aforementioned beefcakes, well their move lists have been butchered, but many of the characters have excellent move lists, and these guys are in the majority I feel. Sie, Kyo, Robert, etc have all got some great moves like.

Anyway, KOF XII is, in my opinion, far from the disaster that some people have suggested it to be. With all the negativity surrounding it however, it was left hype free, which made it far better for me. Now, its not perfect, its got all those issues that people have described, BUT... they don't fundamentally impact on the incredibly enjoyable gameplay. And the visuals are outstanding. Really, this is a base for the next installment to work from, its not really got a "proper" single player mode in fairness, but its some base for KOF XIII to build from I can tell you's.....

Basashi King
its not 'shit' - just incredibly mediocre in my opinion. kaz got it right in his review.

undoubtedly the graphics are good - its just the gameplay. for me the visuals are a fig leaf which is too small to cover the nakedness of the whole package... so to speak.

glad to hear you like it though - update us as to how you feel after a week or so!
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