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March 19 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1926
Thread Info
There are 77 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 20585 times.
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KOF XII Discussion Thread (NEW)
Hey all, I figured that I would lock the old KOF XII thread as i'ts gotten a little bit too long and stale, so it was time for a new one, especially as I finally finished the review!

So, now it has been out for a little while on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, let's discuss the game some more! Now many of you have had some time to get into it, how are you finding it? Have you forgiven the flaws and managed to enjoy what IS in the game, or are you still mad about what's missing? What about online play, is it totally FUBAR for you or have you had some decent matches on there? Let's hope the forthcoming patch fixes netplay up so it's properly playable for everyone!



Head to the SNK jukebox for some KOF XII MP3's!!!



YouTube Video

Match Video 1:
YouTube Video

Match Video 2
YouTube Video

Review: Click Here! -->

Post some more match videos if you have them!!! Thumbs Up

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 28. August 2009 22:52
Kaz: Now I know why it took you so long to write this review...Its looking awesome, good jobThumbs Up

Ill read it completely and watch the videos after work today. And since KOFXII is released in SWEDEN today (hopefully) I need to read your review before buying.

Im really looking forward to reading the reviewSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
You know, your review's spot on, Kaz! I've read through the whole review!

But even with its faults, I reckon this is the only way SNK can reach newer audiences, since the game totally turned my bro into a KOF fan now. I could've wished there were more to it (which is commonly seen as a major issue of the game by a majority of the fans).

Anyway, seeing as it's a first step, here's hoping for a really badass KOF XIII!
Mr Vengeance
Its meant to be out today, but GAME are listing it online as due out 25th of September! WTF?? I was just getting ready to head out to the shops to collect my preorder. If this is true (and it looks likely as HMV and PLAY are listing it) Ignition should hang their heads in shame! Its bad enough it was delayed from the end of July, but another month's delay just isn't good enough! The only way this could be deemed acceptable is if SNK are working on the net code.... what I think is more likely is they are delaying it until the busier September games launch window. But why do that for what is essentially a niche release?

I just don't know...:( I think I'm just going to import the US Region free 360 version, but will I be able to play that online on my PAL 360?
IIRC, 360 games are generally region free, but has varying compatibilities (ie this US copy of a game will run in US, EU[PAL], but not Japan. then this UE copy of a different game runs in UE and Japan, but not US, for example), so you may have to refer to someone who have tested import compatibility for KOF XII.
Mr Vengeance
Ok thanks! I will hang tough until I find out, or just be patient and wait ANOTHER month for the PAL version:(
F*CK F*CK F*CK F*************CK!!!!!!!!!!! Why do I have to live in EUROPE?????!!!!

Yep no KOFXII for me today either...I have to wait another monthThumbs Down

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Mr Vengeance, US version of KOF 12 can be played on any xbox360. Look at play-asia's compatibility guide on KOF XII page:
You could get the US version if you can't wait for the PAL release (and personally I didnt because I KNEW it would be delayd, typical Ignition), but the best idea is to do what I did... imho. I got an Asian import of the PS3 version, which ha full English language options (as well as an English manual), and plays exactly the same as the PAL version when it comes out. I'm sure the Xbox 360 version would be the same.

I got mine from a UK seller on Ebay with free next day delivery for 34... bargain! Smile Just make sure you buy from a seller with good rep and one from the UK.

Good job on the review Kaz!

I still haven't played the Goddamn thing... I'm moving to Notts on Monday 7th, fancy a scrap?? Andy
Thanks for the comments everyone! Smile

Shiny: Awesome, and yea I am up for a few fights on it! I am off work from the 13th onwards, so we'll have to arrange something somehow! Grin

hey guys where will i be able to buy this cuz amazon dosnt seem to have it on the system yet, thats where i normaly buy my stuf from.
I read the review - very nice work Kaz! - thank you! KOF sounds like it has something similiar to the focus system in SFIV and like that game is also going back to basics a bit. I do prefer the old 3 on 3 system so I like that part.

Awesome work on all the character profiles! Thumbs Up must have been loads of work. There don't seem to be many backgrounds in this game, unless I missed some:(

I sometimes think developers do this on purpose on new hardware so they can then improve the series and have a reason to sell new versions. One thing that is almost 100% certain is a Mai character download!!! can't see any other reason she is not in the game.

I kind of knew this wasn't going to be a game to blow anyone away, they seemed to have worked really hard on some aspects without going all the way to satisfy the loyal fans. Unfortunately I am not sure how many non-fans will buy this game, which in the long term will hurt SNK and any future sequels they have planned. Still it looks like a very nice game, and from the sound of the review plays well too and I will definitely be getting at some point.

I can see myself sticking to 02 a bit though Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Kaz that was a fantastic review exactly what I would have wanted to write if I had the skills . SNK really need listen to fans and improve the next KOF ( if there is gonna be one that is) good game that KOF XII is the single player games is simply not acceptable for me .


-Made by me... Pfft
Edited by Atomduck on 29. August 2009 22:33
xDDD Grin THANK YOU for posting this image Atom xD
Great review Kaz! It was well worth the wait and was an interesting read. Thumbs Up
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I have had a few lag free matches online and let me tell you, it was a spectacular experience. I'm praying for a patch because as it is now I don't play the game much. I do plan on beating it with every character without getting KO'ed for the Achievements, but I'm foreseeing having problems with a few of them because as always there's some characters I just can't play as.

Current favorite characters are Kyo, Robert, Ryo, and Athena. I'm wishing for another AOF character so I could just make an AOF team, bust honestly if the DLC is anyone other than Mai and K' I... well I'll buy it anyway but I'll be scratching my head as I do so. And speaking of DLC, has anyone bought or seen pictures online of the various 360 Premium Themes available? If they're cool enough I wouldn't mind getting one, but it's hard for me to pay money for what is essentially a new coat paint for my menus.

I posted a comment on the review but it seems this would be a much better place for discussion so here's a quick copy/paste:

Well written and very in depth as always, Kaz. As far as those English voices go, I think you were a bit too rough on them. I mostly don't notice anything annoying, especially when compared to some of the stuff in Street Fighter IV (I LLLLLOOOOOOSSSSTTTT!). Athena's English voice in particular sounds perfect to me... or at least as perfect as Athena's slightly annoying voice has ever sounded. "Psycho Ball!"
lol @ at the pic Atom! LOL

Thanks for the comments everyone, glad you enjoyed reading it, it did take me some time but I actually enjoyed putting it together cos it has been so long since I last wrote a review!

reelmojo: I really hated the English voices, and I generally do in most games really. I think the company that has done the best job in this area is Capcom with SFIV, because you can actually enable English/Japanese voices for each individual character, so if you prefer a certain voice for one person you can have it use that... its a good way of doing it. In general though, the English voices for KOF Max Impact and XII just annoyed the hell out of me, especially Leona's! Smile

Anyone want to share some of their fave combos with any of the characters? Also, does anyone use Elisabeth or Mature? I haven't properly gotten into either of them yet...

Mr Vengeance
I'd be playing as Mature right now if it weren't for Ignition delaying the game yet again :(
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