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June 18 2019

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Thread Author: Atomduck
Thread ID: 1911
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There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4993 times.
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Stupid thoughts you've had while playing SNK games.
Just post some random thoughts you had while one day playing an SNK game.

(Directed to Roller Coaster in the Back)
"Holy Shit! I wanna ride that roller coaster! Looks freaking awesome!"

KOF 94-XI' Iori's Sprite
(the roping between his legs)
"I wonder if Iori has ever busted his ass if he got crossed up in that weird buckle"

thats all I could think of right now. Post your random thought!
Atom and his Roller Coaster >.>... WHEEEEEEEEE! XD

KOFMI : ''Aww... Mignon's SO CUTE!''

KOF XI : Cmon Magaki.. You serious?


KOF 98 UM : Rugal I swear if I see you in real life you're FINISHED Andy Yeah.. he gives us those thoughts.. hehe..

KOF Orochi : It's Fukken portable baby!
Edited by Vexan on 20. August 2009 05:05
Does anybody want to join me on the KOF ROLLER COASTER? I got tickets!
everytime I see "bouncy" Mai, I think to myself...Honfu
Mr Vengeance
lol @ Yao

I generally think all sorts of random crap whilst gaming. Like stuff from my everyday life that is nothing to do with what I'm at. Very odd thoughts indeed, almost like I'm half dreaming or something!
lol Atom - great thread. I sometimes wonder how many fans Athena has? and whether people take the piss out of Terry for still looking like he lives in the early 90's in the KOF games.

Sometimes I think of stuff I haven't done in real life, and then I start to just 'turtle' while I am thinking it through, I usually lose when this happens. I also often wonder whether SNK translates its game badly on purpose - it must do surely?!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :

Fatal Fury 1st Contact: Aww! Look at the Chibi Mai! And she still has bouncing boobies! The children will love her Smile
Don't mention the war! - Basil Fawlty
wow guys you think a lot while playing snk games i for example dont think much maybe just yell when i lose like ah i lost again argggg and that happens very often well you all know the dificualty of a snk game
Yeah I sometimes think daft stuff, i was playing KOF03 last night and it occurred to me that Terry should be in his late 30s as I am sure the Fatal Fury manual says he is about 20. I was thinking with all the years of full contact combat he must get a few aches and pains and what drives him to constantly enter the KOF and push himself.

I also had a sad thought that at some point in the future SNK may retire Terry or stop making KOF games which made me a bit sad as he has been a staple diet of my gaming life for so long. In terms of work rate and the fun have had using him as my KOF team captain all these years then the lad does not owe me anything.
I often think of random stuff while I play games. It's like anything where once you get it down to routine you can do it easily and think about other stuff while you do it.
A WTF Moment: What are you doing Kensou?
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