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October 18 2018

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 19
Thread Info
There are 17 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7026 times.  There's also files attached.
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Neo Geo Battle Coliseum - PAL Version
Well, it's out now.... not officially, but a copy is floating about the net. Any other UK/Euro people that have tried it? I'll be getting it really soon, so I'll post impressions asap. There better be a 60hz switch (sure there will be), and I'd be really impressed if they decided to fix up the loading times on the UK version, but I guess we'll see. Will be nice to have everything in English though. Wonder if the PAL version works on HD Loader?

Buy this game if you can, I want to see more UK releases personally so I know I will. Plus it's at the bargain price of 14.99 - can't grumble at that! Grin

Kazuya_UK attached the following image:

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 17. November 2006 18:46
'tis indeed a bargain and definately going on my xmas list (though I'll prob buy it first! Grin)....must....use...willpower....must......not...order!Wink

If Ignition's Metal Slug releases are anything to go by (don't know about their KOFs tho) then it's bound to have a 60hz mode. They may be a small publisher (who can't stick to a release date) but in doing snk stuff it shows that they know what hardcore gamers like. Hopefully they've sorted this loading times delay thing given the extra time they keep holding back releases by.

I've not played NGBC yet but let's say that there's not one part of the game's title I don't like. Grin

Oh, and here's a little something that you may find interesting. Another bargain but a long way off (already placed my order though)Grin

Woo hoo!
Edited by phry on 18. November 2006 11:49
That is indeed a bargain, but so long for the release date:(

This part made me laugh however:

Where would Orochi's force finally land once the seal is finally open? Will Chizuru and his friends still be able to seal Orochi? And just what is Ash Crimsons' true plan?

Did write that or is it copy/pasted from somewhere else? Bit of a mistake methinks! Grin

This part made me laugh however:

Where would Orochi's force finally land once the seal is finally open? Will Chizuru and his friends still be able to seal Orochi? And just what is Ash Crimsons' true plan?

Did write that or is it copy/pasted from somewhere else? Bit of a mistake methinks! smiley

lol! So true. However, like all good retailers, they didn't write the copy themselves, instead taking it straight from Ignition's press release.


Whoops! Grin
lol Smile

PAL version doesn't work on the HD. Now, I may be dreaming, but it seemed to me that it loaded slightly faster than the Japanese version. It's been a while since I played that properly, but there definitely seems to be some improvement, unless I'm imagining it. I need to run them side by side to compare if I get the chance.

Either way, it's nice to have the game in English! Grin

What happened to PAL NGBC? Everywhere I've looked are either allegedly out of / awaiting stock, or never had it in the first place. Was it only a limited release?

Btw, saw that Neowave is out too now.
Edited by phry on 27. November 2006 22:43

Amazon have it, same price as play but you'll have to pay postage unfortunately... strange that everywhere seems to have sold out though. It must have sold reasonably well, but I guess they probably didn't put too much stock out there just in case it didn't.

Is the 60hz option included ?
If so, i might get one too lol
Yes it definitely has 60hz! Grin

It's well worth getting over the Japanese version due to the English translation, and as I mentioned before it does possibly seem to load a little faster than the Japanese one, but that could just be my imagination playing tricks on me! Wink

Yay, must get it then
Bargin prices are good for my budget Grin
God, I wish they would release this in America. Sony of America seems to have a very strong anti-2D attitude. We rarely get releases of the best 2D fighters or shooters.:( Looks like I'll be importing this one as well...
well, my, you guys are getting a way better looking cover.
my artworks/doodles ->
Do any of you know where they sell it, theres only the japanese version on ebay...

Edit: Nevermind that, just noticed that amazon still have them
Edited by Daaren on 04. January 2007 18:59
Not sure of where you could get it in the USA/Canda, I got mine from

Unfortunately they only ship to the UK/Europe, I will have a dig around to see if I can find a place to order from for you, but if you have massive difficulties, as a last resort, let me know and I can probably order it and get it sent over to you.

I knwo you have HD Loader, which unfortunately this won't work on, but do you have a way to play import games on your PS2?

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 04. January 2007 19:11
Yeah i do, ive put a flip-top cover on my PS2 so i can use the swap magic disc without forcing the tray

But a small came to mind, the game is PAL, my TV wont take it....
If the game would have worked on HD Loader, i could have resised the screen size of the iso and play it
Edited by Daaren on 04. January 2007 21:06
Yea, I was thinking about that to be honest, you'll need a converter or something to get it to play. It sucks that HD Loader doesn't like it really, but it sucks even more that no company in the US has picked it up for release (or maybe SCEA doesn't want it released). I'm sure plenty of people out there would want it.

Just thinking about it... I'm sure NGBC PAL has a 60hz option. Have you ever tried playing a PAL game and switching to 60hz mode? That might work ok, I have heard of people doing that. Best to try another game that has 60hz options first though, before you buy it.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 05. January 2007 16:31
Hmmm... thats true, i had forgot about that
Might be worth trying then
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