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January 17 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 1862
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2430 times.
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Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Official Site

I was pretty skeptical of this game for a while. I'd be all for a Final Fantasy fighting game, but Square kept on telling us not to think of it as a fighting game. I was afraid that it would become another Castlevania Judgment, but a demo was released last week on PSN that has me really excited for the game. Basically instead of just taking Soul Calibur mechanics and slapping some Final Fantasy characters in it they've created an entirely different kind of 3d fighter that plays unlike anything else and really fits with the FF style. The link above has a great explanation of the battle system.

In the demo you can play as five characters: Onion Knight, Cecil, Terra, Cloud, and Sephiroth. You can fight against many characters who aren't playable in the demo though. So far I've seen Jecht, Garland, Zidane, Squall, Firion, and Kefka. The battles can get pretty epic with characters flying all over the place countering each other back and forth 50 feet in the air. One mistake can mean your death... I lost to Firion once in a really long battle, then retried and beat him in a few seconds because he gave me an opening. Of course, that was on Normal Mode. Hard Mode is also available in the demo and I'd say it's much more fun once you get the hang of how the game works. Sadly, there's no multiplayer in the demo, but the retail game will support Ad Hoc mode.

The game is a huge step in a brand new direction for 3d fighters, so I'd understand if it rubs some the wrong way. Personally I'd be excited for the game even without all of the Final Fantasy fan service (Sephiroth vs. Kefka!). It's a breath of fresh air for a genre (3d fighting) that I believe has needed it for a while. If you've got a PSP I'd recommend picking up the demo even if you aren't looking forward to the game. It just might surprise you.
It's that you say it's a good game, so I'll try it out, otherwise I wouldn't be interested in Square-Enix making money again with a spinoff title or remake/port etc.
Wild Tengu
It's not a fighting game... it's just Kingdom Hearts battle mode + everyones favorite bishounen and girly boy Final Fantasy heroes, plus Terra, and all of the cliche' villians its had over its history, save for Kefka who was at least awesome and hilarious.

Plus the game uses like what? Only one button for dishing out basic attacks? Then you got a bunch of borked equipment and special abilities to include, along with grinding for levels.

The only thing satisfying about Dissidia, is that you can play has Jecht and own the shit out of Tidus. But then why is Jecht on the side of the badguys? He wasn't bad... they should of just put Yuna in the game (That way it won't be a total sasuage fest, then again, I doubt Cloud, Squall and Tidus even have balls) and have Seymour has the villian of X.

Unfortunately, the novelty wears off there. If you want to play a fighter that Square had some "part" in helping with, then try Tobal No.1 or it's sequel, Ehgeriz or Bushido Blade (YES!!) and it's sequel.

Dissidia hardly holds up has a fighting game, and the lack of proper network play means you're gonna be spending alot of time by yourself (Masterbating to Cloud, Sephy and Squall no less).
Edited by Wild Tengu on 28. July 2009 01:57
eccentric cat
I think the game definitely looks fun. There's gotta be something fun about Cloud kicking Kefka's ass (I hate Kefka >< ). I'll try it out when I get a PSP! :3

But... they forgot Ramza Beoulve!

Isn't it sad, Ramza? ;_;
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I'd love for Ramza to be in the game! Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite games ever, and I personally don't think any other SRPG has even come close to matching it.

Dissidia is out! And it's really good! It's probably best not to think of it as a fighting game because it's so different (much the same way that fighting game fans don't like Smash Bros). There is so much to do in this game, it's overwhelming. Every character has their own story mode, each with a separate difficulty rating (which means I started with Cloud since only him and Cecil have a 1 star rating). There are literally thousands of items to unlock to build your character to your standards and take them online to fight your friends. Of course, if you don't want to build your character you can fight using the stock characters as well for a more balanced experience. I'm not sure that the game is actually balanced though... fast characters seem to have a distinct edge.

Oh, and it does deserve mentioning that the game has absolutely no resemblance what-so-ever to any Kingdom Hearts game. Unless of course you count the fact that it has a third person camera and is in 3D. Roll Eyes
Simply put

- The Music is nice
- the Gameplay is awesome
- The experience is epic
- Sephiroth sucked - in my opinion, he's so overated by everybody that people expected him to be overpowered in this game too -
After spending a lot of time with Dissidia this weekend I have this to say...

Negative things about the game:

More female fighters would be nice, but I suppose four out of 22 isn't all too low (Terra, Ultimecia, Cloud of Darkness, and Shantotto).

Why isn't Vaan in the game? Final Fantasy XII was released 2 years ago!

Positive things about the game:

Everything else. Seriously.
Edited by reelmojo on 30. August 2009 21:26
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