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September 25 2018

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1859
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Breakers/Breakers Revenge Discussion
Yes agree, nice purchase Chiba Thumbs Up hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Breakers Revenge... What a great game! This fighter really impressed me beyond expectations. Took a bit of time to warm up to some of the characters, Pielle in particular (at least beating the snot out of him is enjoyable) but when a game plays this excellently, it's much easier to look past a few of Visco's less inspired artistic choices, here. Aesthetically, I find a lot to like in Breakers, even if some of SNK's top-tier efforts outdo it in terms of graphical excellence and polish.
The stage backgrounds, while fairly simple are generally very good. I really like Saizo's and Dao's stages in particular! It's colorful, fast and fluid. The smooth character animation definitely ranks well above many standard-issue Neo Geo fighters out there.
The music is as energetic and immersive as the action onscreen and the sound effects are crunchy and convincing.
As for the gameplay, it's no secret that this is where Breakers really shines! Responsive fluid, varied and deep, deep, deep! I've put in a fair amount of time into Breakers Revenge so far and still feel like I'm just scratching the surface. There's so much going on here with complex offense and defense strategy that this game stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the very best the Neo has to offer.
Great, great stuff. Thumbs Up And I still have much to study and learn. Thanks to Merlin for recommending the Shoryuken wiki strategy guide to this game. It's already begun to prove invaluable!
I can say with confidence that Breakers Revenge has quickly become one of my favorite Neo Geo fighters, probably among my top five, in fact. Highly recommended and criminally overlooked! Grin
Glad that link was of interest Chiba and congrats on adding this awesome game, one of the best Neo Geo fighters, to your collection.

You tend to write quite a lot in the game of the week threads. Maybe writing reviews would interest you too?

Fans of this game should check out FightCade. There are some very skilled Breakers players there.
merlin wrote:
You tend to write quite a lot in the game of the week threads. Maybe writing reviews would interest you too?

Your suggestion is an interesting prospect, indeed. When I have a bit of time, I'll give it a shot and send you the finished review via PM. As you noted, some of my GOTW submissions are fairly long and they might make good foundations from which "formal" reviews could be built! We'll see what I can produce- I'd certainly love to support NGFL with new content and reference material. Thumbs Up
Well, Chiba, it would be nice to see your take on GotW, even though its been kinda temporarily suspended again for the longest time, lol.

I mean, I would come back to it (but times change for me lately), but I was waiting for after Murikov to come back for that after his service time, guess that didn't happen. >_>
Shut up Stray, you whiny chode!

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Chiba wrote:- I can say with confidence that Breakers Revenge has quickly become one of my favorite Neo Geo fighters, probably among my top five, in fact. Highly recommended and criminally overlooked!

Breakers Rev never disappoints! Pleased you are enjoying it Thumbs Up
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Looking forward to reading your reviews Chiba. Thumbs Up

Don't worry Stray I think Murikov is still planning to revive GOTW in the future. It is a bit of a problem that we've already done so many games although there are still some NGPC games, other ADK and SNK arcade games etc. we could cover.
Just a thought regarding the GOTW topic- We could use voting polls to make selections for a new series of (re)reviews of games we consider true, timeless classics; those that have a passionate following within the NGFL community, stand the test of time and still enjoy regular play sessions. Discussing why these titles are so exceptional and to each of us would be interesting. Plenty of big names, sleeper-hits and beloved underdogs would certainly meet these criteria! Also, making this a monthly thread rather than a weekly one would serve it well and prolong it's viability. Just throwing the idea out there, take it as you will. Wink
I agree with you about doing it once a month instead. It would be quite a long time before we ran out of games.

Yes I remember there was some discussion about games which had already been covered being featured again. Not sure what the best way of doing that is. Perhaps Murikov has a few ideas.
I was just checking facebook and noticed NCI, who released Bang 2 Busters and Andro Dunos, have just posted some Breakers Revenge artwork and wrote:

Here Come The new challenger ! Breakers Revenge will be release this year with Visco License. Round 1 ! Fight....

So it seems Breakers Revenge will probably get an 'official' AES and NGCD release.

NCI wrote on Facebook that they won't be saccing carts for this release which is very good news.

No more sacrifice, only brand new cart, box...

Anyone thinking of buying this? If I still had an AES I would be tempted. Because it's licensed by Visco that makes it, in my opinion, an official release. By buying this game you are supporting the developer who gave us this awesome game which is surely a good thing.

Hopefully NCI won't create any strange cover art this time!
More information about the publishing of the game (price, boxart, licenses) would be welcome. It's difficult to get a opinion about this one, is there more then only the FB page of it Merlin?
Was planning to get the MVS version of this one (already has the shockbox and insert for it).
They only post news on their facebook page Sensi.

At the time of the Bang Bang Busters release a few people contacted Visco to ask if the game really was licensed by them and they confirmed that it was.

A few more updates about Breakers Revenge:

Pre-order will start this week, I hope with and Goldenshop.

349 euros
The pre-order is already up at for 379,05.
Don't know about this one Merlin, why isn't there a single word from Visco themselves?
Only someone with a FB page babbling about a 'official AES release'? Could still be a conversion.
I can understand you being a bit wary of this Sensi. I think it's clear though that NCI do have a relationship with Visco allowing them to release certain games. If NCI say they plan to use brand new carts then I expect they will do that.

If anyone is interested in buying this but is nervous about it why not try emailing Visco. Worth a try.

Visco haven't updated their site for a long time. I think it's very unlikely they will ever mention these NCI releases on their site.

Pleeeaasse translate Merlin :$

I will try the webmaster option, thanks!
it will do with the agree of visco


atomikwave posts13
Sensi you mean you want me to email Visco for you and ask them to confirm it definitely is an official release? I willing to do it if you want me to.

Thanks for the link cypher. However only members of the neo-geo fans forum who are logged in can see that thread.

Here's the quote cypher was referring to:


So I take it 'Atomikwave' is connected to/works for NCI? I noticed he said there would be 100 carts available and confirmed they will be new carts and not conversions.

As I said earlier someone contacted Visco about the Bang Bang Busters release and they confirmed it was licensed by them.

I noticed though that some people are still a bit wary and are asking for more evidence that Breakers Revenge is officially licensed.
Oh no Merlin, wouldn't dare to ask it Smile

Our friends at don't have many nice words for NCI (conversions using excisting PCB's in the past). To be honest, I don't have experience with NCI or this whole matter, so I'm not the one to judge this new release.

But one thing is quite sure; if you want the game, you have to take the gamble to use the pre-order. It's certain they will find 100 buyers (and later some more) for the release.
Although temped, I decided to stick with a future MVS buy.

Someone else who is tempted to buy this AES version?
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