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December 16 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1859
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There are 106 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 46235 times.
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Breakers/Breakers Revenge Discussion
NOTE: This was a previous game of the week thread!

Breakers/Breakers Revenge:
^ Click for full version


Genre: One on One Fighting
Meg Count: 210 MB
Players: 1 or 2 player
Released on: Home/MVS/CD

Breakers Revenge:

Genre: One on One Fighting
Meg Count: 242 MB
Players: 1 or 2 player
Released on: MVS

Brief Description:

Breakers was originally released by Visco in 1996, and later updated in 1998 under the title "Breakers Revenge" (only the original Breakers was released in home format however, Revenge remained an MVS only title). What is actually a very solid and fun fighting game was never massively successful, which may have been partially due to a mixture of both bland and slightly bizarre characters. Fans of the game do find that part of its charm though.



Breakers Review by Kazuya_UK:


Breakers Revenge Review by Kazuya_UK


Breakers Review Quotes:

Kazuya_UK wrote:
Aside from any small criticisms I might have (and everything I mentioned above *is* a small criticism), you can't take away from the fact that this is a quality fighting game.

Breakers Revenge Review Quotes[\b]

[b]Kazuya_UK wrote:
Overall, this is a nice update, so if you like the first, you will love this too. Just don't expect anything ground breaking. If you haven't played Breakers yet, I suggest you just go straight ahead and play Revenge as you won't be missing a great deal!


Breakers Intro & Gameplay:

YouTube Video

Breakers Revenge Intro & Gameplay:

YouTube Video

Other Media

Sorry... no music is available this week just yet due to problems accessing the sites FTP... I will add some asap!!!
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 03. August 2009 23:12
Wild Tengu
It's a really good fighting game, very solid fighting system, very combo friendly. Although Sho has a rather easy infinite in Breakers Revenge, which can be annoying if you play someone that knows how to use it. My favorite characters personally are Sho, Tia, Rila, Dao Long, and Pierre (Pielle is obviously a typo). Condor is pretty cool too, although I don't really know how to play him very well yet.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 26. July 2009 20:13
Mr Vengeance
Never played either, though it looks fun from the videos.

I had a look at the reviews. I wouldn't mind trying them out on the AES, but judging from eBay's scant listings for either game it appears to be hard to find:(
Kaz: Good to see the return of GOTW and also the HSCThumbs Up

The poll you mention at the start of this thread seems to be missing.

Mr Vengeance: These games should be available in MAME...If you don´t mind trying them in that "format" .

Everybody: Please feel free to post your scores in these games in the HIGHSCORE CHALLENGE THREAD: http://www.neogeo...ad_id=1860.

If you have any questions, just PM me or post the question here: http://www.neogeo...ad_id=1362

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
eccentric cat
Breakers (Revenge) is actually very fun! I mainly use Sho, although I haven't given the other characters a chance yet...

Even though its great fun, especially when I played Merlin/Boogie/Carmen (in fact, that was the first time I played Breakers! X3), I still find it generic...

Don't get me wrong, its very fun, but it doesn't hold my interest for too long, I just don't find myself going back to this game that much. :\

Maybe I should play it more often...
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I really really love Breakers. The series is so fast and fun while at the same time being very beginner-friendly (something that can't be said of many games that supposedly are). It's not perfectly balanced but many of the characters have enough tools to put up a good fight.
Oh, and the supers rock.
@ Cat - I'll be back in the states in about 2 weeks. Let's play some then and maybe even try and get a few more forum members to join in the fun.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Easily one of my favourite games of any genre on the Neo Geo. Breakers is fast paced, exciting and easy to get into. I actually prefer it over the Street Fighter series. Some people don't seem to like the characters very much but personally I like them all without exception Alsion III being my favourite. I do think people should try out a variety of the characters and not just stick to Sho, Tia and Dao Long. One thing to note about this game is the excellent music, there are some very catchy tunes in the game.

boogiepop wrote:
@ Cat - I'll be back in the states in about 2 weeks. Let's play some then and maybe even try and get a few more forum members to join in the fun.

I'm definitely interested in that too. I really enjoyed playing Breakers with Reelmojo and Cat and would love to play you Boogie and anyone else who's interested.

I set up a Breakers group on Facebook in April if anyone's interested in joining. I hadn't looked at it for ages but just noticed we have three new members. I might even start a new discussion topic there one day.


Here's a couple of interesting Breakers facts that a few people might not already know. The tournament in the game is called 'FIST' or 'Fighting Instinct Severe Tournament'. Also the prototype of the game was first called 'Tenrin no syo Chicago' and then 'Crystal Legacy' before finally being called Breakers.

For anyone like me that isn't an expert at the game I'd recommend checking out the ShoRyuKen wiki because it's excellent.

Edited by merlin on 27. July 2009 15:35
wow. I just ordered the AES version of Breakers, which I wanted to have for a long time. And then I saw Breakers is game of the week. Thanks KazuyaSmile
I really like this game. It is fun, gameplay is great. The special moves look very good. great music. Love the colorful graphics. I really enjoy playing it! Could use some more characters though...
After noticing that a thread discussing Breakers was getting really long I realized that this game might be one of those NeoGeo gems that hides under the radar but kicks total ass, like Waku Waku 7. I was very happy to find out how true that is. The game is fantastic. I will admit the characters are a bit odd, but some of them are great. I think Dao-Long's design in particular is awesome and would fit nicely in King of Fighters. Tia's my favorite to play as, with Condor probably coming in second.

Breakers Revenge Shirt

PS. Pielle's voice is ridiculous.
Wild Tengu
reelmojo wrote:Pierre's voice is ridiculous.


I agree characters are odd but the game is fun anyway. Also some moves are rip off of from other fighting games. Tia has M. Bison's psycho crusher, Chun Li's kick move, Guile's sonic boom. Grin

Dao Long is cool would be great too see in a KOF game.

a nice sizeable post explaining my 'favourable' feelings towards this game... however upon clicking post reply I got taken to the login window MINUS my post!! Total BS!!! NOT happy Angry

So in short:

Great Gameplay & System
Nice Solid Presentation IMO
Love the Soundtrack
Good harsh SFX

Iffy character selection I'm afraid... I'm all up for character diversity BUT Alsion3, Maherl, Pierre/Pielle & Rila aren't my cup of tea... Generic and bland spring to mind (and I don't want anyone getting on their 'Tier' listing high horse... I couldn't give two! These characters look pants.)

ON THE FLIP SIDE... I like Dao Long best, regardless of his disadvantages, and also Sho. i don't mind Tia either... and Condor is do-able too! Mainly Sho & Dao though for me... AND I'll usually play as anyone - more or less - but just struggled to like the characters in this game.

Played them on the MVS emulator for PSP and i was pleasently surprised. Graphics are chunky and colourful, gameplay has a nice feel. Up there with World Heroes Perfect as the best second tier fighter on the Neo.
Got this a few month back on MVS for about £25 quid kinda happy as its not a common game and i was after a Breakers game but ive never really warmed to it. I can see its appeal as the graphics are pretty good & colorful but its a game i havent really came back to since getting it. I can see why it has its fans as its fun but compared to the other less popular but cult loved NG game Ninja Masters its not in the same class to me . End of the day i will give it another chance as its alright maybe one day il love it but currently with the likes of Last Blade, KOF 98 & Ninja Masters currently spending time in my 1 slot it may have to wait a while
Edited by STE C on 27. July 2009 23:57
Turns out I'm terrible at this game. I haven't played it for some time so I thought I'd have a crack at it tonight and Lord, do I ever suck.

It's a great game though, and like Kabuki Klash, it screams "arcade game" if you know what I mean. It's hard to explain what I mean by that. It just doesn't look or feel like a home console game and that I love. It ain't perfect but it looks good, sounds good, plays well... What more do you want?

I'll never understand the following that SNES quality game, Ninja Masters, has...
eccentric cat
boogiepop wrote:
@ Cat - I'll be back in the states in about 2 weeks. Let's play some then and maybe even try and get a few more forum members to join in the fun.

Yay! Boogie's coming back!

Yeah, I'd definitely be up for some Breakers. ^^
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Got to agree with Shiny on Ninja Masters, it's so overrated.
Breakers or Breakers Revenge is good for me. My favourite fighters are the cat lady Rila, the agile Tia, the Italian fencer Pierre (reminds me of Zorro) and the fire eater and breather Maherl. This fighter game is a lot more easier in gameplay than some of the ridiculously difficult to win ones like Fatal Fury - King of Fighters. Blue Mary
Edited by Will on 28. July 2009 21:57
Wild Tengu
Will wrote:My favourite fighters are the cat lady Rila

She's not a cat lady... she's a amazon. >w<

Will wrote:the agile Mia

It's Tia actually.

Will wrote:the Italian fencer Pielle



Next person that calls Pierre "Pielle" is gonna get a ass kicking from me in this game online.

And I am warning you right now, I play very aggressively in this game and I can do some pretty decent combo's, even super chombo's.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 28. July 2009 16:48
Shiny wrote:
I'll never understand the following that SNES quality game, Ninja Masters, has...

THX-1138 wrote:
Got to agree with Shiny on Ninja Masters, it's so overrated.

Underrated by the sounds of things...

Ninja Masters, particularly in terms of playability, feel and responsiveness is fantastic and, to be honest, IMO feels and plays better than many other Neo games available. I'm not saying this to be a 'troll' or anything like that... I'm just speaking from personal feeling and experience. It genuinely is a really good game, regardless of PPLs feelings regarding it's 'presentation'. An acquired taste I guess.

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