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December 19 2018

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Thread Author: Wild Tengu
Thread ID: 1814
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There are 21 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5118 times.
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You Call This a "Review" Xbox Magazine?
Wild Tengu

For shame.
Biased motherfuckers is all I can say xD.
This is the worst review i have ever read. Also too short and gives nothing about the game. It is probably time for retirement for reviewer.
Xbox magazine was always a bunch of ASS!
Don't mention the war! - Basil Fawlty
eccentric cat
Kill them...! KILL THEM!!

... They didn't even acknowledge the new gameplay elements. T_T
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I think most fighting game fans know that you shouldn't take mainstream reviews of fighting games seriously. I fully expect the game to get dumped on by other popular magazines and websites too. Maybe not all of them, but most.
That pretty much sums up the quality of videogame journalism the world over especially official magazine reviewers. Its a short and pointless review by somebody whos first gaming experience was on probably a PS1. The man who wrote this review in the unlikely chance you are reading this you are a fu**ing wan*er try reading some issues of UK Saturn mag from the late 90s the likes of Richard Leadbetter could show you how to review games.
That guy may end up feeling very stupid indeed. I do think that it could be an indication that KOF XII won't set the world on fire the same way SFIV did. I think it is mainly only fans of the KOF series who will be getting excited about it. Lets see what the reviews from the multi-format mags say.
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
well, it's not as if that many people read game mags anymore. With the growth of games-news based web sites, magazines are now only one minor way that gamers can find out what's going on. It's not as if an official magazines only saving grace, demos, can influence purchases now that PS3 and 360 offer said demos for download for free.

As for why the review is small I think it's down to magazine 'real estate'. To keep going they need more room for advertisements and less for reviews. I bet the reviewer was probably only given an hour or so to play through the game before moving on to selling advertising space. For one thing KOF 12's publisher Ignition, won't be sending the same ad revenue to the magazine that a larger publisher would.

Reviewed by: 'Taylor Cocke'

Nuff said!

Lol, ^This, yeah nuff said too.
Maybe Its time for a new franchise my arse. What a shocking review. This game looks great I probably wont get to play this for a while as I have no Interest In next gen systems. I love the KOF series and to only score 6.5 Is just plain wrong.
Not exactly a great review is it. One of the main criticisms seems to be that the backgrounds and sprites don't go well together. I've watched plenty of KOF XII videos and I really can't see what he is going on about. The graphics look fine to me. Also he talks about the 'boring-to-use control scheme'. I haven't played KOF XII but I imagine the control scheme isn't much different from previous games in the series. I've never really been much of a fan of KOF but I can't really understand his point at all. These are the kind of reviewers who probably think SFIV is the greatest fighting game ever made.
I don't like how mainstream "official this or that" reviewers always feel the need to bring down a game that's not part of a popular series they like. Frickin' God Hand got 3.5 in IGN (which is also a shitty review consisting of some dude crying over the old-school difficulty), and now a really stupid review giving KOFXII a 6.5. I would understand if the reviewer gave more reasons why the rating is justifiable, but apparently, the complaints are just about minor crap and strict controls that has a "dummy filter" against people who mash buttons and expects a combo.

I like how he mentioned "awkwardly controlled". It's as if he won't give a fighting game a good rating unless he can do cheapass infinite combofest or pull off things like he did in Street Fighter, and shit like that simply won't do in a King of Fighters game.

He probably just played the game for 15 minutes, wrote up a "review" so that he fills in his review quota, then proceed to go back to play an FPS game all day, having the time of his life "working". Actually, I don't know what these official reviewers do when they're not "reviewing", so I just assumed that Pfft

For years, I have listened to my killer "gamer" instinct more than company paid/bribed magazine reviewers. Grin
Godhand is an awesome game. Probably a 9/10. When you first play it I would say 8/10 seems fair. Multiformat mags are the best. Godhand did get 7-8/10 reviews in multiformat mags I read. It is quite a hardcore game and won't appeal to evryone, but for those who like that kind of game it is a amzing - very funny game too!

As for KOF series - I have been reading poor reviews of it for ages in mags (although not the very early games - which got great reviews). I do think the new one will get a lot more notice because SNK has actually bothered to redraw the graphics this time. I thnk KOF did suffer a bit in reviews cos of the yearly updates, which does tend to get reviewers backs up a bit. Also it has looked quite primitive in the past compared to the 3D games and even games like Guilty Gear. There are always crtisicms of low res sprites etc

I really think KOFXII will get some good reviews - if it is good that is - haven't played it yet, especially cos SFIV has got them to take notice more of the old style of fighter. If the online is good that will be a great positive in its favour, since fighters thrive on competitive play.
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Mr Vengeance
Probably the worst review I've ever read. Reminds me of something in an official PlayStation magazine back in the day.
What a 3D 1-button-combo-whore retard. Clearly he doesn't know dick about games.
What are you talking about guys? That guy is an ace writer, while crafting an off-beat game review he managed to parody the entire modern gaming populous in a simple review at the expense of KoF. Really its a piece of work, he single handedly mocked all modern gamers there by only appealing to what they care about, graphics.

That man is a genius and you all owe him an apology! Wink
Mr Vengeance
Shiny wrote:
What a 3D 1-button-combo-whore retard. Clearly he doesn't know dick about games.

I was looking at Metacritic today and noticed it mentions a review in the official PlayStation magazine.


It would be interesting to see the full review but I can't find any scans of it anywhere.
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