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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: GeeseTheDuck
Thread ID: 1801
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2562 times.
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You know what could have made Garou MOTW even better?
IF SNK added Geese as a secret characters, or rather,
Why didn't SNK add Geese as a secret character?

Yeah, I know this thread is pointless, but after watching this:
it really made me wonder, why not?
Afterall he's appeared in several games after his death, so why not this one?
Wild Tengu
Yeah, I agree, Geese would of been great. Geese needs to beat Rock's ass in.
eccentric cat
I want Yamazaki back! X3

I sorta agree, I think Garou could use more characters, except Geese. I mean, Geese is already dead, no need to bring him back (Nightmare Geese isn't considered canon, his appearances in KOF aren't either). Besides, we already have Rock, who has some of Geese's moves. The storyline would be butchered also if Geese came back, and its fine as is! ^^;

Its not like I missed him in Garou either. The characters made up for it. Geese is a cool boss, don't get me wrong, but I didn't miss him in Garou.
Edited by eccentric cat on 14. June 2009 00:30
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Geese Howard would have been a nice addition to MOTW and could perhaps have been a secret bonus character like he was in Real Bout Special.

You never know they might have planned to bring Geese back in the unfinished sequel MOTW2. Who knows what they had planned for MOTW2. It's really interesting to see that Mr. Karate is in the unfinished sequel.

The character I would most liked to have seen included in MOTW is Andy Bogard. I can understand that they wanted to start afresh and have new characters but since they were including Terry then why not Andy too?

Ever since the days of playing Fatal Fury on the Mega Drive and throughout the Fatal Fury series Andy has always been my favourite out of the two Bogard brothers.
This will explain Andy's absence in MOTW and KoF 2003.


I think it's really cool that the KoF storyline is getting close to catching up to when MOTW takes place. It shouldn't be long before the entire cast, or at least most of them, enter the global KoF tournament. I at least want Grant in there.
I don't miss anything in MotW. In my eyes its almost perfect. The only thing is, that I might have changed Andy for Hokutomatu, cause he is the only character in the game, I don't like, while Andy is one of my favorite characters by SNK. That would have been great. Merlin has there r eally been a plan for a sequel? i would have loved to see Garou 2. would have been incredible...
Yao yes it seems they had done quite a bit of work on the sequel. Supposedly someone at Snk said it was 70% complete. You can find out more about it here:


oh man...Real Sad thats too sad. can't believe it. That would have been incredible. I don't care about a new Garou today. I want the second part for the neo geo. But I know it will never happen, but to know that it has almost already been finished, makes it even worse...sad sad sad
I reckon it would have been a fantastic game , i do not think SNK will ever do a sequel but it will always be loved by us all. On a different note i would have liked to see Andy in it but it was a bold & brave move by SNK to just include Terry & i actually believe its better for it, they may have planned to make a RB3 with the characters we love which could explain why they started with a new cast like SF3
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