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October 16 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 1748
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Various scanning projects
That recent thread 'site needs updating' has made me think a bit more about what additional content could potentially be added to NGFL in the future.

Anyway I've finally got myself a scanner and decided to carry on with the task that Cthulhu started namely scanning AES manuals. I've already scanned the Blazing Star manual and plan on scanning all 40+ Japanese manuals that I have in the near future. I think adding more manuals downloadable in pdf format would be a great addition to the site. I was just wondering if anyone else would be interested in doing this as well? It doesn't take long to scan a manual and if people are busy then even if they just scan a few that would be great. If people have bought a game with no manual then it's nice that they will be able to print one out even though it won't be quite as good as the original.

Also is there anything else SNK related worth adding to the site that someone could scan?

Depending of course what Kaz wants to have on the site I'm also planning to scan my 10 copies of Neo Geo Freak magazine. Although they are in Japanese there is quite a lot of artwork inside including cartoons and also other features of interest like for example complete maps of Samurai Shodown RPG.

Other ideas I had were scanning AES,CD and Hyper 64 instruction manuals both Japanese and English. Also I wonder about the possibility of scanning AES inserts too and adding them to the site.

So if anyone has access to a scanner and can scan anything of interest e.g. manuals (especially English ones), art books, magazines etc. then that would be a really nice boost to the downloads section. Like I said of course it depends on what Kaz wants to see added to this section.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that it's very easy to rip the music from Neo CDs and in the future the soundtracks could be added to the Jukebox so that's another easy way for people to contribute something to the site.

Anyone else got any ideas?
I could scan a few things but it would have to be from ports. Most of them would be pretty uninteresting except for my Japanese Saturn Waku Waku 7 manual. It has Redbook Audio like most Saturn games so I could easily rip the music for the site if needed as well. I have Galaxy Fight too but I'm not sure if that one has Redbook Audio or not, and being a US release the book is probably in black and white (can't remember).
Wow. Actually, if someone does have the English manuals for the Neo-Geo fighting games, as well as those who had the arcade layouts for the movelists of the characters, I would greatly appreciate them too for those will be very helpful to my SNK site. Smile
Hi Merlin. You and any one else who contribute, would be doing a great job if you scan sll those manuals in. I have scanned all my Neo Geo related material into the computer, and it is all ready to post. I did send some to Kaz a while ago, but he was not able to post them at that time, and I am not sure if he still has them. If any other Admins would be willing to put them up, I can send the scans to them. I have got all the scans in right size and they are compressed slightly, so to not take up too much space.

I can't remember exactly what they all were now, but there were some reviews, a big article on NGPC, big article on AES , feature on Metal Slug and stuff I can't remember.

Let me know if anyone wants me to send them Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Reelmojo I don't know what anyone else thinks but I think it might be worth scanning that Waku Waku manual especially if it's got some nice illustrations in it that are different from the Neo Geo manual.

Shadi I really hope someone does scan some English manuals. Scanning the arcade movelists is something I hadn't thought of and hopefully someone who has complete MVS kits would be interested in doing this.

Thanks RiKo. You have already contributed some nice scans including that Retrogamer article about beat 'em ups and those scans from Edge magazine. I didn't realise you had scanned more material and look forward to seeing it on the site.
Great idea merlin. Especially the NGFreak magazines. I too have some stuff to scan and upload at some point, SNK manga, artbooks and whatnot. The more content the better (after brief discussions with Kaz about the manga etc. I'm pretty sure he feels the same way).

Give me a shout if you have stuff scanned and Kaz isn't about, I'll upload it for you and stick it up in the news. Smile
Thanks Shiny. I have already scanned 10 AES manuals and uploaded them somewhere. I'll send you a link by pm. The quality of the scans is good I think but the file size is a little bit larger than the manuals scanned by Cthulhu. I hope that's not a problem. Once I hear that you think the scans are ok then I'll start scanning more stuff. I've found some more things to scan like an SNK brochure from 1993 showing different games.

With the Neo Geo Freak magazines I was planning to scan them from cover to cover and put them in pdf format so people can download a complete issue. I hope that's ok.

I'm still hoping that someone will scan some AES English manuals.
I'm gradually getting everything uploaded... Currently I'm sorting through all of the magazine scans that RiKo sent to me. The Edge Magazine scans are now up to date and I'll try and add all of the others (there's quite a few) tonight if I can. Cheers for scanning all of them RiKo!

After that I have a good number of manual scans from merlin to upload, with more to come, I'll hopefully have all of these added to the site tonight or tomorrow. Big thanks to merlin for scanning them!
Emo Fairy
Everyone is very productive Smile Thanks for all the effort everyone Smile
Awesome stuff, thanks to those contributing... and sorry for being so lame for so long and not getting this stuff up! Smile

Cheers for the uploading Shiny dude! Thumbs Up

Yawn... Edge, Retro and Maximum updated... Just Games Magazine to go... Further yawning.

NIce av by the way, Kaz.
Thanks man! Smile

And yea, the av is cool... wonder who made it? Grin

Kazuya_UK wrote:
And yea, the av is cool... wonder who made it? Grin

Hmmm, I wonder... Haha, I went a bit avatar mad yesterday.

Right, all of RiKo's scans are up. Edge, RetroGamer, Maximum (inc an awesome 10 page Kabuki Klash thing) and Games Magazine.

I wonder if that Kaz fellow would be kind enough to post some news for them... Not that I'm lazy. Ok, I am lazy.
Actually I was going to say do you want to post some news about them? If not I'll go ahead and do it lol Smile

If you don't mind matey, that'd be great! Cheers. Smile
News posted! Smile

The first 9 of merlin's AES manual scans are uploaded and news be posted! Big thanks merlin! Good stuff!
Thanks for taking the time to upload them Shiny. Thumbs Up I'm glad to be able to contribute something to this wondrous website. Also thanks to RiKo for all those great scans. I've just been looking through them. I especially liked the Kabuki Klash article. It was also interesting to read Maximum's review of Savage Reign in which they give it 4 stars and really praise the game.
Thanks to Merlin and RiKo for their contributionThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
merlin sent me more scans yesterday, I downloaded them but didn't quite get time to get them uploaded tonight as I went out for a while. I will get them done over the weekend no matter what though, sorry for the delay! We are amassing quite a good collection of manuals thanks to you and chtuhlu! Thumbs Up

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